Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Jewish Passover

Image result for The last supperChuck White once again criticized Catholic teaching without understanding true Catholicism.  He criticized the Catechetical Directory approved by the Vatican.  According to Chuck White: 
Kiko is certainly correct in saying that the Passover celebrated at the time of Christ was celebrated in family groups, but he is patently wrong in asserting that “at the time of Jesus Christ the temple is no longer the center of the liturgy”.  Millions of pilgrims made their way to Jerusalem each year to celebrate the Passover with a lamb sacrificed in the Temple.
Those who attended the Catechetical Conference this year heard the presenter, Father Ricky Manalo, pointed out that the Jewish Passover was celebrated with the family as the focal point during Jesus' time.  (Father Ricky Manalo, by the way, is NOT a member of the NCW.)  During the Passover, the Jews would go to three places to celebrate it.  The first place they visited was the synagogue where they listened to the readings.  The second place they visited was the temple where they held their sacrifices. The third and FINAL place in which the Passover was celebrated was in the home where they held a meal. This meal is called the "Seder" and is seen as the "highest point" of the Passover.  According to a Jewish website regarding the Passover (the bold is mine):
Passover is one of the most important Jewish festivals of the year, and its high point is the seder. Experiencing this wonderful Jewish meal and interactive “happening” is to live through all the varied themes of the Passover festival.
Therefore, Kiko Arguello was correct, and he received this teaching from the Catholic Church.  Mr. White is in error.  At the time of Christ, the temple was no longer the center of the liturgy because the sedar meal became the "high point" in the Jewish Passover.  That is still true today.  Christ told His disciples to prepare the Passover meal (See Matthew 26:17-20).  During that meal, Christ mentioned the "new covenant" for the first time.  It was also there that the Eucharist was instituted.    

Christ was the "New Covenant" and it was He who made certain changes in the New Testament.  For example, the word "temple" was understood to mean the human body (See John 2:19).  Apparently, that change was made after he drove the money changers from the stone temple.  When Christ said, "destroy this temple, and I will raise it up within three days," he was referring to His Body.  But the Jewish Pharisees did not understand him.  Obviously, Chuck White was in the same page as the Jewish Pharisees because he also did not understand that Christ changed the word "temple" to mean the human body after he drove the money changers out.  Mr. White did not understand that the TRUE sacrifice was in the Body of Jesus Christ......not in the bulls and lambs held at the stone temple.  Notice also that the place Christ made this change was at the Jewish temple where they held animal sacrifices.   

Also, has anyone ever noticed that whenever Chuck White writes about "sacrifice" he always has this picture shown?????? 

Someone among the jungle nation should inform him that the REAL sacrifice is depicted in this photo below:  

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  1. The seder meal is not a festive meal. It is bitter herb and unleavened bread. Nothing more. That was what the Jews ate the night before they left Egypt.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:56 pm,

      According to the Jewish people, it is a festive meal and part of the Passover.

    2. It is a meal of remembrance of the bitter past. Passover is a day of remembrance.

  2. The Temple was the center of worship in Judaism until it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 a.d. As Josephus describes:

    "Caesar gave orders that they should now demolish the entire city and Temple. (...) It was so thoroughly laid even with the ground by those that dug it up to the foundation, that there was left nothing to make those that came thither believe it [Jerusalem] had ever been inhabited. This was the end which Jerusalem came to by the madness of those that were for innovations; a city otherwise of great magnificence, and of mighty fame among all mankind."

    1. Dear Anonymous at 1:04 pm,

      Please stick to the OP. We were discussing the PASSOVER. The seder meal was the highest point in the celebration of the Passover just as I have proven through the Jewish website. According to the Catechetical Directory, which the Vatican approved:

      "The Passover that Jesus Christ celebrated is not the same as the one Moses celebrated on the day of their delivery from Egypt because by now Israel had had a long history…At the time of Jesus Christ the temple is no longer the center of the liturgy but this family liturgy of the night of the Passover."

    2. Passover has always been a family celebration. Eating bitter herb is good for digestion. Family came together and children had to hunt for "geld" which is candy coin or chocolate coin in golden wrapping. Kids hunted for it as today they hunt for eggs at Easter. The father presides over the family, reads the Bible and explains to kid how bitter it was in Egypt. Very good for intellectual development!

  3. "The Eucharist in the parish that is celebrated is not the same as the NCW celebrated on the day of their statutes was approved because by now the NCW had had a long history…At the time parishes celebrate Eucharist is no longer the center of the liturgy but this Saturday NCW/vigil liturgy of the night of the Passover."

