Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pope Francis To Priests And Religous

Now would be a good time to remind priests of their promise of obedience to the Archbishop.  The Vatican is fully aware of the discord on Guam.  After all, they have sent a Vatican delegation here and Archbishop Krebs visited Guam twice.  Therefore, they are fully aware of the problems here.  However, let me remind all priests that the jungle, CCOG, and LFM are very few in number.  They have unsuccessfully tried to rally the Catholic faithful to their cause.  Only a few show up in the LFM protests and fundraiser. 

Let me also remind the priests that Archbishop Apuron is the local vicar of Christ.  As long as he is not removed by the Pope, he is legally the local vicar of Christ, and I say this in light of the fact that the Vatican is aware of Guam's situation.  Because LFM has been unsuccessful in rallying the majority of Catholics, their next step is to try and rally the priests against the Archbishop.  Therefore, you are being reminded that Archbishop Apuron is the local vicar of Christ and representative of the Pope.

A priest may correct the Archbishop with love or voice his opinions to him, but that is as far as it goes.  Below is an article from CNN in which Pope Francis addressed the religious and clergy.  Bear in mind that this command to be obedient to the Bishop comes from Pope Francis.  According to CNN (the bold is mine): 

(CNN)Pope Francis has warned gossip-loving priests and nuns not to fuel the "terrorism of gossip," encouraging them to resist the temptation to spread voices and tales within their community.

"If you get an urge to say something against a brother or a sister, to drop a gossip bomb, bite your tongue! Hard!" he said on Monday in Vatican City.
In an impromptu speech to members of the clergy, which comes at the end of the Year of Consecrated Life, the pontiff compared those spreading gossip to terrorists, since they can send a community into chaos.
The Pope urged clergy members breaking their vows of obedience, poverty and chastity to fall into line. The dialogue is welcome, he said, but after the dialogue comes obedience, adding that "anarchy is the daughter of the devil, not of God."  
Francis also lamented the decline in the number of vocations and people opting for a religious life.
"Why is the womb of consecrated live becoming so sterile?" he asked, cautioning against shortcuts or easy solutions.
"Some congregations experiment with 'artificial insemination.' What do they do? They welcome... 'Yes come, come, come'. And then there are problems," he said. "No. We must be serious about who we take. We must clearly distinguish if it is a real vocation, and help it to grow."
The Roman Catholic Church is still facing the consequences of sex abuse scandals, which shocked many believers, in particular in Western Europe and North America and among millennials.
The Church has 400,000 priests around the world, according to the Vatican. Agence France-Press says there are 693,000 nuns.


  1. Brother tony is still human. Doesn't make him correct in the things he's been doing.

  2. 2:18 p.m. and it doesn't make brother Rohr correct in the things he's been doing

    1. @ 1:18p, brother Rohr has been posting actual legal documents, not doctored ones. I'd say you've got nothing to prove what he's doing wrong. DUH...

    2. Dear Anonymous at 7:02 pm,

      You are correct about one thing. Those documents are not doctored ones. Those documents NEVER came from Rohr. The Certificate of Titles was never a doctored document because it came from the Department of Land Management. What is doctored is Tim's story.

      Rohr only took documents and invent stories to his advantage. Do you honestly think it would matter if the Archbishop printed the correction of the Certificate of Titles in the Umatuna??? If he did that, all Tim would do is say, "I told you so! Who said they don't read Junglewatch? The problem is the certificate is STILL a fraud. It is more 'wronger'" It never mattered whether the Declaration of Deed Restriction was in the memorial or not.

    3. Bro Rohr is a con artists. He shows you a paper saying "I owe you", then he explains it to you that it really means "you owe me". You are so impressed that you just pull out your wallet and pay him whatever debt he tells you to pay. Lol!

      He is like Simon the Magus who was so smart that nobody dared to object him, even when he became airborne and traveled around in the air back and forth like a winged genie.

      In fact, what you pay Rohr is a sore tuition fee. Did not you know that a con artist always makes others to pay for his tricks? Then he picks you to be his next victim. A true free loader.

      He figures out your weakness, your gullibility, your intellectual void to resist him. He makes you to toil for him freely and enthusiastically. He feeds on you and before you know it, he runs away with the spoil.

    4. Yep. I think Timothy Guile and Jonathan Diaz finally saw Tim for who he is. The moment Guile questioned him, Rohr started making up stories about his motives.

    5. @9:21...The same can be said about brother tony and quitugua since they did post the wrong title and never corrected it. Ummmm, in my opinion, this is what con artists do.

    6. Dear Anonymous at 1:03 am,

      Actually, they corrected it. They simply did not post the correction in the Umatuna. Nevertheless, that would not matter. After all, look at how the jungle is treating Mrs. Evangelista's letter. She came out to explain and clarify her role in the Certificate of Titles, and they are still mocking her and assuming that she is lying.

    7. I'm glad Diana that you finally agreed that there was a mistake left out in the umatuna but don't see it as information that the public needs to know. As for Mrs. Evangelists, she has a duty to correct the mistake no matter what her role is in all that's happened. Her reputation for a Title agency was at stake. She's had months to speak up but chose to hide. Imagine how many other properties that title agency has done which wasn't thorough. It leaves doubts if any researched property was brought to court.

      Only because Mr. Kilitzkie had gone public, is she trying to explain her role. The whole picture is that it's not just the archdiocese that's at stake but the entire recodring process for ANY property on this island by DLM. All those involved had a duty to correct that mistake since it was made public in the umatuna and the pdn. To publish wrong information is wrong and downright deceiving.

