Sunday, November 15, 2015

Misleading the Readers

On November 14th, Tim Rohr posted the following photo with the title "Might as well start selling indulgences" on his blog: 

The title and photo of his blog misled SOME readers into believing that it was the Archbishop who placed the sign and collection box up.  However, some people who knew the sign had been there for a long time even when Monsignor James was there finally spoke up.  Under that thread, Tim Rohr made the following statement (the bold is mine): 
Correct.  It's not new.  And if Msgr. James had put up the same sign there wouldn't have been anyone who gave it a second thought.  The sign is not the issue. 

Of course, the sign is not the issue because some people recognized that the same sign was there during Monsignor James' time at the Cathedral. Therefore, Tim said that the 20 million dollars debt was the real issue. According to Tim Rohr (bold is mine): 
Yes. And it was not a problem. I posted this because I want people to think about why it is now a problem. 
The archdiocese is 20 million in debt. The VG Is shaking down the insurers. Apuron just hit up "let the babies die Lou" for nearly another million bucks. and while the cathedral begs for dollars he hands over a mega million dollar asset and wings off to Colombia for some fun and frolic with his boytoys. 
That 20 million dollar debt is NOT new.  In fact, that debt goes back to the time when the former finance council was still there. In January, 2015, Tim Rohr wrote (bold is mine):  
$20 million is the figure estimated by the former AFC.  Note that the remainder of the debt incurred by the renovation of the Cathedral and the Cemeteries, a project overseen by Msgr. James, is only 1.7 million.

That 1.7 million incurred by Monsignor James was later increased to 7 million dollars on July 31, 2015.  According to Tim:  
The Archdiocese is 20 Million dollars in debt which means that even if Apuron can blame 7 million dollars of that debt on Msgr. James, the remaining 13 Million is all on Apuron.   The truth is of course that even the 7 million dollars that Msgr. James was tasked with paying back was actually Apuron's loan, not Msgr. James', for the simple reason that Msgr. James has no authority to sign for a loan.

Furthermore, Tim Rohr stated:  "And if Msgr. James had put up the same sign there wouldn't have been anyone who gave it a second thought." Why did he make this statement especially when he already admitted back in February 1st that the collection box to charge the tourists $1.00 was his idea????  According to Tim's statement in February 1st:  
The idea for the collection box for the visitors at the Cathedral originated with me.  

A collection box charging the tourists was placed at the entrance of the Cathedral, and some people were blaming the Archbishop and Monsignor David for putting it there.  Some commenters came out and said that it was Monsignor James who put it there.  But Tim Rohr admitted in his blog that he was the one responsible for the collection box.  It was his idea.  

The question is why make an entry post with the photo of the collection box and a title that misled readers into thinking that the Cathedral is so much in debt that they are NOW RESORTING to charging $1.00 from the visiting tourists?    


Now, this is getting lovely.  This was published in the jungle under the thread "Might as well start selling indulgences" (the bold is mine): 

Was the donation box your idea in the first place Mr. Rohr? One that maybe you pitched to Msgr. Benavente?

  1. LOL. Stupid. The sign is in the cathedral, not the gift shop - or at least that's where it was when I was still there over 2 years ago. And my job was only to manage purchases. The cathedral had a policy which charged tourists $1 to use the bathroom, and even that was a policy I opposed. LOL. Thanks for that. Shows me your side has NOTHING. But then we know that. LOL.

Mr. Rohr stated on November 15, 2015 at 9:57 am that the cathedral had a policy which charged tourists $1.00 to use the bathroom, and that he was OPPOSED to this policy.  However, on February 1, 2015, this is what Mr. Rohr wrote in his blog:  

The idea for the collection box for the visitors at the Cathedral originated with me. When I became affiliated with the Gift Shop in 2009, I became aware of the problem of "bathrooms". The Plaza de Espana and the Cathedral was a major tourist stop and sometimes there would be several buses of tourists frequenting these locations..............

However, I know how important having access to a restroom is when you're on a bus tour, so I proposed "the ministry of the bathroom".   It worked like this:

  • A flyer was made in Japanese with a map to the bathroom.
  • A key would be provided.
  • A dollar would be charged to cover maintenance.
  • Some form of ID would be left at the Gift Shop counter.
  • The ID would be returned when the key was returned.
  • The maintenance person would be made aware of the use of the bathroom and would continually check it to make sure there were always enough paper supplies and that the bathrooms would be clean throughout the day. 

Obviously all this took time. The cashier at the store often had to interrupt a sale in order to process the request for the key, a request which could occur several times with the sudden presence of 30 to 40 tourists. And the maintenance and the paper supplies would require the maintenance person to service the restrooms several times a day. 

