Friday, August 5, 2016

Why Is That?

The jungle's criticism of the timing of Archbishop's Hon's press conference is only a distraction so that people will not ask them why they are in a hurry.  In three weeks since Archbishop's Hon's arrival, they have already started complaining that he is too slow.  

In January 2015, the Vatican delegation was here, but they did not go out to any of the parishes or the seminaries.  They spoke with some people and CCOG gave them pages and pages of documents.  Now the jungle expected that Archbishop Hon should already be fully aware and knowledgeable of the problems occurring on Guam?  

It only takes common sense to know that one would need to conduct visitations of the parishes and seminaries in order to VERIFY those documents submitted by CCOG.  CCOG did not do their job.  Their ONLY source of information had always been Junglewatch.  They never went out on their own to obtain any other sources.  Did they visit the RM Seminary?  No. Did they speak to any of the Responsibles in the Neocatechumenal Way?  No. Everything they submitted is one-sided and their report quote only one source. 

Furthermore, why is the jungle in a hurry?  They are so much in a hurry that the alleged victims filed a lawsuit.  The question should not be the timing of the press conference. It actually would not matter if Archbishop Hon held a press conference or not.  When he called a press conference after he was given a summons, the jungle criticized him.  Well, what do you think the jungle would do if he did not call a press conference after he was served a summons?  Of course, they would STILL criticize him.  So, it really never mattered whether he held a press conference or not.  He would be ridiculed and criticized anyway. He is damned by the jungle either way. 

Therefore, the question should be asked, "why are they in a hurry?"  Archbishop Hon replaced Monsignor David with Father Jeff and Father Adrian with Father Lito; yet, the jungle still complained.  Why is that?  Archbishop Hon retracted Archbishop Apuron's statements, and they still complained.  Why is that? Archbishop Hon has been more transparent and vocal in the media than Archbishop Apuron, and they criticized him for that.  Why is that?  Archbishop Apuron was criticized for remaining silent most of the time, and he was mocked for it.  Now, we have a Bishop who uses the media to his advantage, but the jungle still mocked him.  Why is that? They even resented the word "alleged" when Archbishop Hon called them "alleged victims."  Why is that?  Why are they trying to FORCE Archbishop Hon to say "victims" and leave out the word "alleged?" Why is that? 

In all this, you do not hear the NCW complaining of the changes that Archbishop Hon made.  Even when he said that there was no evidence that Father Paul committed disobedience, I do not hear the NCW making any public complaints. That alone should tell you something.  The jungle, on the other hand, complained and complained and complained.  Why is that?  The only Catholics who are impatient and complaining are the jungle, CCOG, and LFM.....the very same people.  These people do not represent the majority of Catholics on this island who are willing to work for unity with patience.  Bear in mind that Archbishop Hon was sent by Pope Francis.  So, you have a choice.  You either follow Archbishop Hon who was sent by the Holy See or you follow the jungle.          



  2. "He is damned by the jungle either way"

    Well, if he had called a press conference before he was served, he would have avoided any criticism about it, wouldn't he.

    He has been too slow. He should have retracted the slander from the Archdiocese much sooner, then he wouldn't have been in that position. He should have stated that Fr Paul was not formally disobedient sooner. He should have stated that Msgr James was not afforded due process sooner. He should have reached out to the victims of Apuron earlier.

    Her didn't and so he is rightly criticized as it looks as though it took a suit to get him to speak about these things.

    By the way, did you notice that pretty much everything Hon admitted in the press conference confirmed Junglewatch's stance and contradicted your own?

    "Even when he said that there was no evidence that Father Paul committed disobedience"

    You should be apologizing personally for this Diana, as that is what you asserted all along.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 5:04 pm,

      Actually, he would still be criticized. He has already been criticized as being too slow. If he had held a press conference before he was served, the jungle would still criticized him by saying......what took him so long??? Two months is outrageous!

