Thursday, December 1, 2016

Forgive And You Will Be Forgiven

Image result for Archbishop Michael ByrnesArchbishop Byrnes celebrated his first Mass with the people of Guam.  It was a very beautiful Mass, and the church was packed with people that a few were left standing in the back.  I can see that many people were moved with Archbishop Byrne's homily and were listening intently to his every word.  His homily is something we need to reflect on and take to heart (the bold is mine):  
“I’m not the one here to heal the pain, that’s not why I came, I can’t do it, but I know someone who can, that’s Jesus. It’s not just Jesus up in Heaven doing his thing, but it’s us. We are the Church, we are the body of Christ, we are his hands, his feet, his heart. It’s through our effort, exercising the body of Christ. Exercising the multiple and various gifts we share too. That can bring back unity to the Church. It is his word through us that can bring about the healing. It starts in the hearts of each one of us. The fulfillment of life and love that he brings. I need to see past the pain, I need to see past the betrayal, I need to see past my suspicion of another and try to perceive the good in their heart," said Byrnes, alluding to the scandal that has deeply divided the Church on Guam.
The following is my message to the Sunday protesters.  

As everyone on island knows, the deed restriction has been rescinded and the two boards of RMS were removed.  As you are also fully aware, Archbishop Byrnes has no authority to remove Archbishop Apuron.  Even Archbishop Hon tried to convince Pope Francis to remove him, but the pope said no.  Only the Pope can remove him. So, why the Sunday protest?  It was the Pope's decision to allow Apuron to keep his title and granted him a canonical trial. Your protest then is no longer a protest to defrock Apuron, but a protest against Pope Francis' decision. Think about that fact for a minute.    

Protesters, if you really want to stop your suffering and heal, then listen to the homily of Archbishop Byrnes and stop your protest against Pope Francis' decision.

Follow Christ and all the things He taught.  As Archbishop Byrnes pointed out, it starts with each individual.  Each individual protester must make the decision to cease their protest against Pope Francis ' decision and allow the canonical trial to take place just as Pope Francis wanted it.  The man who made the following statement below is the one whom you should follow.  Pope Francis followed this man and every Catholic are called to follow Him as well: 

Luke 6:36-37  Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.  Do not judge and you will not be judged.  Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.  

Once you have made the choice to follow the Pope's decision instead of protesting against it, then you will find healing taking place.   


  1. Diana,
    I attended both gatherings on Wednesday and I can say one thing, It was beautiful! There were other things that I pondered the reasoning or justification but in no way did these things ruin my day.
    In the morning I gathered with the other brothers and sisters at the side entrance and then eventually at the front main church entrance to greet Archbishop Byrnes and I was really consumed with emotion because I was able to witness a historical event. I want to say that there were probably 50 or so of us from the NCW and for a moment I thought how there could have been more if the brothers were encouraged to come and sing and dance as a welcoming but I realized that doing that would only stoop to the level of the Sunday Protesters whos focus is just propaganda. I also witnessed the maturity of the lead cantor who instructed us to stop when we realized that there was going to be a cultural presentation at the entrance.
    I proceeded in to find a seat and I was seated two rows behind these two ladies who for some reason could not keep quiet during the prayer service. I realized that they were ladies from mongmong parish, more specifically the one leading the conversing was the wife of Joe santos (Silent no More). I guess she really took his campaign literally.
    I wonder what Father Paul has to say about the jungle criticizing his "theatrical" elements of the service. I read comments about the cultural representation and how the jungle believes it to irreverent. Overall, I think it was adequate and not overboard.
    In the evening, other than the liturgy using the readings from the morning prayer I found it very hard to see that the one chosen to usher up the offertory was none other than the infamous Marilou and her husband, the former member of the SARC committee and the guy who off the back said that the accusers are telling the truth.
    One other thing is I would like you to be careful because I just read this comment from J. Santos over at the jungle. I went ahead and capitalized the threat.

    Joseph A SantosDecember 1, 2016 at 2:27 PM
    Dear Diana,

    Your letter is as fake as your religion. Imagine coming back from a meeting with an Archbishop and finding the locks to your office and room had been changed. Or imagine having a celebration for outstanding service and that same Archbishop handing out compliments only to have that same AB kick you out of your job and send you to another parish in an irrelevant position. Turn about is fair play don't you think "Diana"?
    SO EAT CRAP AND DIE. You were lucky AB Hon was as ineffective as he was or the Moratorium on your fake religion would have taken effect if Hon had been more of the leader we needed him to be. You Neos showed that obedience only to those you choose to be obedient to, just ask Uduvaldo and Adrian. Pius was not a priest of this diocese, he should never have been here if Apuron had been a real leader. Hon did some things but not enough. He revealed what we have been saying all along, the RMS semenary is a sham but he did nothing with that information as he did nothing with Mother Dawn's information when he said he had known it all along. So have joy and courage in your heart Diana, because it will take a little while to convince AB Byrnes that a moratorium on the NCW on Guam needs to occur. Of course with Eusebio as your spokesman it may not take as long as I think. With all the false humility I can muster, I remain your servant, but "Silent No More!"

