Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Truth Prevails Again.

Mike Borja, Director of Land Management has finally spoken.  According to KUAM news: 
Said agency director Michael Borja, "I want to ensure the public that that program is maintained to the highest integrity." He says in response, DLM exercises its responsibility to issue out certificates of titles to the "best and truest form in which it needs to do." While he says it wasn't "bogus", whatever issue over the certificate of title that has surfaced is being addressed. 
"And that the issues that may be concerning the certificate of title for a particular land, the matter I then took to the attorney general and we discussed how we can approach doing this. Based on the advice of my legal counsel, who is the Attorney General of Guam, we have acted on what is necessary for us to do and we have corrected the situation that is to interest and to the Department of Land Management and for the certificate title holder, and we did it in the proper way that the law allows us to address these kinds of issues. But at no time was the certificate of tile improper or incorrect," he added.  
And while Klitzkie hasn't received much a response from Borja, the DLM director says it's because the only two parties of interest in the matter are the department who is the issuer and the certificate holder which is the Archbishop Corporation sole.


According to the Director of Land Management, he went to the attorney general and discussed the issue.  The news report also says that the Archbishop is the certificate holder.  He is the owner of the RMS property.  The Department of Land Management and the Attorney General has resolved the controversial issue. 


  1. Not to fast, it is too soon to tell.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 7:04 am,

      The Director of Land Management has discussed the issue with the Attorney General where the case has now been resolved. The only thing you will hear from the jungle is the same excuse. Tim will say that the NCW took over Department of Land Management. His next excuse is that the NCW has also taken over the Attorney General's office. Like I said before, I would not be surprise to hear him say that the NCW has also taken over the Governor's Office. After all, do you not know that Tim's excuse for the silence in the Vatican is that the NCW has taken over the Vatican???

      I am not surprised to find that the jungle is now calling Mr. Mike Borja a liar. Tim has the habit of calling anyone who disagrees with him a liar. After going to the media countless times and publicly saying negative things about the Department of Land Management, the jungle wonders why the Director no longer wants to speak to Bob Klitzke!!!! All Klitzkie had to do was wait for the verdict. But NOOOOOO.....he just had to go to the media and trash Land Management. And then he wonders why people like Andrew Santos and Mike Borja stopped speaking to him.

    2. The soap opera written and produced by Timmy at JW goes on as if nothing had happened. Inventing this fake saga and shoveling down the throats of his inane looking audience is taking his better half. It is just more important to him to continue hating, conspiring and grinding his teeth in furious frustration than celebrating the Holy Week and remembering the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

      People at JW do not understand the infinite goodness of God that overrides all hatred on earth.

      Oh Lord, our God,
      how great is your Name,
      among all the earth!
      Above the heavens
      rises your love!

  2. Why was the petition NOT filed in the Superior Court of Guam as required by law?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:38 am,

      According to Mike Borja, the petition was forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General with instructions to file it. The fact that it takes time does not take away the truth....that the RMS property belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana. Besides, people are aware that the Government of Guam is always slow in filing things and even in paying its vendors.

  3. Well, Michael should man up and do what is right. It's not looking good for him by his delayed response, and when he did he publicly stated there was no error on the title, contradicting what he had transmitted on paper earlier.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:01 am,

      I think you should take into account the time factor from the day he wrote his letter to the day he made his public statement in KUAM. In January, he may not have been aware of the information presented by the Archdiocese to his legal counsel since his legal counsel has not yet sat down with Jackie Terlaje. At the time, Borja may have given Klitzkie the benefit of doubt that there possibly may have been an error. Unfortunately, for Klitzkie, he did not give Land Management any benefit of doubt and quickly judged the department as incompetent and even criminal in doctoring an official document. After all information was reviewed, That would account for the change.

  4. Rohr's opinion, everyone else is a LIAR but him... he is delusional, he even discredit the Pope for crying out loud. Followers of Rohr, your swimming on his vile... not to late to go confession..