      You stated: " did you notice that pretty much everything Hon admitted in the press conference confirmed Junglewatch's stance and contradicted your own?"

      If that was the case, then why are they still angry at Archbishop Hon? From what I see.....they are also upset with Father Paul. :-) And did you hear that Archbishop Hon said that the RMS property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana, no doubt about it.

    2. Please make up your mind. First you say three weeks and now its two months?

      "then why are they still angry at Archbishop Hon"

      Because its not enough.

      "And did you hear that Archbishop Hon said that the RMS property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana, no doubt about it."

      yes, but he will retract that soon enough. He is wrong. He is starting to see that too. You won't need to wait long for this.

    3. Archbishop Hon will never retract from facts. Lol!

      He only retracted from private opinions expressed by others.

    4. If only Hon retracted all those statements on 6/10 the day after he arrived and not after getting served the summons maybe the jungle wouldn't be criticizing him.

      If only Hon had been as open with the media before he was served with the summons maybe the jungle wouldn't be criticizing him.

      If only Hon had included the alleged victims of Apuron's sexual abuse along with Apuron in his prayers at his 6/9 prayer service maybe the jungle wouldn't be criticizing him.

      If only Hon had reached out to the alleged victims on 6/10 instead of turning his back on Walter Denton on 6/12 maybe the jungle wouldn't be criticizing him.

      If only he had placed Quitugua and Cristobal on leave on 6/10 instead of keeping them around until 6/30 maybe the jungle wouldn't be criticizing him.

      If only

  3. "So, you have a choice. You either follow Archbishop Hon who was sent by the Holy See or you follow the jungle."

    These positions are getting closer.

    The jungle said that Apuron unfairly accused Fr Paul of disobedience. The NCW and this blog and the chancery defended that accusation. Hon retracted it and said it was the untrue.

    Score - Jungle 1, NCW - 0

    The Jungle said that Mgsr James was not afforded due process; the NCW and this blog and the chancery said he was. Archbishop Hon retracted that statement and said he was not.

    Score: Jungle -2; NCW - 0

    The jungle claimed that the alleged victims were unfairly slandered and vilified for coming forward. The NCw and this blog and the chancery continued in that fashion. Hon retracted those statements and agreed they have been unfairly vilified.

    Score: Jungle - 3; NCW - 0

    The jungle said that the chancery was corrupted by the NCW and the NCW members of the chancery should be moved on. Hon agreed.

    Score :Jungle 4; NCW - 0

    The Jungle said that Tim Rohr was being unfairly targeted for his advocacy. The NCW and this blog and the chancery were hard at it against him. Hon retracted those statements and said they were not correct.

    Score: Jungle - 5; NCW - 0

    The jungle said that CCOG and Martinez were unfairly sanctioned. The NCW and this blog and the chancery disagreed. Hon lifted the sanctions.

    Score: Jungle - 6; NCW - 0

    There's more to come:

    The jungle said-

    Edivaldo was the spokeperson and wrote those slanderous things
    The Yona property has been conveyed
    Archbishop Apuron molested children
    The NCW conducts an illicit liturgy, and divides the Church
    and so on...

    When the dust settles we will see who has been right and true.

    I bet you don't have the courage to post this though Diana. just more denial and nonsense.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 5:17 pm,

      The anger and frustration against Archbishop Hon in the jungle tells a very different story than your winning score. After all, Tim Rohr already stated that he felt the only reasons those statements were retracted was due to the fact that Archbishop Hon was served a summons. I see that they are calling him a "liar" and "insincere."

    2. And what is the story of their anger and frustration? What is the beginning, middle, and end of it?

    3. Dear Anonymous at 9:23 pm,

      Most of us already know how it was started. This entire scenerio started with the removal of Father Paul, who went to the laity and media. It was Father Paul who sent out letters to his congregation as to why he was being removed. Archbishop never revealed the reason to the public. It was Father Paul who went to the laity and to the media.

