Thursday, March 31, 2016

When Will They Learn?

The truth prevails again and again and again!!!  When will they learn??  The Archbishop has been telling them that the RMS property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana.  The Department of Land Management (which is a government agency) said so when they issued out the Certificate of Titles.  This time the Attorney General of Guam says so.  The Archbishop now has the CORRECTED official Certificate of Titles, which clearly states that he is the owner of the RMS property.  Director Mike Borja corrected the Certificate of Titles in accordance with the law. 

Now, Tim Rohr says he will be back.  In other words, he needs more time to invent another fairytale to cover up his deceit.  After all, he was the one who kept saying that the RMS seminary does not belong to the Archdiocese of Agana. One wonders what fairytale the jungle will concoct.  Is Tim Rohr going to bash Elizabeth Barret Anderson's position and integrity as the Attorney General of Guam?  According to KUAM news:

AG agrees with Land Management about seminary

Posted: Mar 31, 2016 6:34 PM Updated: Mar 31, 2016 6:34 PM
The Department of Land Management is asking for a legal clarification from the Attorney General of Guam over issues surrounding the certificate of title for the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona. In a letter to AG Elizabeth Barrett Anderson, DLM director Michael Borja says he is requesting for clarification on legal advice given by Kristan Finnery, an assistant AG from the Solicitor Division.

Borja says in a March 15 letter, Finney says the presentation of the owner's duplicates would bring the matter within the department's authority to issue a new certificate and no additional action would be necessary. He's asking to reaffirm the AG's Office's instructions to the department concerning the correction.

Today, the AG responded to Borja saying she concurred with the administrative resolution taken by DLM to correct the certificate of title.

All praise and glory to God!!!!!!!!!!   
Super Happy Dance


  1. You would think that Tim, LFM, and CCOG would be overjoyed that there is an official document declaring the archbishop the owner of the RMS property despite the Declaration of Deed Restriction. Didn't they say that all they wanted was for the RMS property to be returned to the Archdiocese? Well, the archbishop now has an official document supported by DLM and the AG. Yet, they're still complaining. Makes you wonder what their real motive is.....Hmmmmmmm.

  2. 21 GCA 29160!

    This is what the jungle doesnt want anyone to know about.

    On top of this, 21 GCA 29195 nowhere stated that "they must" petition the courts for corrections. Rather, 29195 only says "may at anytime". Im no lawyer but its plain and simple to understand.

    Then again we're dealing with the jungle folks who are apparently lawyers, doctors, teachers, canon lawyers, attorney generals, senators, governors, popes, archbishops, priests, nuns etc. Name it, theyre it and above it also.

    Tired but it is getting entertaining dealing with these "know it alls".

    Happy Easter!
    -Jokers Wild

    1. No priests or nuns belong to Junglewatch . It is an approved lay organization of catholic archdiocese.

    2. @11:25 pm. That's what I find puzzling. The CT were under the name of the archbishop & JW isn't happy about it. They ask where the legal counsel of RMS is. They say that RMS is supposed to be there in the negotiations with DLM. RMS is not a person and never has been. However, the legal owner of RMS is the archbishop, and Jackie must be the legal counsel of RMS representing the owner in his behalf. But Tim, and Klitzkie can't see what was in front of them all along. Even with the Declaration of Deed Restriction in the memorial, the owner is still the archbishop. If anything, Tim and Bob should be glad about that. But that isn't the case.

  3. Maybe the Attorney General need to look In TIM ROHR ????

    1. Dear Anonymous at 3:42 am,

      I also think they need to look into LFM and CCOG. These two groups have collected money from people with the intention of hiring a lawyer to take the Archbishop to court. What happened to that money?

      Anyone who disagrees with Tim Rohr will get bashed. In fact, he is already trashing the Attorney General's integrity in upholding the law. Tim Rohr is not interested in the truth. He is much more into conspiracy theories.

    2. I haven't heard from CCOG in a long while. Do they still exist?

    3. The biggest problem of jungle folks is that they uncritically buy their own lunacy. Who would be insane enough to call a certification "bogus" because it omitted a declaration and then call the same certification bogus again, when the declaration had been written on it?

