Friday, November 27, 2015

Dehumanizing A Person

The following comment was published under the thread in my previous post: 

Um, "Diana" is a pseudonym, so there is no "human identity". It could be a he, a she, a group of people, or an artificial (un)intelligence.

Also, its pretty easy to know who wrote a comment if they have cookies enabled and they are using the same device to make the comment. You can identify them no matter where they are.
Those who have read the jungle should already know that Tim Rohr has dehumanized me by calling me "The Thing."  See the weblink here and here.  As a result, many of the junglefolks followed Rohr without thinking or even questioning him. 
According to, "pseudonym" is defined as (the bold is mine): 
a fictitious name used by an author to conceal his or her identity; pen name
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined the same word as (bold is mine): 
a name that someone (such as a writer) uses instead of his or her real name 
Both dictionaries indicate that a "pseudonym" is a PERSON.....a human person.  This only goes to show how delusional Tim Rohr is, thinking that the person writing the comments and entry posts behind the computer screen is not human.  To make matters worse, he has managed to brainwash his followers in doing the same thing.  Dehumanizing a person is done to make it easier for others to abuse, humiliate, persecute, and eventually even kill the person.  This was done with unborn babies and with African Americans.  It was done by all those who practiced slavery, mass murder, and genocide.  

The fact that Tim has reduced me to an object "The Thing" only goes to show that he is not dealing with reality.  What "sane" person does not know that objects are incapable of using pseudonyms.  Writers and authors are known to use pseudonyms, so what "sane" person actually think that writers and authors are NOT human?  Who says that a person has to reveal his/her name in order to be considered "human"?  This is the same mentality of those who kill the unborn child.  Those who support pro-choice dictate when human life begins.  In the same way, Tim Rohr has already dictated who is human and who is not simply by whether they use a pseudonym or their real name.       


  1. Hello Diana, the only dehumanizers are you responsibles in the way. You have torn down too many people with your unkind words and actions. Your responsibles and scrutinies have broken up families to build your communities. You hide behind a false name because you cannot stand up for your beliefs. Besides sweetie, your writing style changes so drastically; you cannot be just one person. Others who use a pen name to protect their interest have not changed as much as you have. Your responsibles have been the real persecutors.

    1. Dear ANONYMOUS at 6:32 am,

      You say this while you chose to remain anonymous yourself........says more about you than it does me. ;-). There is not one evidence of what you say? The NCW have built families. Some of our families here have ten or more children, and some of them are missionaries.

      You only believe that I am more than one person because you were brainwash into believing it just like you were brainwash into thinking that a pseudonym is also a nonhuman. If you were capable of thinking on your own, you would have learned to use a dictionary rather than believing everything that was fed to you.

  2. My comment doesn't have to do with the post but it is simply today's news: the Holy Father has appointed Fr. Hector Vila (formed in the Redemptiris Mater Seminary of Rome, ordained by Saint John Paul pope, and has been the rector of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary of Toronto) as sixth bishop of the diocese of Whitehorse. Let us rejoice and pray for him.
    Some folks might also want to guess how the Pope feels about formation in the RM seminaries... in case it hasn't been clear enough till now (oh but it has).

    1. 8.18am. Fr. Vila did not sell the diocese of Whitehorse or will not sell diocese of Whitehorse to the NCW. The Problem here is Archbishop sold the diocese to the movement allowing them control. I Doub't very much bishop elect Vila will insist everybody he ordains will be NCW. It is a question of balance. No one is saying NCW cannot exist. It is not for everyone. But everyone has to be a part of the church. Archbishop Apiron divided the church that's the Pronlem. I believe NCW and parishes can work side by side but not with a bishop who is not just with those who don't agree with him. This is the issue not NCW.

    2. The issue is that we in the NCW are your sisters and brothers, but you want to expel us from your parish.

      It is like throwing out your family members from the family house, because you claim it all to yourself. "All is mine, all is mine", you keep murmuring. You want to get rid of your siblings, you loath and hate your own family, because you are selfish and egotist to the core. You don't even notice how malignant and ugly you became, because Jesus is not in your heart. It is the devil who made you blind, my brother!

      Your selfishness is a very serious issue that cannot be swept under the carpet.

    3. 11:29 am
      Your opinion does not reflect the accusations leveled against RMS Guam and the priests it has formed.
      And no, Archbishop Apuron did not sell the diocese. He accepted an off island donation to purchase a building way under its market price for the specific purpose of housing a seminary and a theological institute which benefits from vocations from NCW communities and the Christian formation of the NCW.
      I'm glad you don't have a problem with that, while I'm sad that many others do. I just wanted to indicate, in light also of this most recent appointment, that the Holy Father also doesn't think that RMS formation is bad or that those seminaries form "neo-priests".

  3. I have trouble with the NCW declaring that non-Neo family and friends are idols. A friend in the way was chastised for caring for her elderly mother and told her mother was an idol for taking so much of her time away from the NCW. Is a Neo to ignore the needs of an elderly sick parent who is not Neo? I hope this is only a misunderstanding and not Neo teaching as it goes against the 4th commandment.


  4. My thinking is NCW and non NCW should live and work together . I am not NCW because I don't have the time to give to the way. I am a a friend of the way. Jesus still lives in my heart.

    1. Thank you, anon, this is a nice way to have conversation when Jesus lives in our hearts. I pray that He would be there to guide us and lead us in the hearts of everyone.

  5. Diana,
    Please define "catechist" and "responsible" as used in the NCW and qualifications and duties of both positions.
    Thank you!

    1. LOL :) R u creating "The Dictionary of Neocatechumenal Way" ?

      Pax et bonum!

  6. Here is a call for violence from the jungle:

    "James 007 November 29, 2015 at 9:23 AM
    All those signs need to be torn down and a bonfire set to cleanse the island of this evil doctrine."

    He is talking about the posters at the St. Antony Church in Tamuning. This is exactly the game of these fake Nazis who claim to be "true Catholics". Lol. They dehumanize people, incite anger, hatred using the most obnoxious language. Then, they go for direct violence.

    Sweet Lord! How will this end? Should somebody die because these jackals just cannot hold themselves back?!

    1. Dear Anonymous at 5:36 pm,

      Tearing down the signs is wrong. There is nothing illegal about putting up a sign inviting people to the Way. It is an open invitation. They can come if they want. If they do not want to come, that is their choice.