Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Response

An anonymous poster copied and pasted a portion of Tim's post and asked my opinion on it.  His/her comment can be found here.  Tim's entire post, however, is found in his blog, which you can read here.  Instead of addressing the poster's copied and paste portion, I will address most of Tim's blog.  The ones in blue are quotes from Tim Rohr.  The red are quotes from articles, and the black are mine: 

Nowhere in this world or the next does an "I'm sorry" suffice. There is always the requirement to "make it up to you," whether it be returning a stolen item, imposed community service, jail time, or purgatory. In short, "I'm sorry" does NOT wipe away "temporal punishment due to sin." The reason for this is that our God is NOT only "all-Merciful" and "all-Loving," He is also ALL-JUST.

When our first parents sinned against God, God did not ask Adam and Eve if they were sorry. Of course they were sorry, but they were deported from the Garden and sentenced to a life of hard labor and death anyway. And even with that, God's justice was not satisfied. The infinite God had been infinitely offended, and the only possibility of restoring (reparation) all to its original state was for God to die for God: infinite Justice.

There are some sins that can be repaired and some sins that CANNOT be repaired.  This is why we have Purgatory.  Purgatory is also for unpaid debts as well as for the purging of sins.  When a man steals an item from another, the man can apologize and return the item.  Thus, the damage has been repaired. But when a man kills another human being, this kind of sin cannot be repaired. You cannot bring back the life that was stolen.  

Adam and Eve never made up for their sin, simply because they could not. Tim Rohr stated: "And even with that, God's justice was not satisfied. The infinite God had been infinitely offended, and the only possibility of restoring (reparation) all to its original state was for God to die for God: infinite Justice."  

This is INCORRECT teaching. Christ did not die on the cross because of infinite justice or because He was infinitely offended.  He died because of infinite Love and mercy.  Christ gave His life because of LOVE, not because of human Justice.  He died to save Adam and Eve and the rest of humanity.  Tim Rohr thinks in terms of human justice, which is contrary to God's justice. 

Our earthly laws mirror God's, because, whether someone believes in God or not, we are created in his image and his law (natural law) is etched into our being. Thus those calling for war reparations did not have to quote the bible, they only needed to call on natural law: "justice."   

Our earthly laws do NOT mirror God's laws at all.  Our laws always demand man's justice, which is different than God's justice.  Man's justice means to give the person what he deserves.  If the person deserves to be paid $200, then he should receive $200.  If the person deserves the death penalty, then the death penalty will be given him.  This is man's justice.  This is very different from God's justice. 

According to Thomas Aquinas: "God acts mercifully, not indeed by going against His justice, but by doing something more than justice; thus a man who pays another two hundred pieces of money, though owing him only one hundred, does nothing against justice, but acts liberally or mercifully." According to Catholic Answers:
The case is the same with one who pardons an offense committed against him, for in remitting it he may be said to bestow a gift. Hence the apostle [Paul] calls remission a forgiving: "Forgive one another, as Christ has forgiven you" (Eph 4:32). Hence it is clear that mercy does not destroy justice, but in a sense is the fullness thereof. Thus it is said, "Mercy exalts itself above judgment" (Jas 2:13). (Summa Theologiae I:21:3)
After my last two posts on the matter of "forgiveness," I received several comments indicating that many people are confused about this. In responding to one critic saying that I should forgive Apuron if he apologized. I replied cryptically, "We don't need his apology." My answer was intended to set up this post on "reparation," but it was taken (as expected) to appear that I was just on some personal vendetta to destroy Apuron and that I was letting my anger "fester." LOL.

The accusation reminded me of my meeting with Archbishop Hon in January 2015 when I was called before the Visitators. 

The meeting went cordially enough at first, but then Hon, aware that it was my blog which had been the genesis of the unrest which had resulted in his being sent to Guam and my sitting before him at that moment, began to delve into my motivations for my laborious and persistent effort to expose Apuron. 

I freely shared a story about how the actions of our pastor when I was growing up, and the inaction of his bishop, had led to my father's loss of faith and the destruction of my family, including my brother's death. 

