Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jackie Terlaje Represents Archbishop Apuron

Image result for Jackie Terlaje, GuamAccording to news report Jackie Terlaje will appear in court on behalf of Archbishop Apuron while the canonical trial is going on in Rome.  We do not know how long the canonical trial would be.  Perhaps, it is best to continue with the civil lawsuit while the canonical trial is ongoing.  The Archdiocese is still looking at challenging the law.  According to PNC news:  
Guam - It looks like Archbishop Anthony Apuron will continue to remain out of the public eye for sometime. His attorney, Jacque Terlaje, has agreed to receive a waiver of summons. 
What this means is that Attorney Terlaje will appear on the archbishop’s behalf whenever he is summoned to court for any of the hearings scheduled in court on the cases where he is named as a defendant. 
Those cases, filed by at least four individuals, involve allegations of sexual abuse from decades ago. Archbishop Apuron’s whereabouts were unknown until recently when he was discovered at a residence in California. 
Meanwhile, the Archdiocese of Agana, which is also a named defendant in the same cases, is waiting on a decision from Judge Arthur Barcinas on a request to extend the time for the church to file a response to the lawsuits.

The archdiocese's legal counsel, Attorney John Terlaje, noted in court today that he was under the impression that the issue would have been rendered moot because most of the cases have already been taken to federal court. 
Also, in another news report, a priest from the U.S. contacted three alleged victims who accused Archbishop Apuron of sexual molestation for a depositions. However, their attorney David Lujan refused to have his clients take the interview.  Their refusal could hold up the canonical trial even longer.  


  1. It all sounds like more cover up and anything to hold the truth from being released.

  2. Diana, please continue to make it know that this whole sad affair is the result of a despicable smear campaign by Timmy, "the faithful God-fearing Catholic." The reality is that Tim's love for money is the driving force behind all of this mess that has greatly damaged the Church on Guam.

    See, Tim didn't get his cut (about $5 million bucks) of the sketchy, quasi-illegal attempt to sell the NeoCat seminary and he just can't get over the fact that he was thwarted. Thus he has now spent years tearing apart the Body of Christ and slandering a faithful shepherd of the Church all over his need for REVENGE. Saint Paul was very right to call money the root of all evil and this evil has taken flesh in the person of Tim freakin Rohr.

    Years from now, when the whole truth finally comes out, we will refer to Tim Rohr in the same breath as Judas Iscariot.

    1. Yet this Judas is going to save you all NCW. You forgot your catechesis, 4th day.

  3. The Casino ''Conspiracy'' Starting With Tim >>>>Rohr