Friday, November 13, 2015

Something To Ask Yourself

During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was asked if God was on his side. His answer was:  "Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side.  My greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right."  

This is one of the most important thing about religion ever said by an American president.  Many people (including politicians) want to claim that God is on their side.  When people are sure they are right, they confidently say that God agrees with them.  But Lincoln was correct.  The most difficult and essential question is to ask ourselves if we are on God's side.  That often means changing our minds and hearts and taking on a new perspective.  The Church calls this "conversion."    

History has shown that people have done despicable deeds while boldly claiming that God was on their side.  Being a Christian does not guarantee that God is "on our side."  The biblical passage "Not everyone who says 'Lord, Lord shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven'" (Matthew 7:21) is evidence of that.  God is on the side of those who are on His side - who knows His heart and mind and His will - not those who insist on convincing God, the Vatican, and others that their way is right.  It is dangerous to mistake our wishes as God's will. 


  1. Very good post, dear Diana!

    I can see jungle folks cringing in shame and anger because they are being exposed. Too bad they are not seeking God's side, but try to force God to come to their side! But how could these people give command to God? Is this not the other way around? Is this not God who gives command to us?!

    1. "Judge not lest the be judged."
      "Ellen B. or Eilleen Benavente- Bles"

    2. Dear Eilleen,

      What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you. (1 Corithians 5:12-13).

      The biblical verse above means that one can judge those in the Church for the purpose of correcting them. The OP was meant to correct those in the Church.

  2. "If God is for us. who can be against us"

    St Paul, Romans chapter 8.

    He was a baddy

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:02 pm,

      My OP states: "That often means changing our minds and hearts and taking on a new perspective. The Church calls this "conversion."

      The Apostle Paul was converted. Do you not remember that his conversion happened on the way to Damascas? After that, he stopped persecuting Christians.

    2. It was adfter his conversion that he wrote: "If God is for us. who can be against us"

    3. Dear Anonymous at 9:49 pm,

      Right before that verse, he wrote: "we are well aware that God works with those who loves Him..."

      God is on the side of those who are in His side. St. Paul was on God's side. Are you saying that he was not on God's side?

  3. Are you saying that just because I don't believe like you do in the Way that I'm not on God's side? I'm not trying to convince the Vatican of anything I simply don't agree with what you all do. How could that possibly mean that I'm not on God's side?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 5:44 am,

      My post was aimed at those who want to remove the Archbishop and destroy the NCW or drive them out of the Catholic Church and shut down the RM seminary. It is aimed at those who have been writing letters constantly to the Vatican and going to whatever cost to try and remove the Archbishop from office even if it means to invent stories of sexual molestation charges.

    2. my dear Diana November 14, 2015 at 7:10 AM

      your reply to Anonymous November 14, 2015 at 5:44 AM, is a very weak statement, would YOU be as supportive if the shoe was on the other foot, I THINK NOT, brother tony is only benefiting the ncw, he is NOT a shepherd for the island as a WHOLE, but for a select FEW, and to the neo community he is JUST brother tony....

      Jesus did not commit, condone or permit harassment and bullying.
      He actually was a victim of these behaviors because he confronted religious bullies.
      Do we do likewise?

      What harassment and bullying do we tolerate in the church? Why?

      How do we enable or contribute to such behaviors?
      What will we do to reject harassment and bullying in the church?

      Do we avoid exposing and rejecting abuses or supporting victims so as to maintain our stature, esteem or favorite ministerial duties within the church?

    3. Dear Anonymous at 7:52 am,

      These are the facts:

      1. The Archbishop removed Father Paul from the Dededo Parish for disobedience. However, he never defrocked him. Father Paul is allowed to perform Mass.

      2. The Archbishop has personally apologized to Father Paul when he made an unjust remark about him. So, what bullying and harassment has he done?

      3. The Archbishop removed Monsignor James from the Cathedral and from handling any finances due to financial mismanagement. He did not defrock him. Monsignor James can still perform Mass. So, what bullying and harassment has he done?

      4. Invitations were sent out to ALL priests to attend the ordination. It was the "non-Neo" priests who CHOSE not to attend the ordination.

      5. It was made known to ALL priests and religious about the Archbishop's birthday celebration. Again it was the CHOICE of the non-neo priests who chose not to attend. The younger and new Capuchin brothers of the Archbishop were there because of their own choice to attend.

      The Archbishop has the authority to remove these men from their positions, and he already stated his reasons for their removal. On the other hand, this is what I see from those who oppose the Archbishop and the NCW:

      1. Some parishioners in Yona signed a petition banning the NCW from their parish.

      2. Eileen Benavente, Tommy Tanaka, Tim Rohr including some anonymous in the jungle have openly expressed kicking out the NCW from the Catholic Church.

      3. The jungle has encouraged others not to give donations to what they call NCW Church or even attend an NCW Church.

      4. John Toves consistently phoned the Archbishop rather than take him to court himself. If he actually believes in the sexual molestation charge that he is accusing the Archbishop, he should simply take him to court over it rather than constantly phone him. To constantly phone someone is bullying and harassment.

      5. The Archbishop's tires have been slashed a couple of times.

      6. Protesters protested his birthday party at the Gala dinner in the attempt to deprive him any joy in celebrating his own birthday.

      7. The priests who are not walking made the choice to stay away despite his invitations to join him in an ordination. It was their choice.

      8. Stories were made up trying to discredit the NCW and the Archbishop. The NCW was blamed for Father Paul's removal is only one example.

      And for your information, we do not call the Archbishop "Brother Tony." Certainly no one in my community calls him that. And whenever I write about the Archbishop on my blog, you should have already noticed that I have never called him "Brother Tony." I have always called him either the Archbishop or Archbishop Apuron.

    4. RIGHT----- ON----- DIANA!!!!

    5. Diana,
      According to the archbishop, the archdiocese of Agaña is a "poor mission diocese" and has been so for the past 30 years or it could not qualify for Catholic Extension funds. According to their website:
      "Catholic Extension uniquely contributes to the growth and vibrancy of the Church in the U.S. by strategically investing in POOR MISSION DIOCESES to unleash the power of faith that transforms hearts, lives and society."
      As a "poor mission diocese" how are religious expected to afford a $200 ticket to attend the archbishop's birthday gala?
      "Ellen B. or Eilleen Benavente- Bles"

    6. Dear Ellen,

      Are we still back to that Birthday Gala dinner again????

  4. Dear Diana,
    Can't answer my question can you?
    "Ellen B. or Eilleen Benavente- Bles"

    1. Dear Ellen,

      I will answer your comment in an entry post. You have been deviating from the original OP.