It is very easy to blame our sins on someone or on something rather than on ourselves.  We often hear phrases like:  "It's not my fault" or "It's his fault."  Even Adam blamed his sin on his wife and Eve blamed her sin on the devil.  But God reminded Adam and Eve that it was "their" sin when He stated, "What have YOU done" (Genesis 3:11 and 13).  By stating YOU, God emphasized to both Adam and Eve that it was them who made the choice to sin.  We have free will to choose to listen to God or to listen to Satan.  

In the same way, it was not the Bishop who caused Tim's father to lose faith.  It was not the bishop who caused the death of Tim's brother or the destruction of his family.  Tim is simply making an excuse.  It was easier to blame a bishop rather than face the reality that his family was weak in their faith.  

I also shared a story about the torture, murder, and extortion of Catholic high school kids in a school where I was a teacher in the Caribbean. This terror occurred and was allowed to persist because the bishop did not want to know the truth about the principal of the school who was the personal friend of the bishop as well as the town alcoholic, a gay prostitute, and a hebephile, and who was blackmailed into permitting a deadly drug ring to operate in the school through one of the teachers. (Cardinal O'Malley will know about this. He was appointed to succeed the bishop I helped to oust.)

I have no idea what Tim Rohr is saying here. He claimed to oust a bishop, but no bishop was ousted. Bishop Sean O'Malley became the Bishop of the Caribbean after Bishop Edward John Harper.  There were no controversies surrounding Bishop Harper.  Harper retired on October 16, 1985, and was given the title of Bishop Emeritus of Saint Thomas.  He later died in 1990.  See the weblink here.

Archbishop Hon thought he had hit on the source of my "anger" after I shared these stories because on the surface it appeared that I had been personally wounded and was just getting "even" with these past experiences by taking out my "anger" on Apuron. (Archbishop Krebs and Fr. Ted were also at this meeting - just to let you know that I'm not making this up.)

As soon as Hon tried to make this point - that all of this was just "personal," I put my hand in his face and stopped him. And with controlled volcanic rage I said this: 


Tim Rohr is now claiming to be a savior.  He is not a savior and cannot save his own 11 children.  ONLY Christ is the savior, and ONLY Christ can save us.  Only Christ can get his 11 children into Heaven.  Salvation is found only through God. Salvation is not found through Tim Rohr.    

Let me translate that for you. My, or our, "anger" is NOT personal. His victims aside, very few of us have been "personally offended" by Apuron. Thus, no apology from him will suffice because no apology is needed. What Apuron and his ilk have done (as well as many of the world's bishops) is NOT personally offend us, rather they have damaged our Church for our children and our children's children.

And to REPAIR it, Apuron (whenever I say Apuron, that also includes Pius, David, Adrian et al), must not only be ousted, they must be made an example of as a sign to abusive bishops and clerics everywhere who for decades, because of the public trust invested in them by virtue of their appointments and sacred orders, have destroyed families, parishes, dioceses, and now, under the guise of "an itinerary of faith formation," have institutionalized their program of destruction. 

The anger appears to be more personal and motivated by hate than anything else.  


  1. The jungle is exposed by Pope Francis!

    Francis said, although positive "in themselves," communications media can be harmful and used to slander people. He added that anyone who uses means of communication to defame someone is committing a sin. His comments came amid growing controversy over "fake news".

    "A thing that can do great damage to the information media is disinformation: that is, faced with any situation, saying only a part of the truth, and not the rest," Francis said.

    "Disinformation is probably the greatest damage that the media can do. I believe that the media should be very clear, very transparent, and not fall prey — without offense, please — to the sickness of coprophilia, which is always wanting to communicate scandal, to communicate ugly things, even though they may be true. And since people have a tendency towards the sickness of coprophagia, it can do great harm."

    Ouch! Rohr is pinned by the exact words of Pope Francis!

  2. Pope made clear all who use media to communicate untruths are in a state of serious sin.
    This applies to those who preach hate disunity in community.
    They need to go to confession prior to participation in Eucharistic. Those who communicate hate are not in unity with pope.