      Now, why are many of the junglefolks upset with Father Paul? These folks were fighting to restore him to the Dededo parish. Father Paul, on the other hand, came out and said that his idea of "restoration" was to have his name cleared, not to be restored to Santa Barbara.

      This is why I said from the very beginning that the laity should never have fought for Father Paul or Monsignor James. These re grown men, and they should know how to resolve their problems. They do not need the laity to solve it for them.

    4. Yep. Father Paul USED the laity to pressure or find a way to get rid of Archbishop Apuron. Once that's done, he works to get in the good graces of Hon. Then he doesn't need the laity anymore. Tim doesn't have much good to say about Fr. Paul now.

    5. Rohr and co. threw Fr. Paul under the bus because Fr. Paul loathed their jihad.

    6. 5:17 PM, your score system is faulty! I had a good laugh reading. Lol! The Archbishop is the arm of Jesus Christ, the best thing you can ever get from Vatican. But you wasted your chances by stubbornness. What a foolish idea to byte the hand that feeds you. You got everything you wanted but nothing is good enough for you. Archbishop Hon tried to be nice for a longest time, but the gloves may come off very soon. You will be spanked, just the way you asked for it.

    7. Which archbishop is the arm of Jesus Christ, the bet thing we can ever get from the Vatican? The one who has been paying Fr Louis B for 43 years of "retirement" (or are you all calling this newest accusation a lie too?), or are you referring to Abp Hon who has not handled a little blogger on a little island in the middle of nowhere?

      Diana, are you sure you're not writing your own comments? I certainly don't think so, but it's a little suspicious that your readers who have been on island while you were at WYD kept up with events beyond comments posted here.

    8. Fr. Paul definitely does not need more of the treatment he had received at the jungle. His troubles were exploited for individual purposes. Whoever does this is a con man, an impostor. He promises you something and then sells you something completely else! This is how pyramidal schemes like the AmWay, for example, cheat on people, as well. Scheming makes some arrogant people rich on the back of the ordinary by ripping them.

      The same thing is happening to Fr. Paul now. He got promise of help and compassion. But only false tears were shown to him and they wanted his soul in exchange. They wanted to rip him of this most important value, his peace of conscience! No wonder Fr. Paul had to say loud and resounding NO.

      I wonder when will some alleged victims realize that they are played by the same scheme. They were promised a ship load of money and media attention. They only needed to come up with curious graphical details of sexual abuse that were either true or not. But how about your soul?! Your soul might become dead when you exchange it for money. Do you want to get ripped of your salvation? If you make a deal with Lucifer, well you know, you won't be able to undo it anytime soon!

      When will these people realize that they might only be singular cards in a large deck that is played out big time for dishonest purposes? They are used, downgraded to mere tools in fabricating falsehood. Whatever happened to them is being exploited for creating a cash cow for gaining huge amounts of wealth through suing their own Catholic Church.

      One day we all might need to stand up, as Fr. Paul did and say a loud and resounding NO!

    9. Dear Anonymous at 1:57 pm,

      You cannot blame Archbishop Apuron for Father Louis. It was Archbishop Flores who knew about the sexual abuse and shipped him off-island.

      One person wrote while I was in Poland. His/her comment was published whenI returned. The only comments that are mine are those with my name. Those on island can easily keep up with events. I have to go back and read up on past events in order to be caught up with current events once I returned.

    10. Diana, you said @9:36 that Fr Paul went to the media. He didn't. The media went to him and he agreed to speak to them. About going to the laity, Fr Paul felt it was important to let his congregation know what happened to him. It's called transparency.

      You were correct @5:37 when you said Abp Flores shipped Fr Louis off island. But Abp Apuron continued to pay Fr Louis hush money and Abp Hon is doing the same. The priests have known about Fr Louis for a long time. Abp Apuron has known too. So yes Abp Apuron can be blamed for Fr Louis. He can be blamed for continuing sending hush money to Fr Louis in Minnesota.

