Monday, October 26, 2015

Not This Again.....

An anonymous commenter made the following comment: 

Diana, Tim is asking for the document showing that RMS is a corporation sole.

This is my response: 

I had already given my answer.  The fact that Tim does not like my answer is not my problem.  In the first place, Tim is denying the facts.  First of all, Tim 
thinks that St. John's seminary is not a corporation.  According to Tim Rohr:

As for St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, it is a school, and like most schools it has a school board. But it does not have a corporate board of directors because it is not a corporation. It remains the property of the Archbishop of Los Angeles, who is a corporation sole.

St John's Seminary
System, Governing Board or Corporate Structure
Institution is NOT part of a system or corporate entity

The truth is St. John's Seminary IS a corporation.  It is NOT PART of a corporate entity.....that is true.....but it is a corporation.  According to the weblink below (the bold is mine): 

St. John's Seminary In California is a California Domestic Corporation filed on May 20, 1940. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is C0183931.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Randolph E. Steiner and is located at Archdiocese Of Los Angeles 3424 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90010. The company's principal address is 5012 Seminary Road, Camarillo, CA 93012.

The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Jose Horacio Gomez from Los Angeles CA.

Jose Horacio Gomez, the principal, is also the Archbishop of Los Angeles and the corporate sole.  Tim Rohr is also incorrect when he said that St. John Seminary has a school board.  It has a board of directors with five officers, 16 regular members, three observers from the faculty and student body, and one nonvoting ex officio member from the archdiocesan office.  The Archbishop of Los Angeles is corporate sole of the seminary, making the seminary a corporation sole just as the article I provided previously stated.   

Because Tim Rohr mistakenly believed that St. John's Seminary is NOT a corporation (when it is actually a domestic corporation) he concluded that the seminary remains the property of the Archbishop of Los Angeles, the corporate sole. According to Tim Rohr:  But it does not have a corporate board of directors because it is not a corporation. It remains the property of the Archbishop of Los Angeles, who is a corporation sole. 

Now, that we know that Mr. Rohr made the mistake of labeling St. John's Seminary, let us follow his logic.  St. John's seminary has a corporate board of directors because it is a domestic corporation, it remains the property of the Archbishop of Los Angeles, who is a corporate sole and thereby making the St. John's seminary a corporation sole.  In the same way, RMS has a corporate board of directors because it is a nonprofit corporation, it remains the property of the Archbishop of Agana, who is a corporate sole and thereby making RMS a corporation sole.   


  1. First, Tim said that a corporation sole don't have a board of directors. He was proven wrong when Diana posted about St. John's Seminary. So, he invented a story saying that the seminary is not a corporation. The website he provided as evidence didnt substantiate his claim. It only said that the seminary is not part of a corporate entity. Now Diana substantiates that the seminary is a corporation. I can already see Tim inventing another story.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 11:02 am,

      I also see him backtracking by inventing another story. The evidence I cited showed that it was filed as a corporation and it is a called a "company". By the way, St. John's Seminary is also nonprofit.. It says so in the weblink that Tim Rohr provided. Very similar to RMS.

  2. Any jungle folks out there gonna correct wannabe bishop Tim that St. John's seminary has been filed as a corporation since 1940?

  3. Really guys...they have a legit legal opinion. You guys have google and dictionary. Guam law is what matters; what you all say doesn't. Speak to the legal opinion from an attorney licensed to practice law in Guam. What do you have? Lack of knowledge, Internet and a dictionary? LMAO

    1. Let me guess. Tim got the info about St. John's seminary NOT being a corporation from a legit legal opinion. IMAO!!!

    2. Tim's concern is not so much with the St John's Seminary but with the RMS. You are just using the St John's thing as a red herring. Why not simply do as he suggested and prove him wrong with the documentary evidence relating to the RMS?

