Sunday, October 9, 2016

20th Anniversary

The Beginning of the Year Convivience for 2016 started on Thursday night, October 6th.  It was also the 20th Anniversary of this annual convivience.  There were about 200-300 people there, which consisted of only the Responsibles and Co-Responsibles.  Of all the conviviences we have participated in, this was actually the best one.  There was a lot of joy and consolation among the brothers.  

First of all, some good news.
1.  Kudos to Father Miguel.  He will be receiving a doctorate in theology. I understand it is the highest degree a priest can get.  According to Father Miguel, his thesis is almost complete, and he will receive his doctorate.  The good thing about those who have received their formation at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Guam is that they not only get a degree from the Lateran University in Rome, but they can also go on to higher graduate studies as Father Miguel had done.  Father Fabio is also in Rome pursuing a higher degree.

2.  Another kudos...... There are now 115 Redemptoris Mater Seminaries world wide.  New RM seminaries have opened in India, Argentina (the home country of Pope Francis), Luxumberg, and other countries.  As a result, there are now 115 RM seminaries worldwide.  

3.  Another good news is that the newly appointed Bishop of Saipan, Rev. Ryan Jimenez is supportive of the Neocatechumenal Way.  This is good news coming from our Saipan brothers in the Way.  

Secondly, World Youth Day was also mentioned, and we watched a short video from WYD in Poland.  There were approximately 200,000 youth from the Neocatechumenal Way who attended the WYD pilgrimage in Poland.  Of that number, about 300 came from Guam together with Hawaii, Kiribati, and Saipan. Of the 200,000 youth in Poland, 3000 young boys stood up to become priests and 4000 girls stood up to join the convent.  2000 families also came forward wanting to become mission families.  

This same calling was done at our retreat.  One 13 year old boy stood up when Father Pius asked for any young men to stand up if they felt called by God to join the seminary.  Although the 13 year old boy was still too young to join the seminary, we all applauded him.  About 7 girls voluntarily stood up when called to join the convent or become an itinerant.  When Father Pius called for families who wanted to go on mission, there were 19 couples who voluntarily stood up. Many of them were from Guam. One couple from Guam who stood up has 18 children. I was very impressed with the families. 

Finally, there were many other things that were transmitted to us during this four day convivience.  We will be transmitting all these things to our communities during our scheduled transmittal.  It turned out to be a beautiful and memorable convivience.  Of all the convivences I attended, this one was the best one.  Many of the brothers said the same thing.  It was a very joyous event for all of us.         


  1. It was a beautiful convivence. I was really consoled by Father Pius and Id like to share that God has been working through Father Pius these past few years. What really moves me is not necessarily his words(which are never his, but the Holy Spirit), its his actions. Im not sure if anyone has ever glanced at Father Pius during any celebration or eucharist, its a beautiful sight. One can tell where the heart is just by the look on his face. This past year during the Easter vigil I happened to glance at him during the singing of the Song of Tobit(Bless my soul the Lord) and there was just this aura. He was starring into the heavens with this smile on his face. Could anyone imagine that just their looks/demeanor can stir a conversion in someone else? I found out that its possible.
    I know Father Pius would hate to find out that his name was propped up like I have done so but its worth the testimony especially in a time where he for one is also being portrayed negatively. Recordings of him speaking have been taken out of context and most people just dont understand.
    People dont understand that for many of us, our catechists have been very instrumental in our conversion. Many dont understand the amount of trust that we have in these people who have laid down their lives for the other, for their catechumen. If my catechist told me not to join the army, I would listen to them. Why? some would ask. Well, because I know that my catechist is concerned for my soul. They are more concerned for my soul than for my flesh in the sense that most likely I would be joining the Army for a sense of career, financial benefits, security and not taking into consideration the moral issues and the slave I would become to the armed forces.
    Im very blessed to have a catechist. I wish that everyone would seek a spiritual guide. We all need it. Some would say, so why not a Priest? Indeed a Priest is perfect also and I know the option to seek guidance from them is always available which I also avail of too but I find it very comforting to speak with someone who is also living the same reality as me.
    It was also a blessing to hear about the life of Carmen Hernandez(co-initiator of the Way) and about her struggles also. She was very versed in theology, doctrine of the church and especially the 2nd Vatican Council and this Renewal of the Liturgy, the New Evangelization.
    Kiko still amazes me with his zeal and energy to share the Kerygma and the various catechesis.
    To think of all this good and to also know that those people want to place a moratorium on a charism of the church is pathetic. Its like saying, "Hey God, thank you for your gifts but no thanks also".
    I've been reminded also about the need to speak the truth and that speaking the truth has nothing to do with resisting evil.

    -Jokers Wild

    1. I don't know what the Neo is about, but I don't agree with how they're being treated. It's obvious that AB Hon isn't being fair. All the parishes, with the exception of Yigo, had priests transferred. Those parishes has the Neos in them. So, it's obvious who is being unfair and vindictive. We and the Neos have been co-existing in the same parish since the Way have been brought into our parish and I don't see a problem. In my opinion, Fr. K (sorry can't spell his name) isn't a bad priest.

    2. You called it "the Way"

  2. The only time I ever saw a priest to to confession was when I joined the Way. Before that, I have never seen any priest go to confession. Reconciliation was also a very beautiful celebration.

    The one boy who stood up to be a priest was amazing! I work in a public school, and most kids his age would say they want to be a doctor or lawyer. But that kid was somehow inspired to become a pries, and he was only 13. It's no wonder that the kids who attend WYD to see the pope are being inspired to be something more than a doctor or lawyer, not that there's anything wrong with those occupation.