    11. Dear Anonymous at 6:05 am,

      If a priest have a problem with his Bishop, the problem should be kept between him and the Bishop. All Father Paul had to do was tell his congregation that he will be moving to the Tamuning Church. Everyone in Guam is aware that priests are moved around.

      You say that Father Paul should be transparent about his reason for moving to the Tamuning parish; yet, you get angry when the Archbishop went public on Monsignor James' financial mismanagement. Problems between the clergy should be resolved between the clergy. The laity does not need to know their problems. These men are not children and should be able to resolve their problems like adults. If they are unable to resolve their problems, they can turn to the Roman Curia for assistance.

    12. Priests can turn to the Roman Curia for assistance? What a joke!! There's documentation that the Roman Curia has been complicit in covering up sexual abuse. You think the Roman Curia will bother with priests who haven't been accused of sexual abuse?!? All their energy is used to resolve the problems of predators like Abp Apuron. They bury evidence or tell officials at the local level to stop investigations. That's why Abp Hon is working so hard to pave the way for Abp Apuron to return with a clean slate of Not Guilty by Rome. Roman Curia? LOL!!!

    13. Dear Anonymous at 7:52 am,

      All that cover up has already been exposed. Father Paul's problem took place after the exposure of the cover up, so the Vatican learned a very hard lesson. Are you saying that the Vatican cannot be trusted? Members of the Church have always been sinful. That is no surprise. But God still guides His Church regardless is the cover up. As you can see, God exposed the cover up so that His Church can undergo purification. If Archbishop Apuron is found not guilty, then David Lujan can sue Pope Francis for calling his clients a liar.

    14. WRONG, Diana @ 8:15 the covering up continues TO THIS DAY.
      Abp Hon says the Vatican is investigating Abp Apuron's case because he has been sending news stories about the victims' accusations to Rome.
      But NOBODY from the Vatican has conducted any interviews.
      Even a fool knows that a collection of news stories cannot be considered an "investigation."
      Yet that is how Abp Apuron's case is being investigated according to Abp Hon.
      Without interviewing the accusers, the Roman Curia will declare Abp Apuron NOT GUILTY.

    15. Dear Anonymous at 12:51 pm,

      The media had been doing an excellent job of interviewing them without the presence of their lawyer, so the Vatican can easily use those sources. Those news stories and interviews in the media and in the legislature are excellent and valid testimonies. Do you think that they will change their stories when questioned with their lawyer present?

    16. Diana, get real!! You like to come across as a legal expert by googling all things legal to defend Abp Apuron. Even you should know that the media's interviews could not be used as evidence in the U.S. Court because its SECOND-HAND information (hearsay) but I guess for the Roman Curia ANYTHING GOES and they will accept news articles to save the skin and reputation of Abp Apuron.

    17. Dear Anonymous at 8:04 pm,

      How is it second hand information when the person speaking are the alleged victims themselves? In the Jesse Lujan show, for example, the video shows the alleged victim giving his own testimony as he answers questions regarding the sexual allegation?

    18. My Dear Diana, did you not hear Abp Hon say he has been sending NEWS CLIPPINGS to the Vatican?!? He mentioned ARTICLES from newspapers and not videos of interviews. PLUS a REAL investigation would have included sworn depositions from the accusers and the accused.
      But then again, you've given the impression that Rome does things differently from the U.S. Court Systems. In the U.S. Court system, the victims would be sworn in. They're not sworn in before a media interview begins. And we know Rome is more concerned with keeping bishops/archbishops in power, so there's no big rush to get first hand testimony from the victims.
      Thanks for your Insider's View.

    19. Dear Anonymous at 10.34 pm,

      Those videos are part of the news article. Technology is great. News articles an come with videos.