      Someone among the jungle folks should have questioned this saying, "wait a minute, it is insane!" But they could not ask any question. They had lost their right mind a long time ago and lost with it their ability to distinguish between sane and insane behavior.

      Now they blame abortion, rape, teenage pregnancy even the high suicide and every plague present on this island on the attorney general, just because she maintained the law. Is this a decent behavior? No, not at all. This is just the opposite, indecent, mad attitude and self-serving fury that hurts self-inflicting the most unnecessary woulds on everybody.

      Just read the latest rant of a sickly mind: "Saving face has protected a not-so-underground network of systematic child sexual molestation - even though the perpetrators, some of whom prance about publicly with Roman collars, - are known to the families of those damaged children. And it is this last item that will make Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson regret what she has done."

      What? Timmy, please, calm down and read again. What are you saying here? Spreading your lunacy and delusional slanders all around because of your great frustration of not prevailing with your slanders? Come on, it is just another demonstration of how a sick mind works by poisoning the public.

      For the sake of the wounds of our Lord, please, come out of this insanity and embrace the love of the Holy Mother Church until it is not late.

    4. Rohr ordered CCOG to collect 100K for a lawsuit. CCOG claims to have 50K already, all this money was extorted from their supporters by telling them lies and raising false hopes. Now, the second 50K must be raised to make Rohr happy.

      Better to say, the 100K is needed for Atty Bronze to make him happy, because he obviously has a vested interest in collecting as high legal fees from this bunch of hoodlums as he is able to extort. Never mind, their most anticipated lawsuit will fail and their case will collapse in no time which will make CCOG liable to pay all legal fees.

      Then, that will be a big "Amen" for a sad chapter of internal turfs inside the Catholic Church on Guam. That will also be a time for these black sheep to return to the fold to the embracing arms of our Lord for repenting sinners.

      Pax nobiscum, peace shall prevail!

  4. I admire Tim Rohr for being relentless in the pursuit to the Truth regarding the land issues of RMS.
    The truth is all RMS seminaries are owned/donated to RMs. I have no problem with that. The issue is the deceptiveness of the transactions and all the little bits of hidden information not accessible to the public. I see Tim as persona Christi, that is, knowing it is going to be tough running against the power establishment, he continues to walk to his own jerusalem. The Truth will set all of Guam Catholics free.

    1. Dear Tim Rohr,

      You are not "in persona Christi". You are only feeding your wounded pride.....a pride that is leading only to your destruction.

  5. So, the AG backed the action taken by the assistant AG and the NCW lawyer. That's no great surprise is it?

    And there is no determination on the ownership of the RMS property from this event, simply another opinion based on the façade of things.

    In truth, the most disturbing thing I've read is this:

    "All praise and glory to God!!!!!!!!!!"

    As if God has won this "victory" for the NCW.

    I do not believe that God would approve of the Archbishop assigning this property to the RMS secretly, having misled his finance committee and then replacing them due to their contrary advice.

    I do not believe God would approve of the deception that was made (or attempted at least) by the Archdiocese in the publication of the certificates - which, there is no doubt, those responsible for the publication knew to be false and erroneous certificates.

    I do not believe that God is behind the errors of the NCW, most notably in its theology and liturgical practises - and this can be seen of course in the genuine lack of evidence for permissions that Diana and others say "exist" somewhere.

    And I do not believe God would approve of the division being wrought in his Church by the NCW who, where ever they go, cause the same problems.

    If you think that this is the last you will hear of the certificates fiasco, I suggest you think again.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:37 pm,

      What you chose to believe is not my problem. You can believe in whatever you want. As I said in my previous post, this is the turning point in the conflict. More members in the jungle, LFM, and CCOG are now abandoning this conflict and are either going into the sidelines or into the Archbishop's side with contrition.