We tried this for awhile but it really did become a burden. At the same time there was a need to police the tourists inside the cathedral. Tourists would often go up on the sanctuary to have their pictures taken. Security cameras inside the Cathedral would alert which ever staff was on duty and one of the staff would have to stop doing what they were doing to go and ask the tourists to stay off the sanctuary. (The tour guides were supposed to do this but usually they did not.)

To fund the extra costs of running a public restroom for several busloads of tourists on a daily basis and to assist with the costs of constantly monitoring the activities of the tourists in the cathedral, it was decided that it would be easier to set up a donation box at the entrance of the Cathedral rather than task the Gift Shop employees with having to charge $1.00 every time they were asked about a bathroom.

As anyone can see, Tim Rohr stated today in his blog that he OPPOSED the $1.00 fee to use the bathroom.  Yet, nine months ago, he admitted in his blog that he was the one who proposed the $1.00 fee to use of the bathroom.  This is very deceptive.    


  1. How about the archbishop stealing who-knows-how-much money from Catholic Extension by claiming that Guam is a "mission diocese"? Catholic extension supports "mission dioceses" in order for them to help "marginalized communities" in their diocese. Explain how Guam is a mission diocese when "faithful Catholics" and RMS-trained presbyters go off-island on a "mission." How can Guam be a "mission diocese" and yet send others out on a mission?
    Yes, I will ask the archbishop about this. Wonder if he will meet with me?
    "Ellen B. or Eilleen Benavente- Bles"

    1. Dear Ellen B. or Eileen Benavente-Blas or whatever your name is,

      Don't you think you should do your research first before you make any unfounded accusation? You can start by looking at the financial report of Catholics Extension, which is printed on their website:

      After that, I highly recommend that you read this next weblink below:

    2. Dear Ellen or Eilleen Benevente Blas,
      Seems to me that you are deflecting. Stay the course. Hope this shines a bright light on the wishy washy tactics of Rohr. Good luck on the church that you will be building up with your Pope Rohr, Bishop Chuck, Deacon Jose, Sister Mary Lou and Sister Janet and lastly your Phd Annie.
      After all this is done, we are after all loving and forgiving and we encourage all Catholics to Come Home.

      -Jokers Wild

    3. Jokers Wild that's a Good One

  2. Same old names all time. Rohr, chuck, Mary Lou, Janet, Annie, blockley.
    In seconds of a post be sure One of these names will comment.
    Guess there paid to comment of Rohr's blog.
    $20 per comment they leave signed.
    $10 when they sign Anon.
    Same group feeding blog morning noon night.

  3. My question is "How is the archdiocese of Agaña a " mission diocese"? Can you answer that question? The archbishop takes numerous off-island trips. Can a " mission diocese" afford the expense of such travel? Guam has been a predominately Catholic island for over 200 hundred years. A "mission diocese" does not send out priests and individuals out on a "mission."
    "Ellen B. or Eilleen Benavente- Bles"

  4. Dear Jokers Wild,
    We faithful Catholics have our churches built already. We are protecting them from the likes of you.
    Come home to what? Yes, you may indeed be successful in making the entire archdiocese into a Neo stronghold. We faithful Catholics are in our home island where our ancestors built the Catholic Church which you aim to destroy.
    You, Jokers Wild, are a parasite. Build your own churches on Guam within the archdiocese of Agaña. We built our churches generations ago. Build your own.
    "Ellen B. or Eilleen Benavente- Bles"

    1. Dear Ellen,

      You stated: "We faithful Catholics are in our home island where our ancestors built the Catholic Church which you aim to destroy."

      The NCW is in a Church built and founded by Christ. We have nothing to do with any church built by your ancestors.

    2. Really? What are neos doing in Barrigada's Catholic Church? You have infiltrated our church buildings. You are parasites. You can build a physical church building that is part of the archdiocese. The Santa Bernadita Chapel is now part of the village of Yigo with Our Lady of Lourdes Church. It was built by parishioners who felt there was a need for it. Build your own church buildings as part of the archdiocese of Agaña. What's so hard about that? That's what each village did generations ago so that each village has a village church and a patron saint.
      Build your own church building. Ask the archbishop to donate his Adacao house for such a purpose. Call it the " Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron Chapel of the Neocatechumenal
      Way." That would please him to no end and what a legacy to leave behind when he retires and settles in the Holy Land at Domus Galilaeae.
      "Ellen B. or Eilleen Benavente- Bles"

    3. Dear Ellen,

      The NCW in Barrigada Catholic Church do not need to build a church building because the NCW in Barrigada are Barrigada parishioners. Simple as that. The NCW is not separate from the Parish. According to the approved Statutes:

      " The Neocatechumenate, being an itinerary of rediscovery of Christian initiation, is
      usually implemented in the parish, “the usual place in which one is born and grows in the faith”,12 the privileged location in which the Church, mother and teacher, brings the children of
      God to birth in the baptismal font and “gestates” them to new life.13

      If you have a problem with what is stated in the approved Statutes, then write a letter of complaint to the Vatican.