  3. who is spreading coprophagia hate untruth?
    so many stories now hard to discern what is true what is not true.
    Archdiocese Media needs to release names dishonesty media so people will know. Church gives no guidance.
    PDN is anti Catholic Archbishop must name it as anti catholic.

    1. Rohr is a coprophag news maker. He likes to shine in the press. He edifies himself with fake news. That is what coprophag means.

  4. Hmmmmmm. This OP appears to be more personal and motivated by jealousy of Tim Rohr more than anything else. LOL

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:16 pm,

      This OP started out with an anonymous poster asking my opinion on what he/she copied and pasted on Tim Rohr's blog. And I simply answered his/her question.

      Reading the jungle and answering a question about it does not affect me at all. I simply gave my opinion as was requested. However, I see that a simple photo of Father Edivaldo has really gotten under Tim's skin. The photo of Father Edivaldo in prayer has gotten Tim so riled up that he is thinking of a lawsuit. 😆

    2. I don't think Tim Rohr is THINKING of a lawsuit.
      I think Tim Rohr is WORKING ON a lawsuit.
      AND I think Tim Rohr will finish working on his lawsuit faster than Apuron.
      Remember when Apuron threatened to sue Tim for defamation back in May? Apuron threatened Tim before he requested the Pope to send Archbishop Hon to Guam so that he could work on clearing his name at the canonical trial that he also requested. And now that Archbishop Byrnes is here (AGAIN at Apuron's request) maybe Apuron will finally finish working on his lawsuit.
      Who knows maybe we'll see both Tim and Apuron filing their lawsuits around the same time.
      Tim has the clock running from the time Apuron threatened to sue him and the last I saw it's been 200+ days already.
      But I don't think Tim will make Edivaldo wait 200+ days because Edivaldo made it easy for Tim.

    3. Tim should sue and he has everything he need to do it.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 12:37 pm,

      When it comes to defamation, they will look at who started FIRST. We all know that Tim was the first one to call the Archbishop a "liar" and "evil." We all know that he had judged the Archbishop guilty and never gave him any due process. We all know that it was Tim who called on people not to give money to the church and the annual appeal. Tim attacked the Archbishop and the Church first.

    5. Diana @ 8:38 AM I don't think "they" will really care who did what "first."
      For one thing "we all know" that archbishop Apuron is a public person and being called names comes with the territory. That's just the reality. The fact that he THREATENED to sue Tim back in May (but still hasn't) tells me that Apuron is all talk and no action.
      "We all know" that Tim Rohr is not a public person like Apuron. Having a blog that has had almost 7 million views still doesn't make him "public" like Apuron.
      Seeing that the public person Archbishop Apuron threatened to sue a lay person who had CRITICIZED him makes Apuron look like a petty thin-skinned CRY BABY.
      So your "Tim attacked first" really fits CRY BABY APURON to a T. And THAT is what "they" will see.

    6. AT 11:05 AM 7 million views???? Tim Rohr is not a public person? Anonymous 12:37 am and 11:05 am, is that you Tim Rohr?

    7. Diana @ 8:38 AM, here's something that was brought to my attention. In the jungle today Tim Rohr wrote that Fr. Edivaldo said

      "...the Archdiocese of Agana is in the process of taking canonical measures with the Sacra Rota – the competent canonical tribunal – and filing civil lawsuit against those perpetrating these malicious lies."

      Then Tim Rohr wrote

      This was not a threat. This, according to Oliveira, was something the Archdiocese was already "in the process" of doing. Of course, all the "lies" Oliveira accused me and others of have now been proven NOT to be lies but facts.

      The news that the Archdiocese of Agana was already taking legal action against me caused severe disruption in my personal and business life. I will be adding Oliveira's May 13 Media Release to my suit should I choose to go forward.

      What does this all mean? Is Tim Rohr suing or not?

