Thursday, March 17, 2016

Neocatechumenal Way Ministry

MARSHALL -- Neocatechumenal Way Ministry will begin a series of talks Monday, March 14, at 7 p.m. at Holy Family Parish in Marshall.
Neocatechumenal Way Ministry is a team of missionaries who give a series of talks on the Catholic faith. The program will include talks/catechesis every Monday and Thursday through May 5.
"Catechesis" is a proclamation of the Good News of Christ to the people, not just as lectures but also as an experience of the significance of what it means to be a Christian in today's times.
According to Fr. Jorge Miramontes, pastor of Holy Family Parish, the program will be a chance to focus on our lives. He said, "Sometimes, maybe many times, when we wake up in the morning, we are face to face with the struggles and difficulties of our lives. Maybe it is the crisis of a confrontation at work or a lingering wound in the relationship with our spouse or our children.
"Life seems to continually present itself to us as a battle. In front of this life situation, we often don't understand what God is doing in our lives and we look for answers to our deepest questions: What really is the purpose and meaning of my life? Why is God allowing these events to happen to me? Why is getting up each day so fearful for me? How does Jesus Christ fit into these events? In fact, who is this Jesus Christ for me anyway?"
It is Father Miramontes' hope that all of this may point each of us to an awareness that perhaps a deeper encounter with our Catholic faith would provide a hope that our life could truly be lived in a new level of peace and joy without fear and trepidation.
He said, "If you see yourself in this battle, or if you know someone close to you who has left the Church or has a struggle with being a Catholic in today's culture, we are happy to be able to offer our parish a most unique experience of faith."
He recognizes that most of us have been baptized as infants; and while we may have followed some program of religious education, the challenges of our secularized times present us with a real need of an adult formation in the faith.
He noted, "The catechesis within this program follows an itinerary of faith that addresses the fundamental questions and issues of our desire to live as a Christian in today's world."
The program is designed for all adults and young people, 12 years and older -- including those not currently part of the Catholic Church. People throughout the diocese are welcome to come. Staff indicate that people should try to catch as many of the sessions as they can during the eight weeks of the program.
Father Miramontes added, "Perhaps this is an occasion for you to take a faith risk and reach out to that person in your life who has left the faith and invite them and accompany them to the catechesis."



  2. Looks like it is against the law to push for a particular title procedure by an uninterested person. Interested persons are those who are somehow related to the property. JW has absolutely no business with the RMS property, therefore cannot be called interested. A sour lesson to Bob Klitzkie who was pushed by handler Rohr into something that is not according to existing law.

    Frustration is growing as JW is splitting along different views of best and stupidest strategy. They blame the "smart guy" at the blog for the apparent failure to attain the set goal of bringing down the archdiocese. Rohr is so desperate he copies and pastes a letter he stole or exerted from Bob Klitzkie that was not written to him. The letter was sent by Michael Borja to Bob Klitzkie and not to Rohr! How did it end up on the pages of JW?

    Rohr is so desperate he copied and pasted the letter 3 times in the same post! That's right. 3 times on one page! This is how he manipulates documents making an impression that he managed to steal 3 different documents while it is only one and the same letter copied and pasted 3 times! Rohr is showing his true color finally, how he steals and manipulates documents that he might get into his dirty hands.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:42 pm,

      I do not think Tim Rohr stole the letter that was sent to Bob Klitzkie. Most likely, it was Bob Klitzkie who sent the letter to Tim Rohr so he would publish it in his blog. Rohr is only looking at little details in the letter that he could use to manipulate his readers. In fact, Tim Rohr is already making the following accusation:

      "First, Finney's use of 21 GCA 29160 to fix the error is in conflict with her boss, THEE Attorney General, Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson, who, as we have seen in Michael Borja's letter of 20 January 2016, advised that the problem be corrected via subsection 29195 which requires a court proceeding."

      What makes Tim so sure that Attorney Finny was going against her boss? Did it never cross Tim's mind that Finny may have proposed her idea to the Attorney General. Is it possible that the Attorney General may have agreed to it and settled the matter in a smoother way without violating any laws.

    2. The fact is that the Archdiocese, through the Vicar-General made a big song and dance about how the title certificate confirmed the ownership of the property, not only by publishing in the Uma Tuna but also by sending the same information out into the general secular media.

      We now know that the certificate upon which they relied to make that claim was at best in error, and at worst, a deliberate attempt to deceive.

      Where is the corresponding action by the Archdiocese to remedy this incorrect argument? Where is the apology from the Archdiocese and in particular from the Vicar General? Where is the corresponding notice sent to the secular media to explain that an error was made (at best)?

      There has been and insufficient response - from which one can only conclude that the Archdiocese and the VC are only sorry about one thing. That they were caught!

    3. Dear Anonymous at 4:23 pm,

      The intention of the Archdiocese is to show who owns the property. You prefer to only look at an absent Declaration of Deed Restriction in the memorial. And even with it correct, you still focus on the error. The error was never the problem for you or anyone in the jungle. The real cause of their frustration is the "ownership." It is a fact that the Archdiocese of Agana owns the RMS property, and this was settled by the Department of Land Management along with the Office of the Attorney General. In other words, these two agencies have ruled in favor the Archbishop. This is the real cause of your anger and frustration.

    4. Yes, it is worth focusing on the "error". Why was the memorial missing from the title certificate? That's the question. You will have to forgive those of us who have become cynical and who believe that it was deliberately omitted to avoid having to explain it - and that omission was useful for the argument that the Archdiocese ran with - ie that the ownership of the property is clear and unambiguous. The truth is far less clear than they would have you believe.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 4:41 pm,

      It is not worth focusing on because human mistakes can happen. The only reason you are focusing on it is because you can no longer cope with the fact that you were wrong about the ownership. This time it was the Department of Land Management and the Office of the Attorney General who has ruled that the ownership of the RMS property is the Archdiocese of Agana. This time, the truth is coming from two secular agencies.

    6. "It is not worth focusing on because human mistakes can happen"

      Are you able to articulate who you believe made the human mistakes?

    7. Dear Anonymous at 6:39 pm,

      Are you able to understand that regardless of whether the Declaration of Deed Restriction was in the memorial or not....that still does not change the ownership of the property. Therefore, you are making a big deal out of a very minor thing. The Department of Land Management and the Office of Attorney General have ruled who owns the RMS property.....and that was one of the main contentions in the first place. After all, the jungle, LFM and CCOG was always claiming that the Archbishop gave away the RMS property.