    1. Dear Anonymous at 1:49 pm,

      The Saturday celebration of the Eucharist is the same as the Sunday Mass and approved by the Vatican. The readings on that night are the Sunday readings.

  4. Hi dear Diana!
    I am a part of a community in Europe and we are soon going to do the Shema Israel. I really appreciate your blog!
    The Neocatechumenal Way has changed a lot in my life but these past months I have had a little crisis. I have a lot of questions and one of them is: why are all communities obliged to use the icons, music etc. made only by Kiko Arguello? I mean, why wouldn't it be alright with other liturgical music and decorations? And another question that has been bothering me but no one can really answer it: why don't we kneel at the consecration?
    I hope you have some answers that could help me through this crisis because otherwise, I love the Way!


    1. Dear Kristina,

      When you said that you have had a little crisis, I automatically assumed that it may have been something like an serious argument with your husband or the loss of a friend.....things like that.

      I know for a fact that not all the music were composed by Kiko Arguello. Most of the music came from the Book of Psalms. You ask why we do not use other liturgical music such as those in the parish. Well, will the parish use the music compose by Kiko? Will YOUR parish use other Catholic songs from foreign countries? You ask about kneeling? The Eastern Catholics who are in communion with the Pope also do not kneel in their Mass, but they do not see that as a crisis. There is a vast array of different liturgies in the Catholic Church and for thousands of years, these liturgies have changed over time. It is not the liturgy that makes us one. It is our baptism and communion with the Pope that makes all Catholics one.

    2. Dear Diana! I really appreciate your answer. But you seemed to get a bit offended, which was not my point... I just wanted to get some theological answers. My leaders of the community answered in this same way to simple questions.
      My crisis is actually a spiritual one, not only because of my question marks surrounding the Way but because of some sort of spiritual desert, which I know can be really helpful when handled correctly.

      In our Church, there are many churches in the world with varying icons, depending on country. I like the diversity. It is amazing how our Lord Jesus Christ and Blessed Mother Mary and all the Saints can be potrayed so differently, but yet be adored in the same way. The same goes with music. I know this is not the most beneficial part of our Faith, but why are we obliged to only use everything that comes from Kiko's team, and only buy his things? I just want an explanation, no questions back at me.. It seems like you have something against the ordinary parishes of the Church, just like other people I have talked to in the Way...

      Like I said, I really love the Way, and I also love my Community and the people there, even though no one of us is flawless. This and many other things are amazing about the Way.
      And I know that other Traditions of the Church do not kneel at the consecration, but why? I am just wondering. I can as well praise and worship the Lord in other ways; He knows our hearts. But if He really is present in the Eucharist, then He deserves to be knelt at, as many people did in the Bible as well.. I just do not know why people in my Community almost get mad at those who kneel sometimes. It is not that extraordinary that people should look down on these that do kneel...

      Have a blessed Sunday!

    3. Dear Diana!
      Thank you for the answers!
      Yes, I agree to that, but I still do not understand why the Neocatechumenal Way would choose the tradition to not kneel before the one to do that. I really hope that all that are in the Way know the true presence of God in the Eucharist, that is the most important thing and that is why I have been concerned.
      Yes, I am reflecting over this and discussing it with a Priest, eventually I will talk to my Catechists about this, because I would rather find arguments to stay than arguments to leave!

    4. Dear Kristina,

      I am not offended at all. You said that you are aware that other traditions of the Church (such as the Eastern Catholics) do not kneel at the consecration. The Catholic Church is not a church in which everyone wears the same uniform. The beauty about the Catholic Church is its richness in variety. Pope Francis said that there is unity in diversity.

      If you find yourself in a crisis because you feel obligated to sing songs composed mostly by Kiko and use his artwork, then perhaps, the Way may not be for you. Perhaps, that is something you need to reflect on.

    5. Dear Kristina,

      I am not going to argue with you to stay or argue with you to leave the Way. I am sure you have already seen the fruits of the Way. In the end, the choice is yours to make.

    6. Dear Kristina, as you heard, these songs are very special. Those psalms have a deep theological meaning and comfort. The music was handed down by cantors in centuries. Perhaps, our Lord Jesus heard some of the same psalms and same music in the synagogue when he visited those places! Is this not beautiful, Kristina?

      Yes, we sing a lot a songs written by Kiko. It gives a character to our participation. This character is coming from our founder. It is imprinted in our souls through the charism of our cantors. We never have a celebration without cantors and music. From where should the character of the communities come, dear Kristina?

      As about kneeling, it is a technical thing. We come together in small places where there is no room to kneel. Our elderly would have trouble to kneel on the bare floor anyway. What is more important for you, dear Kristina, kneeling on a piece of wood or the Real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist?

      My two pence.