    2. "And I do not believe God would approve of the division being wrought in his Church by the NCW who, where ever they go, cause the same problems."
      Thank God you are free to believe in whatever you want.
      What it's visible here is that all the groups of the parish started to hate us in the beginning (25 year ago) because we had a mass with a closed door. Then things changed and the mass started to be open to everyone. No one showed up, even when invited. Then they got a new motive: we didn't help to pay the bills of electricity, water, cleaning... that was not true. We always gave money to the priest, but he failed to communicate that to economical concil. Then new priests came and asked us to celebrate in another space, away from the parish center, and we did. These new priests understood that was some tension between some groups and all the groups with the Way, that most of them thought that didn't exist in the parish anymore because we are celebrating far away. So they decide to start the "Mass of the parish community" every first friday. Each friday is a different group preparing, can introduce some of their 'ways'. Condition: the mass cannot take longer than 40 minutes. Everyone does their folklore, the youth group does a completly mess in the mass. No one cares. We, the NCW, just make the introduction of the readings, no more then 15 to 20 seconds, very light, just helping placing on the context, without catechizing or anything, jut to leave the priest happy.
      Before the mass end everyone is invited to go to the space along the church to drink a tea, eat a bit of cake and promote some dialog, where the parishioners can talk and have some time together. Who shows up? The Brothers from the NCW /who bring the stuff to eat and drink) and everyone else that does not belong to any group.
      The problems that ear about, here in Portugal, it's always with other groups. The regular parishioners have no problems with us. Usually the one that first go against us are those who think they own the parish and are used to control everything.
      After 20 years in the NCW I think I got what makes people hate us, here at least. It's something that it's a gift: the openness that came from walking down the stairs to the baptism and experiment that God does, indeed love me, even if I am such a great sinner. And that gives us such a freedom of speech that most people cannot stand. When you feel really loved by the One, The Holy, the good God, you don't need to beg for the acceptance of the other, you're not affraid to speak you soul out, because you are not affraid to loose the appreciation from others. You free.
      This is what I feel. I kind of understand all the hate that SOME cardinals, bishops, pristes, and others feel for NCW. They are trying to go back to a time that doesn't exist anymore. They want to have secular power like in the middle ages. And the world in general don't care about the Church anymore and the first thought that come to people's mind about the Church is pedophilia. Then you have lay man, with some carisma that, with over 100 seminaries, thousands of vocations on boys, girls, entire families... and they (some of them) cannot stand. But I think I can understand their feelings, and I think they are not doing out of evil. They are not evil. I don't see them like that. But after I saw in the last few years in the NCW... Those people are plain wrong and GOD is definately with the NCW. Church and GOD are monolithic 'entities', they cannot be.
      I think we, in NCW, should spend our time praying for us, our enemies and our friends. Probably our time will be better employed on that on trying to convince them of anything.

  6. "After all, he was the one who kept saying that the RMS seminary does not belong to the Archdiocese of Agana."

    Wasn't it a real estate attorney that stated that the deed restriction effectively transferred ownership of the property, and that even though the Title might say the Archbishop, in actual fact the property has been effectively given to the NCW?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:16 pm,

      It was actually Tim Rohr who first said that the RMS seminary does not belong to the Archdiocese. It was Tim who concocted the fairy tale of the former finance council being removed so that the Archbishop give the property to the NCW.

    2. Diana you forgot that on August 3, 2014, "you" already supported the claim that the title to the property was transferred to RMS.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 11:25 am,

      I said it was transferred to the same person. In other words, the owner transferred it to himself. I stated that RMS is a corporation sole, with the Archbishop as the only corporate sole. The transfer was from Archbishop Apuron, corporation sole of the Archdiocese of Agana to Archbishop Apuron, corporation sole of RMS. The owner is the same and has always been the same.

  7. Yeah Tim!!!! :""(

  8. Attorney Bob Klitzkie seems to be interested in this matter. Why doesn't Bob bring this matter before a court? He could do this 'pro bono'...or be paid with the $50,000 the CCOG raised.

  9. Rohr is talking too much again. He just cannot stop his nonsense, a true blabber mouth. He surely has something to cover up. That is the reason he talks so much. He has to explain to his cohorts why are they failing with all his so-called "truths", ad nauseam published documents and stolen correspondence. Is he perhaps all wrong with his "truths"? He-he... Perhaps he cannot understand his own documents? Well, I would not be surprised!

    He has to feed the jungle with his "manna" to blind them about where the money of CCOG is going. People are getting impatient. They want to know what good can still come out of all these failures. They sense someone is playing fool with them. Don't you know who is doing that, Rohr? Actually, who is sitting on the 50K of CCOG?