Friday, August 26, 2016

The Other Side Of The Story

I guess Archbishop Apuron continues to monitor Guam from where ever he is. After hearing of Archbishop Hon accusing him of disobeying the Holy See, he was able to get out a press release to KUAM news.  Archbishop Apuron's press release can be found in the KUAM news article.  According to KUAM news:


It's become a great debate - and we're not talking about the upcoming election. We've heard from the Concerned Catholics of Guam, apostolic administrator Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai, and even rector to the Redemptoris Mater Seminary Father Pius Sammut, all of whom have different opinions on who owns the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona. And now, we hear from Archbishop Anthony Apuron himself who maintains the controversial deed restriction doesn't hand over the property, but protects it.
After months of being attacked for a deed of restriction on the multi-million dollar Yona seminary, Archbishop Apuron is looking to clear his name, not only here at home but with the Holy See.
In a statement issued to KUAM News on Friday sent through his legal counsel attorney Jacque Terlaje, Apuron states the pope has granted his request for a canonical trial. In his defense, Apuron states past claims made by Archbishop Hon and other critics of the Yona property are causing "real, grave, and immediate damage to the church in Guam and to my good name, spreading scandal and confusion among the faithful."
While the deed of restriction is believed to hand over the RMS to the non-profit RM Corporation and parties affiliated with the Neocatechumenal Way, Apuron contends the restriction merely blocks the sale and that if it wasn't for him, those looking to cash in would've converted the RMS from a seminary into a casino.
"I have always defended the moral life of the island opposing establishments which would bring money to few and moral misery and degradation to many," Apuron wrote."It would be irresponsible for a father to forfeit the future of his children, that is, to cash in on the property and destroy the possibility to form priests for the future."
Although Archbishop Hon previously stated Apuron disobeyed the Holy See, Apuron maintains that's not the case. "I have always obeyed the Holy Father and it is my firm intention to continue to do so," his statement read.
Apuron adds that only he has the power to lift the restriction. "I am convinced in conscience that I cannot lift the restriction of this property," he continued.
No information was provided on Apuron's whereabouts.
Concerned Catholics of Guam president Dave Sablan suspects the declaration provided by Archbishop Apuron on the RMS property is a fake. "It's very surprising that Apuron would even write this declaration," he explained. "He's not even supposed to be involved in any of these issues that Archbishop Hon is involved in because Archbishop Hon is now the apostolic administrator. I also noticed that this declaration of Apuron's wasn't even signed by him so truly did he write this or did he give somebody permission to say these things using his name? So it's very suspect in that regard."
KUAM News spoke with Apuron's attorney, Jacque Terlaje, who maintains the declaration is authentic and the document provided to media was not an original, but a PDF. The original, she states, was signed and sent directly to apostolic administrator Archbishop Savio Hon Tai Fai.
In response to the CCOG's suspicions, she adds, "This is exactly the tactic they're constantly bringing. no substantiation and wild allegations."


  1. Dear Diana, re: "Apuron contends the restriction merely blocks the sale and that if it wasn't for him, those looking to cash in would've converted the RMS from a seminary into a casino."

    This statement sounds presumptuous, if not slanderous. Where is the proof? Could it not be possible that this property could have been used as a seminary with proper priestly formation of seminarians, both NCW and non-NCW alike? It could be a seminary that forms priests that are loyal and obedient to the Pope, making sure that the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, are safeguarded by not deviating from the approved Liturgical Books.

    "This is exactly the tactic they're constantly bringing. no substantiation and wild allegations." Ditto????

    1. Dear Anonymous at 6:28 am,

      Where did you get the notion that these seminarians were not properly formed? Where is your proof that these seminarians are not being properly formed?

    2. Have you ever even to a catholic mass with them presiding as the lead presbyter? They always seem lost and have to ask the altar servers for guidance.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 8:58 am,

      Yes, I have been to their Mass where they serve, and I sit toward the front where I can see everything. I never witness any of those things you claim. However, I have seen them tell an altar server to do something such as to light the candles on the altar. The altar server forgot to light the candles before the Mass began.

  2. Do you EVER answer questions without deflecting?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 7:56 am,

      The question is connected to the answer. Have you ever wondered why the jungle kept claiming that the seminary is not a seminary at all, but a money-laundering syndicate? Yet, they never went to the police showing any evidence of money-laundering.

  3. Diana, AAA isa always contending about the sale of RMS Guam by other parties interested. But the truth is 'only' the Apuron, can sell it. Then why is pointing the finger to the finance committee, CCOG, the Jungle?
    Only he, can sell it.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:46 am,

      Archbishop Apuron was already approached by people who wanted him to sell the seminary and pay off the debts of the Archdiocese. He may have foreseen that with his health problems, he might become seriously ill, and someone would take charge of the Archdiocese until a new Archbishop was installed. If there was no deed restriction, the person in control of the Archdiocese would be able to sell the property before a new Archbishop is installed.

      I think what is happening now is an example. If there was no deed restriction, Archbishop Hon can tell the RMS to leave, and the building can be used for something else. That deed restriction prevents him from touching the property. He may be the Apostolic Administrator with authority over the Archdiocese, but he is not the corporation sole of the Archdiocese and RMS. The Archbishop of Agana still exists as the corporation sole of the Archdiocese and RMS. Archbishop Hon cannot touch RMS due to the deed restriction.

  4. If that is the case, doesn't Arch Hon know about where his authority ends and that the had to ask the RMS to rescind the property back.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 1:26 pm,

      Considering these past few weeks, I do not think he does. He was not even aware of Father Louis, and CCOG gave him a 65 page report to the,Vatican delegation on January, 2015. Father Louis was mentioned in that report. Then Archbishop Apuron came out and also said that he gave Archbishop Hon all the paperwork on the Deed Restriction on January, 2015. It appears that the Vatican delegation did not bother reading any of the reports submitted to them in 2015.

    2. Diana @2:59PM--
      And this is why it is dangerous to just "obey" as you and others keep saying to do. No one is perfect and now we have two bishops conflicting. Obey? Obey whom?

      As for 1:26pm's comment, on what has Hon overstepped his boundaries? He found a document, made a determination, and made effort to carry it out. Do you know more of his authority and where it ends? He is your Archbishop for now---where is your respect and willingness to obey?

    3. Dear Anonymous at 8:48 am,

      First of all, it is unfortunate that both Archbishops do not see eye to eye. Let us pray for them. Hopefully, they can reconcile with each other.

      Secondly, I never advocated for blind obedience. I have always said that one should always obey unless it goes against morality.

  5. I pray that Archbishop Hon does not give in to the pressure a small group of so called Catholics and close the Seminary. The RMS on the island of Guam is a blessing to all the people that live on Guam and the islands in the region whatever their religion is. Archbishop Apuron have courage you are always in our prayers.

  6. The Guam seminary was not supposed to be around as Philippines, Japan, Australia already had their seminaries before Guam started thinking about it. I say close RMS Guam because of the dubious way it was and is being handled. Send the seminarians to the Phil for NCW communities and mission and the local diocesan to its counter part in the PACIFIC in Fiji.