    20. Yes, dear Diana, videos can be part of the news articles when viewed online. But Abp Hon says he sent NEWS CLIPPINGS (not links to the news articles online). He said they got copies of the articles and MAILED them to Rome.
      Technology is great, but from what Abp Hon said, it doesn't sound like he's relying on technology. I guess he wants to avoid getting hacked like Hillary.

    21. Dear Anonymous at 1:04 pm,

      Nowadays, even the Vatican relies on technology.

  4. Replies
    1. Tim wouldn't waste his time here. I, on the other hand, have spare time.

    2. Shame on you Tim. You can thank everything you have to the Catholic Church! You would be nothing without the nursing and spiritual nourishment you had received from the priests and bishops, even from the popes of the Roman Catholic Church.

      Now you want to bring down priests, bishops and the Pope! Shame on you. You are jealous because Pope Francis likes the NCW better than the Latin Mass and blessed the crowd at the WYD in Krakow. You have no chance, you see. Just grind your teeth until they are gone.

    3. Jw folk so much free time to blog.
      Do they work i wonder?

  5. Why in a Hurry, Maybe because you were gone????

    1. Dear Anonymous at 3:59 am,

      They were still in a hurry even before we left to World Youth Day.

  6. I follow this matter on both sides but I'm confused about your tying of the NCW with Father Paul? Why would the NCW complain that Archbishop Hon cleared Father Paul's name? Am I missing something here?

  7. Greetings Diana.
    Do you have any idea date when Archbishop Hon will ordain the brothers to deaconate that were postponed in May?


  8. Thankyou. Ordinations will take place upon return of Archbishop Anthony.
    Should Archbishop be delayed in Rome because of his meetings Archbishop Hon will ordain our brothers. Expect ordinations in September.

    1. Anon @ 4:38--
      Seriously?? You really believe that Apuron is "delayed" in Rome because of "meetings"??
      Even scarier, you actually think he is coming the capacity as ArchBishop!! Delusional....

    2. Dear Anonymous at 8:53 am,

      He is still the Archbishop of Guam. Cardinal Pell was also accused of sexual molestation by more than 20 people, and he still remained a cardinal.

    3. I highly doubt the Pope will put Apuron back on Guam...IF he remains an ArchBishop at all. Too much damage in the Church already, too much controversy that has hit the news worldwide.
      As for Pell, his case is in the courts and the Pope is just waiting to see how that plays out before he does anything.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 2:36 pm,

      Regarding Pell, Pope Francis stated, "The first information that arrived was confusing. It was news from 40 years back that not even the police made a case about at first. It was a confusing thing."

      The Church is not damage. The only people protesting are the same 60 or 70 people in the picket lines. We cannot change them. We can only pray for them. They can continue their pickets and protests while the rest of us move on to more important things.

    5. More important things NGOs like the court cases?

    6. Dear Anonymous at 5:44 pm, evangelizing and building up our parish.

    7. Diana @ 3:22PM,
      The Pope also stated that the case against Pell is in the courts now and he will await their findings.

      As for your comment that the Church is not are in denial. Even people who are not Catholic can see that there is a major problem going on with our Church! The sexual allegations are a major cause, but can be fixed if dealt with quickly and correctly. The divide is REAL and it is growing. (Much more than what you see at the picket lines) Hon can see it, Hon is preparing to deal with it.
      Stop trying to downplay the current state of things, Diana. Even Hon acknowledged the problems in his homily last night!

    8. Dear Anonymous at 9:05 am,

      By Church, I meant the "Bride of Christ." It was Christ who built the Church and only He protects her. The Church has been standing for over 2000 years. She is not damaged.

      Members of the Church are a different story. Some of them feel damaged. The ones protesting probably feel that since they express it. Those who ignore the protesters do not feel that way. They simply attend Church as they always have.

  9. Diana Archbishop Apuron is still our brother Archbishop. He will come home to us. Brother Tony we love you.

  10. Are these comments planted by jungle agents?