    -Jokers Wild

  2. i guess you all just don't get it about Apuron. Pope appointed someone to investigate the Archdiocese and that person was Archbishop Hon. Archbishop Hon with the authority of the Holy See asked Apuron to step down. Apuron refused. Pope then appointed Archbishop Byrnes. Hon didn't need to go anywhere, he could have stayed on Guam until the proceedings for Apuron concluded. Pope however has his own conclusions and that why now we have a new Archbishop of Guam. The rest is all just formality.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:15 am,

      There is more to it than just that. Archbishop Hon did not have the authority to see to it that Archbishop Apuron is removed. That authority alone belongs to the Pope. If the Pope wanted him removed, Apuron would not be carrying the title "Archbishop of Agana". It was the Pope's decision and desire for Apuron to continue carrying the title and to go through the canonical trial. The protesters are now protesting against the Pope's decision. Simple as that.

    2. So you're in agreement that archbishop Hon was sent to ask tony boy to step down?

    3. FYI Diana @ 8:32 AM: The protesters are not protesting against the Pope's decision. They are communicating to the Pope that they support his efforts to have Apuron step down. Having Apuron go thru the canonical trial is just a formality before the Pope permanently removes him. That way Apuron can't cry foul and say he didn't get due process.

      I know, I know. Apuron said he asked the Pope to send Hon so he could prepare for the canonical trial that he asked for. Then Apuron heard that his NCW brethren weren't happy with Hon so he asked the Pope to strip him of all his authority and also send Byrnes as coadjutor bishop with special faculties and give Byrnes ALL the authority Apuron gave up.

      In the meantime Apuron has an EMPTY title. Even though Byrnes prayed for "Anthony my brother" the other night, the rest of the church in Guam prays for "Francis our Pope and Michael our Coadjutor" (some even say "Michael our bishop") I'm sure Adrian, David, Rudy, Bibi, Pius, Edivaldo (where is he anyway?) and other Neo presbyters will still include "Anthony our bishop." But that's a lost cause as we heard Archbishop Krebs the other day.
      BTW: Did Anthony also ask Krebs to come to Guam and read that???

    4. Dear Reality Check,

      Since when does the Pope need a formality to get rid of someone. If he wanted to remove Archbishop Apuron, he would have done so without going through a formality. There were other bishops who were removed without going through a canonical trial. If the evidence is credible enough, the Pope could simply remove him without formality. He is, after all, the Pope.

  3. Dear Readers,

    I changed the title of my post because this reflects Christ's message of healing to all of us. As Archbishop Byrnes said in his homily, we can find solidarity in the fact that we are all sinners in need of God's forgiveness and grace. ☺

  4. Diana, I hear what you're saying. I was also at the Mass, and the Archbshop's homily also touched me. He's right. Peace starts in the hearts of each one of us. We can't change other people, but we can make the choice to change ourselves. We can choose to accept peace. I'm laying down my "Defrock Anthony" sign and giving peace a chance. God bless!

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:15 pm,

      You are a ray of hope. Christmas is on a Sunday this year, and the month of December is a time to remember that it is a time for good will toward men. God bless you for choosing peace.

    2. 10:15PM--
      Don't know where you were protesting, but I never saw any "Defrock Anthony" signs in front of the Basilica each Sunday. We don't call him "Anthony"---only the Neos do.
      (But you won't print this, will you, "Diana"??)

    3. Dear Anonymous at 8:07 am,

      He/she must have meant the "Defrock Apuron" sign, which the protesters used to hold up before the 'Apuron out" sign.

    4. Hi Diana. I'm 10:15 pm, and I'm a "she." Yes, we carried the "Defrock Apuron" sign before. After they change the signs, I just joined the protest, praying the rosary with them. AB Hon said this will be a new chapter and this is advent. a new year for the church. We have a new archbishop. So, this should be a new start for us too. I know that the pope can remove Apuron even if he refuses to resign. This is where I think Tim is wrong.

      Don't get me wrong. I don't like Apuron, and I think he's guilty. There's no reason for the victims to lie. but if the pope wants him to go through a canonical trial, then so be it.

    5. Diana @ 8:26 AM I'm always amazed at how you're able to figure out what people really mean. You just knew that Anonymous @ 10:15 PM really meant "Defrock Apuron" and not "Defrock Anthony." And then BOOM! Here comes 10:15 PM saying she really carried the "Defrock Apuron" (not "Defrock Anthony") sign before.

      How is it that you were able to figure that out but you missed the boat with the "death threat" that Jokers Wild "alerted" you to? Just because you deleted your message of appreciation doesn't mean it didn't exist.