      Even you too Diana, you only now admit that there was a correction supposedly made when you said "actually, they corrected it".

    8. It's very deceiving to not publish the correction when a mistake is made. It's like convicting a person for a crime he/she did not commit and then hiding the injustice from the public. Humans make mistakes but it seems that brother tony and quitugua don't care for humility by admitting to their flock that the true documents were left out.

      Even you Diana have kept silent about the correction till now. Jackie too has a duty as an attorney to make sure that all the documents published were there. Instead Jackie too has kept silent. And just like the chancery, they too have kept silent on a lot of issues which have been brought up.

    9. Dear Anonymous at 7:59 am and 8:21 am,

      I am glad to hear that you see it as a mistake rather than as fraud. After Mrs. Evangelista wrote a letter to the jungle, Tim Rohr published her letter with the heading "Make of it what you will.....for now." After clarifying her role in that letter, these are some of the comments from the jungle directed at her:

      AnonymousMarch 14, 2016 at 9:14 PM
      Not buying this B.S. from Ms. Bertha "merely the courier" Evangelista. Will direct business elsewhere.

      AnonymousMarch 14, 2016 at 11:27 PM
      If I understand this correctly Bertha claims her business provideds professional assistance to clients Apuron and Jackie Terlaje. Bertha left out that she paid a portion of the fee, picked up the bogus title, and she's saying that she has no involvement in any way? I also cant believe that a company who specializes in title research and verification, and provides professional services to clients and customer is providing half ass service, and claiming to be acting just as a courier service in this case. There is something fishy happening here, Typical that when shit hits the fan, those responsible are claiming to have nothing to do with it.

      AnonymousMarch 15, 2016 at 1:08 AM
      Something tells me there's more to this story from Ms Evangelista than what she is saying directly. What is the hidden message?
      Doubting minds want to know. Why would a "trained monkey xxxx I mean attorney" have to ask a title company to pick up a document. Something doesn't fit. It definitely doesn't pass the smell test.

      As you can see, some folks in the jungle simply do not care what Berta Evangelista has to say. How much more the Archbishop? If publishing the correction in the Umatuna would bring a change to folks in the jungle, then it would be good to publish the correction. However, from Mrs. Evangelista's letter, we can see that there would be absolutely no change at all. Publishing the correction would be useless simply because it will not evoke any change in attitude in the jungle. Everything the Archbishop says and does is being condemned. He can say good things and still be condemned by the jungle.

      Furthermore, I never kept silent about the Certificate of Titles. On December 18, 2015, I stated:

      "In the first place, the Declaration of Deed Restriction does not need to be in the Certificate of Titles. Why? Because the Archbishop owns the declaration. It says so in the fine print at the bottom of the first four pages of the declaration. It stated:

      Declaration of Deed Restriction by owner Archbishop of Agana, A Corporation Sole, Anthony Sablan Apuron, OFM, Cap., DD., Incumbent."

      Apparently, it was an error otherwise Jackie Terlaje would not have called Andrew Santos to correct the Certificate of Titles. However, the jungle called it a fraud and continued to call it a fraud even with the Declaration of Deed Restriction correctly written in the memorial.

    10. Actually it is fraudulent to have published something incorrectly and not correct the wrong publicly. Instead brother tony has remained silent and has been avoiding the questions by not publicly answering to the people who have been funding the archdiocese. It's fraud if public funds are being kept from the very public who has been donating all these years. If there is nothing wrong then why not open the books for anyone to view or make copies of. Only cults or mafia books are kept from being opened.

    11. Dear Anonymous at 9:18 am,

      When the PDN publishes something that is not true, that becomes an error. It is the same thing in the case with the Umatuna. You simply called it "fraud" because it came from the Archdiocese. This is no different than the commenter who never offered any condolences to the family of Elvis Rojas simply because he was walking in the Way.

    12. IN the pdn when they make a mistake, they immediately publish the corrections. The umatuna doesn't. It doesn't matter if it's the archdiocese or not. It's the deceptiveness from keeping the truth from the public.

      What does Elvis have to do with the subject here? Or is it a move to throw off the subject point?

    13. Dear Anonymous at 9:58 am,

      That is not true. There are times the PDN did not publish a correction, and there are times that the PDN did not publish the entire interview or letter, and there are times they modify some words around due to space or whatnot. See the weblink below:

      The contention is the "ownership" of the property; therefore, there is no deception. Regardless of whether the Declaration of Deed Restriction was on the memorial or not does not change who the owner is. And as I said, it is useless to publish a correction, knowing full well that it will still be called a fraud. Either way, the Archdiocese loses because you cannot satisfy the jungle.

    14. Diana, if you look on the very front page of the pdn, there is normally a portion that corrects a news article when the pdn is notified of their mistake. Did you write to the pdn to inform them of their mistake? But that's just an opinionated article on the neo way. It doesn't deal with government records or public documents that affect the island.

    15. Dear Anonymous at 1:55 pm,

      It does not matter if the article is a opinion or not. It is still an error.

    16. 7:02 PM What he's doing wrong??? turning the Guam people against their own bishop, for What property, Rohr just leave the people alone

  3. If it is an error, it needs to be corrected. If the error was made in public, the correction should be done in public. It does not matter what others will say, you have to make it RIGHT and not just correct.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:10 am,

      Thanks to the mockery of the jungle, the correction was already made public. Mr. Bob Klitize already made it known through the media. I do not believe in re-inventing the wheel.