    4. Dear Ellen or Eileen Benavente Blas,

      You can have your churches, atleast the ones you are referring to because the God that I believe in says, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in their midst."
      Your "church" is built with cement and wood whereas mine is built upon Jesus Christ. As I invited you earlier, Come Home!
      Your brain has been washed with the mud of Rohr. Dont you see? Its okay, we are all blind in a sense but Jesus can heal that with a little spit and mud.
      You need to go beyond as Pope Francis has invited us to do. You need to realize that Guam has always been considered a "mission diocese" since the day San Vitores set foot on Guam. Why do you think he was here? vacation? site-seeing? Nope! He was on Mission from Spain. For a long time we were also under the care of one of the Diocese of California it was either San Fran or San Diego, I can confirm later if you so wish.
      We remain a Mission Diocese to this day and because of this, we have reaped the blessing from many institutions/organizations that seek to assist mission diocese. Many of our parishes were built with funding from such groups.
      The Jesuits and Capuchins led the building of many of the parishes and yes many villagers helped along but this spirit is long gone and it is not because of the Neo that it has disappeared neither is it because of the Archbishop.
      Thank you for claiming yourself to be a "faithful Catholic', with that statement you are saying I am "unfaithful" and it is true. Everyday I ask God to give me faith.
      Come Home Ellen! Come Home Eileen Benavente Blas!

      -Jokers Wild

    5. Jokers Wild,
      How is Guam a "mission diocese" if the archbishop sends RMS-trained presbyters out to the world at-large "on mission"? This means we have no "mission" work for them to do on Guam.
      I make no judgment about whether you are an unfaithful Catholic. I can only comment on my own faith. Your faith is your own business.
      "Ellen B. or Eilleen Benavente- Bles"

    6. "The NCW is not separate from the Parish. According to the approved Statutes"

      How convenient to quote your Statutes, even though you don't follow them. When asked where in your Statutes is your permission to vary the Liturgical practises, after much pushing, you will eventually refer to an allegedly secret and private conversation supposedly occurring between Kiko and Pope Benedict.

      It just goes to show that your Statutes are useless, and any justification you make on appeal to your Statutes is hollow.

      Besides, we all know that the NCW divides (and intends to divide) the parish.

    7. Dear Anonymous at 11:32 am,

      What you call useless was approved by the Vatican. And I will say again that we have permission from the Pope to celebratep our Eucharist the way we do. It is not my problem that you do not believe us. Of course, you can always write a letter of complaint to Rome. You can even fly to Rome if you want.

  5. Any hardcore junglefolks out there have the courage to challenge Tim on the $1.00 contradiction? Bet he would be telling you off.

    1. If it true about new unbearable loans for CB. That is of more concern than 1.09 to go to rest room.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 11:42 am,

      It appears that a junglefolk relayed my entry post to Tim. Did you see the lovely spin he is now trying to make in order to get himself out of his obvious contradiction? :-)

  6. Tom Rohr and the Junglewatch is showing their true colors when they target fellow Catholics, accuse them by heresy and claim their expulsion from the parishes. He is even quoting Aquinas on the Neocatechumenal Way saying we deserve "not only to be separated from the Church, but also to be eliminated from the world by death." Yes, death, Tim says. Well, this is one very sick person in deep desperation on the sidelines invoking this retarded language.

    It is no accident that radicals are using the language and borrow tactics, among others, from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). This organization aims to eliminate religion from America. They penetrate religious denominations to cause disruption and controversy from inside. They love to refer to "freedom of speech", a fundament of ACLU even against faith and church teachings.

    They forget that freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution in the political arena. However, speaking against the tenets of a religion contradicts professing the same religion. This controversy of contradiction to our faith is exactly what ACLU tries to incite inside Christianity, including Catholics, in order to rot them from inside. This controversy is exactly what the defining feature of local radicals gathering around the demagogue of JungleWatch is, when they make charges of heresy against their sisters and brothers in Christ.

    In fact, they just follow an obvious anti-Catholic script devised and promoted by ACLU for the exclusive use of anti-church radicals against their own church.

  7. Diana, is it true that NCW leadership has called for not using the Internet? To whom is this prohibition directed?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:38 am,

      I have heard Father Pius tell us not to use the Internet in a bad way. I also heard him tell us to stop texting the brothers. Hearing the human voice is always better than texting.

  8. Rohr should read more of what Pope is saying : Pope’s Morning Mass: “Lord, Keep Me From Pretending to Be a Christian”