    6. alleged victims.......500,000 lie, innocent until proven guilty,this is Tim war!!! all he's doing is divide the Church if he don't get way pure sinful

    7. Dear Reality Check,

      I take into account that most of the protesters are elderly. Elderly folks tend to forget more and can easily be confused with the words "Anthony" and "Apuron."


  5. No peace until Apurons title removed. Seminary is closed down and we are sure Apuron will not be laid to rest in Basilica. When he dies he must be placed in a remote corner of catholic cemetry aeay from all other graves. I do not wish to see him placed in a position we are reminded of him.
    He should also consider an ocean resting place. like bin laden he was placed in ocean.I would hope Apuron would do the same. place him in a casket lower into marianas trench. yes this is what needs to be done with him. I don't see many going to his funeral Mass. So do mass on a cargo ship then dump body in trench. we must eradicate any trace of Apuron on Guam. Anything he did did we need to destroy. Hence reason to shut down rms. it is a reminder of a man without social conscience or moral values. we must close it down. only then can healing begin. close down rms. close down rms. remove apuron remove apuron. Lets get shouting protesting. shut down rms remove apuron....

    1. Dear Anonymous at 1:17 am,

      I am publishing your comment only to show what "hate" is. If you will not forgive, then neither will God in Heaven forgive you. This is one of the most basic Catholic teaching taught to all Christians......which you have not learned.

    2. Anon @1:17,
      How will u feel if he is found not guilty? I am horrified by ur vitriol. I hope u r abstaining from communion.

    3. Alot of hate 1:17am.
      praying for you.
      Joy, Advent is here.
      Jesus loves you.

  6. 10:15 PM.... Tim won't let you put sign down, the man has a lot of hate,he doesn't want peace,he wants to keep the fire going.

    1. Tim just don't want to keep stopping he wants the whole charism down including the evangilization including KIKO. He wants the whole world to see it.The MAN is purely evil and mad. See his post. He despise the way not only locally but the whole thing. He lost it, he is worst than Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer.

  7. who is 1.17am?
    comment full of hate.
    Forgive others as Our Father forgives you.
    Dumping Archbishop Anthony in Ocean is pure hate.
    sending comment to Archbishop Byrnes.

    1. Anonymous 1:17AM is evidence of what Consist of CCOG,LFM. If murdering was not a mortal sin they'll do it but Tim Rohr stated 2 years ago that he wishes and pray for Archbishop Apuron to fall ill and die or encarnate evil. Archbishop Byrne do you see this?

    2. That person's comment was posted on a Facebook page: Neocatechumenal Way - An Insider's View.

    3. 1:15 PM I read that back then, Tim has a lot hate for the Bishop, that to bad,sometime when people like Tim Rohr wishes thing like that it comes back to haunt them, it might not happen to Tim ,it could happen to his Family, be careful what you wish for??

  8. Diana hon is continuing his hatred towards hour archbishop and they put it in the guampdn

  9. Diana, what do you think of Tim's life story:

    I freely shared a story about how the actions of our pastor when I was growing up, and the inaction of his bishop, had led to my father's loss of faith and the destruction of my family, including my brother's death.

    I also shared a story about the torture, murder, and extortion of Catholic high school kids in a school where I was a teacher in the Caribbean. This terror occurred and was allowed to persist because the bishop did not want to know the truth about the principal of the school who was the personal friend of the bishop as well as the town alcoholic, a gay prostitute, and a hebephile, and who was blackmailed into permitting a deadly drug ring to operate in the school through one of the teachers. (Cardinal O'Malley will know about this. He was appointed to succeed the bishop I helped to oust.)

    Archbishop Hon thought he had hit on the source of my "anger" after I shared these stories because on the surface it appeared that I had been personally wounded and was just getting "even" with these past experiences by taking out my "anger" on Apuron. (Archbishop Krebs and Fr. Ted were also at this meeting - just to let you know that I'm not making this up.)

    As soon as Hon tried to make this point - that all of this was just "personal," I put my hand in his face and stopped him. And with controlled volcanic rage I said this:


    Let me translate that for you. My, or our, "anger" is NOT personal. His victims aside, very few of us have been "personally offended" by Apuron. Thus, no apology from him will suffice because no apology is needed. What Apuron and his ilk have done (as well as many of the world's bishops) is NOT personally offend us, rather they have damaged our Church for our children and our children's children.

    1. This is incredulous. Tim is not acting as a Christian. You cannot get the souls of your children into heaven! The only way to go to heaven is to accept Jesus as your personal Savior. It is not done by parents. It can only be done by the children through the grace and love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

    2. Oh yeah, blame the pastor, blame the bishop, blame the church for all your sins! Lol. Never blame yourself who is a sinner and a slave of Satan without Jesus Christ. The only good in you is coming from Jesus, but only if you admit your sinfulness and repent.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 9:24 am,

      I have answered this comment with a post. See the weblink below: