Saturday, March 29, 2014

Does The Catholic Church Teach That Christ Was Murdered?

In Junglewatch, the NCW is falsely being accused of going against Church teaching.  According to Tim Rohr in his blogsite of Junglewatch, he stated:  

In an interview with the Hawaii Catholic Herald, Hawaiian-born and recently Guam-ordained priest, Fr. Michael Jucutan, a product of our local Neocatechumenal seminary, noted that his favorite philiospher was Rene Girard.

That would explain a lot (and not just about Jucutan). Girard is best known for his interpretation of Christ's death as a murder and not a sacrifice.  Much more to come on this.  

The only ones I hear claiming that the NCW teaches that the Eucharist is not a sacrifice are coming from those who oppose the Way.  The truth is....the NCW teaches that the Eucharist is BOTH a sacrifice and a meal, and this is aligned with Catholic teaching.  Now, they are claiming that the NCW is going against Church teachings by claiming that Christ's death IS a murder. The truth is....the NCW views Christ's death on the cross as BOTH a sacrifice and murder.  Apparently, those who oppose the Way only see it as a sacrifice and are unaware of # 312 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.     

The Catholic Church teaches through her Catechism that the death of Christ on the cross was not only a sacrifice, but also a murder.  According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. (The bold is my emphasis):  

CCC 312   In time we can discover that God in his almighty providence can bring a good from the consequences of an evil even a moral evil, caused by his creatures.  "It was not you", said Joseph to his brothers, "who sent me here, but God.....You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive."  From the greatest moral evil ever committed - the rejection and murder of God's only Son, caused by the sins of all men - God, by his grace that "abounded all the more", brought the greatest of goods: the glorification of Christ and our redemption.  But for all that, evil never becomes a good.  

The Catechism of the Catholic Church goes on to say that the responsibility of Christ's torture and death was on us, not on the Jewish and Roman leaders alone of that time (See Catechism of the Catholic Church 597-598.)  

So, as one can see, even the Catechism of the Catholic Church mentions that Christ was murdered.  His murder was caused by our sins.  And if this is what the Way teaches, then we are aligned with the teachings of the Catholic Church.    


  1. Good finding!

    Over at the Jungle, they forgot about CCC 312. Or perhaps, they never read the CCC at all?!

  2. Its is the sacrifice of Our Lord that is denied by Girard, not His murder.
    CCC613 and 614: " Christ's death is both the Paschal sacrifice that accomplishes the definitive redemption of men, through "the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world",439 and the sacrifice of the New Covenant, which restores man to communion with God by reconciling him to God through the "blood of the covenant, which was poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins".440

    614 This sacrifice of Christ is unique; it completes and surpasses all other sacrifices.441 First, it is a gift from God the Father himself, for the Father handed his Son over to sinners in order to reconcile us with himself. At the same time it is the offering of the Son of God made man, who in freedom and love offered his life to his Father through the Holy Spirit in reparation for our disobedience."

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      So, Girard denied the Lord's sacrifice. That does not mean that Father Junctun denied it as well. Just because a person has a favorite philosopher, writer, actor, etc. does not mean that they think like them. I like Michael Jackson's music, but I never liked what he did to himself with the cosmetic surgery. In my post, I already stated that Christ's death on the cross is both a sacrifice and a murder. So, why are you quoting the Catechism to show me that His death is a sacrifice? Did I ever say that it isn't?