      About your 11:44 AM Comment, the celebrities who have won defamation lawsuits did so because they could prove that the magazines had published LIES about them. The archbishop will have to prove that what Tim Rohr wrote in his blog are lies. I think it might be hard. I remember one time when Tim Rohr called the archbishop a liar was when the archbishop told priests that Fr Paul had a stairway built so that Joseph Lastimoza could visit him late at night. (He even published the recording of the archbishop talking about it.) But the stairway was built even before Fr Paul was ordained. The archbishop lied and damaged the reputation of 2 men. Are you ok with the archbishop lying like that?

    8. Dear Anonymous at 11:05 am,

      Many celebrities are in the public eye and have sued magazines for defamation. In fact, a Chinese priest, Father Joseph Jiang sued a layperson, SNAP, and members of the police department for defamation and won the case. Priests and bishops do NOT have immunity as elected public officials.

      Criticism is not the same as defamation. A person who criticize the Archbishop's stand on casino gambling is not defamation. It would be labeled as mere criticism. However, when a person calls the Archbishop a liar, evil incarnate, and stupid, they are attacking his name and character.

    9. Dear Anonymous at 12:10 pm,

      If Tim Rohr really and truly believes that what he has are facts, then why is he feeling severe distress over the Archdiocese suing him?

    10. These defamation threats are ridiculous. Rohr may sue and lose his Agat home to pay for the expenses. Lol. Nice move, Timmy!

  5. Hello, I am Brazilian and I am living in the state of Oklahoma with my family and wanted to know where there are parishes with the way Neocatechumenal. I appreciate that.

  6. These methods and strategies SNAP developed following masonic guidelines are not working well for JW. Guam is small place and JW exposes itself as agents of scandal. It is easy to look though them es recognize their true intention. Joelle Casteix, the good friend of Rohr, explained that the masonic strategy they use here on the Guam Church does not work against individuals, only against institutions. But masons are fine with that, their destruction is always aiming higher than the individual level. Their charge is to destroy the whole institution with all its functions and assets.

    JW people misunderstand the nature of Joelle Casteix's masonic tactic. They till picket against the person. However, the lawsuits were not designed to prove anything about the person. Let me repeat, the lawsuits cannot prove anything about Archbishop Apuron, because the purpose of the lawsuits is something completely different. The lawsuits are designed as a smear campaign against the Catholic Church as a whole and intact organization with its institutional embedding. As Casteix says, the evidence is in church files. These files do not have anything about Apuron, only about some wayward priests who had to be punished and corrected in the past histories of the local archdiocese. The masons want to expose these files. This is their only goal. Then, they will be able to claim damaged through their surrogates to bring the institution to ruination! This is what we can see and witness in all past activities of SNAP and the masonic conspirators against everything holy, sacramental es Christ-like. They hate Christ because their ruler is apart from Him.

    This is what JW does not understand. In the end, the person of target cannot be convicted individually by anything. There is no evidence against any one single person here, only against the institution, as Csteix expressed her hope. It is very important to well understand this nature of masonic proceedings. Charges against any individual person serve as pretext only (!) to penetrate the ranks and files of all confidential dealings of the institution. It is about opening up some vulnerable parts of church history for monetary gain! The big hatred spewed out from the hellhole of Rohr's associates against one single person is just a cover to disguise their greater purpose of total financial ruination and sweeping out of business of the bastion of Jesus Christ which is the Catholic Church on Guam!

  7. I dont't see anything wrong with calling anyone a liar in public. Pesident Trump called others liars during election campaign. Normal today. we are a democracy Diana. We are American. We have 2nd ammendment. our gospel freedom justice democracy for everybody. No rules here. Freedom is all we want. Born Free Free as the wind it blows where it wills. please reflect Diana. New organizations coming to Island to convert you way.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:18 am,

      Have you also notice that whenever someone called Trump a liar, he threatened to sue them. I believe in freedom with responsibility as the founding fathers meant the Constitution to be.

    2. Trump threatened to sue but just like Bro Tony he won't.
      The few suits that he filed were dismissed as frivolous because of his status as a celebrity.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 11:15 am,

      And what about the celebrities who won their libel and defamation lawsuit? See the weblink below: