Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Founder Of SNAP Resigns

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First, the Executive Director of SNAP David Clohessy resigned from his position. Now, Barbara Blaine, President and Founder of SNAP has resigned. According to news report:
The founder of the group that advocates for priest abuse victims has stepped down after three decades of campaigning to force the Catholic Church to recognize the extent of the scandal and compensate thousands of people affected.
Barbara Blaine, president and founder of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said she was abused herself and the organization was created through her efforts to reach out to other victims, the Chicago Tribune reported ( ).
"I knew there were other survivors out there and wondered if they felt the same debilitating hurt and if so, how they coped with it. I thought they might hold the wisdom I lacked. I looked for other survivors and asked if they would be willing to talk," Blaine said in a statement.
Blaine did not say why she resigned. She and several other top SNAP officials were sued last month by a former employee who says she was fired shortly after asking superiors whether SNAP was referring potential clients to attorneys in return for donations.


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    1. LoL anon 5:34 pm
      Well I think this is self-explanatory. The truth always comes out. This is the result of seeking peace through a justice based on revenge. You become the victimizer instead of the victim.

  2. The SNAP/ Freemason lobby is at it again. They are pushing forward their "alternative" news, fake news in fact, at every venue available for them. Looks like all Guam media is controlled by Freemasons, first of all their point of reference, the Jungle Watch. They pay huge amounts of cash to troll captains to wreak havoc inside and outside the church. It won't stop until the Catholic church bleeds out in front of their pervert eyes.

  3. Diana, Alexander strikes again... he posted a comment in the latest PDN news that is revealing.

    check it out!!!