    3. Dear Anonymous at 3:01 pm,

      It is very hypocritical of you to ask for a document in light of Tim's lies. When are you going to hold Tim accountable for his lies. He lied to you when he said that a corporation sole has no board of directors. He lied again when he said that the St. John's seminary is not a corporation. And here you are asking for a document showing that RMS is a corporation sole? My dear, you and Tim Rohr cannot recognize a corporation sole even if you saw one.

    4. Tim Rohr is a document hoarder. A full 10 on the freak-o-meter, if you see what I mean. LOL!

    5. Dear Diana, actually, you prove yourself a liar. Some time ago when this came up you posted a link and a quote from Wikipedia which went like this:

      "In contrast to a corporation sole, a corporation aggregate consists of two or more persons, typically run by a board of directors. Another difference is that corporations aggregate may have owners or stockholders, neither of which are a feature of a corporation sole."

      At the time I posted this:


      "A corporation sole can legally engage in any activities that any other non-profit corporation legally can. Corporation sole statutes, having come about largely because of the influence of the Roman Catholic Church, specifically reserve the office of corporation sole to Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals, and other heads of church dioceses. A corporation sole is legally classified by all states that legally recognize them as non-profit corporations. For all practical purposes, the only difference between a corporation sole and a corporation aggregate is that the corporation sole doesn't have a board of directors -- it only has one ("sole") officer."

      I also said this, which got no reply from you:

      "the RMS is not a corporate sole, is it? Rather, it is an incorporated not-for-profit with a board of directors. In other words, it is a "corporation aggregate". Its sole member is the current Archbishop, and although his office is constituted as a corporate sole, this has no bearing on the incorporation of the RMS."

      I bet you don't post this comment either. You are bold enough to call Tim a liar for claiming what the above link also claims (the link), but I wonder if you have a conscience active enough to recognise that it is an injustice? I doubt it.

    6. Dear Anonymous at 8:48 pm,

      Nowhere in my posts or comments did I ever say that a corporation sole cannot have a board of directors. I said that it can. There is also something wrong with your weblink. It does not bring me to the website of where you obtained that quote. Using Tim Rohr's logic and reasoning, RMS is a corporation sole just as the Archbishop, Father Adrian, and Father Pius has been saying. Tim Rohr was wrong in saying that the St. John's seminary is not a corporation, he is also wrong about RMS simply because he does not know what corporation sole is.

    7. " There is also something wrong with your weblink"

      The link is fine. Try it again - right at the bottom of the page under the heading "What is a Corporation Sole". It clearly says that "For all practical purposes, the only difference between a corporation sole and a corporation aggregate is that the corporation sole doesn't have a board of directors -- it only has one ("sole") officer."

      If RMS is a corporation sole, then it should be registered as such. Find the document that says this and you win. If you can't then logically, you, the Archbishop, Father Adrian, and Father Pius are all liars.

    8. Dear Anonymous at 11:07 pm,

      I see....I did not find it under the weblink you provided. I found it under this weblink below:

      You went to a business website that defined "corporation sole." Why did you not go to a religious website that defined "religious corporation sole." There is a difference between the two. This is why it is necessary to get a lawyer who specializes in religious institution, canon law, and corporation soles. Why did you not look up corporation sole in the Catholic Encyclopedia? According to the Catholic Encyclopedia:

      ""the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore (1884), in its decrees on the subject of church property, urges the bishops to place all church property under the protection of legal incorporation, where it can be done safely, as in the State of New York; where such incorporation cannot be made it requests the bishop to have himself made a corporation sole and thus hold the property as any other corporation would; and where this cannot be done it permits him to hold the property in fee simple".............. In Maryland the Archbishop of Baltimore holds all church property as a corporation sole. This title was obtained from the legislature of Maryland by Archbishop Whitfield; its powers and scope were enlarged in the time of Archbishop Spalding, and again in the time of Archbishop Bayley and also under Cardinal Gibbons............There are similar Acts for the other dioceses in Massachusetts. In the Chicago Archdiocese all diocesan property is held by "the Catholic Bishop of Chicago" as a corporation sole; he is responsible for all matters pertaining to its administration..........By the terms of the New York Act of 1863 (ch. 45), the Roman Catholic archbishop or bishop, the vicar-general, the pastor of the congregation and two laymen, the two last being selected by the three first mentioned or by a majority of them, form the board of trustees............ It is provided that the bishop and vicar-general may be represented by proxy at any meeting of the board of trustees. The trustees or directors, may, by unanimous vote, adopt by-laws not contrary to the statutes of the diocese and the discipline of the Roman Catholic Church."

