Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Jubilee Mass

We were very happy to attend the Jubilee Mass at the Cathedral.  There were a lot of people there.  The Church was filled.  We got there early so we could easily find seats toward the front where it is better to see.  We managed to obtain one of the program sheets so we can follow along.

The presentation of the candles was very beautiful.  A representative from each parish came up as their parish was called and presented a candle in front of the statue of Blessed Diego.  It was a very beautiful ceremony. 

After the Liturgy of the Word, the universal prayer was read.  It turned out that it was said in different languages.  How appropriate for the universal Church.  The first was read by Sharon O'Mallan in English.  The next prayer was read by June Ungacta in Chamorro.  Then people of different nationalities read the prayer in their native tongue.  Sister Victoria Cambronero read a prayer in Tagalog.  Marutza Atienza read in Spanish.  Prayers were also read in Korean, Chuukese, Vietnamese and Pohnpeian.  Both English and Chamorro songs were also sung. 

The Jubilee prayer was also done very beautifully.  The Archbishop started the first part of the prayer.  The youth read the second part.  Then the clergy read the third part.  The consecrated religious read the fourth part.  Families read the fifth part, and the last part was read by everyone together. 


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