Sunday, October 23, 2016

Congratulations To Father Miguel

An anonymous commenter brought some good news!  According to his/her comment:  
Father Miguel Angel got SUMMA CUM LAUDE.

There are two other priests from Guam doing postgraduate studies. They are Father Julio Caesar Malagon Sanchez, Vice Rector of the Seminary Redemptoris Mater in Yona and Father Fabio Faiola, formerly pastor in Santa Rita.

Another student formed in our Redemptoris Mater Seminary, Father Edivaldo Da Silva, pastor in Chalan Pago, completed his Licentiate studies on matrimony, in Rome with the highest distinction.

All fruit of the RMS
It is also evidence that Guam's RMS priests have been able to go on to higher graduate studies and obtain very high degrees.  RMS now has two priests with very high degrees.  Congratulations to Father Miguel.  


  1. I thought the Archdiocese of Agana has no money to send prospective seminarians to study outside RMS and yet this Fr. Miguel makes 7 years for a doctorate with diocesan support.
    what is wrong with the picture Diana?

    1. Nothing wrong with the picture Anon @ 11:46 AM. Only Neos enjoy diocesan support. That's just how it is. Get over it.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 11:46 am,

      Father Miguel was already an ordained priest. He was sent to Rome because he wanted to pursue higher graduate studies. In Guam, we do not have post-graduate studies.

    3. Only RMS priests gets to go graduate studies. Can you name any Non neo priest who was sent to do post graduate. The Neo-arch led archdiocese is having a race issue.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 5:25 am,

      Monsignor David is a non-RMS priest who had the DESIRE to pursue a higher education. You cannot just send anyone. The priest must have that desire. If they do not have that desire and are contented in what they have, then so be it.

    5. But who else after Mons. David, no one was allowed. And money is not the issue because money is poured into the RMS. So name one after Mons David who made it to post graduate other than RMS priests.

    6. Dear Anonymous at 11:34 pm,

      I think the question you should ask is why are our local non-RMS priests are not interested in pursuing higher degrees. You cannot blame RMS for this because the local priests were here longer than RMS.

    7. The answer Diana, the Archdiocese has no money.

    8. Dear Anonymous at 12:56 am,

      Actually, the answer is the priests other than Monsignor David had no interest in pursuing higher degrees. Did you ever hear Father Mike or Father Jeff say anything about wanting to further their studies in post-graduate courses? No, of course not. Even Father Eric shows more interest in preserving Chamorro culture and history than in pursuing a higher education in graduate studies.

  2. Wow that is quite an accomplishment. God Bless You, Father Miguel.