      The evidence is in Church, Canon, and Civil Law.

    9. Tim, do not come here to dictate what Diana should write about. You are a greedy little boy who just cannot get enough of spanking. Do you enjoy it or what? LOL!

  4. Tim asked for Diana to provide proof that RMS is a corporation sole. That's on his countdown clock. The countdown clock doesn't say anything about a document. I say that Diana has provided the proof using Tim's logic and reasoning. If Tim feels that using that kind of logic and reasoning is sufficient to determine whether a seminary is a corporation or not, then that's good enough for me. Diana has shown the truth. St. John's seminary is a corporation. Tim either lied or he was stupid. Either way, Tim was wrong.

  5. @ 10:04...Tim has been referring to a document from the beginning. He has mentioned many times that all Diana needs to do is go to Rev and Tax to get the doc that proves her right.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 2:56 am,

      Tim Rohr asks for a document at Department of Revenue and Taxation because he knows that the evidence or proof is found in Guam Code Annotated 18, Chapter 10. It was never at the Department of Revenue and Taxation. He lied to you when he said that a corporation sole does not have a board of directors, and he lied when he said that St. John's Seminary is not a corporation.

    2. Tim lied about many things. Another lie he told was that money laundering was going on in RMS.

      Money laundering is a crime. It's a criminal act. So, why didn't Tim go to the police? Rather than making a criminal accusation, why not report it to the police? The only reason he didn't go to the police is because he doesn't have any evidence of money laundering. It was all a lie.

  6. Accusations and theories are not lies. Anyway, most people don't trust the NCW, even without Tim. Stop making it all about Tim. Stop ignoring the elephant in the room; you continue to lose credibility while you continue ignoring It.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:17 am,

      Accusations and theories are not lies???? I live in a country where a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. What country do you live in.......North Korea??? And since when did theories become truths??? Theories are hypothetical guesses. Anonymous 8:22 am has a point. Money laundering is a crime. Yet, Tim Rohr never went to the police to report this crime. A person who has knowledge and evidence of a crime should report it to the police. That is the proper thing to do. The reason Tim never went to the police is because he has no evidence. It was all a lie.

      Tim Rohr is not only against the NCW. He is also against your regular parish Mass. So, wake up and smell the coffee. According to Tim Rohr:

      "For those who want to know more truth, here's a list of other documents to ask your pastor for:

      Mass facing the people.
      Communion in the hand.
      Saturday night Mass.
      Communion standing instead of kneeling.
      Regular use of Eucharistic Ministers.
      Removal of the high altar in favor of a "table".
      Pop music in the liturgy.
      Full use of the vernacular in the liturgy.
      "Liturgical dance"(always forbidden)"

    2. Tim is absolutely correct about those list of issues. None of them were endorsed by Vatican II, but most people think they were.

      Parishes have been conditioned to accept a "banal" liturgy (as Pope Benedict put it). The NCW Eucharist is just the exaggeration (to the point of heresy) of these errors.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 10:50 am,

      Really? Have you done your research to determine whether Tim Rohr is telling the truth about that or are you simply swallowing everything he says?

    4. Yes. You can research it too if you like:

      I especially like the second paragraph. Maybe the NCW should pay close attention:

      "2. For the liturgy, "through which the work of our redemption is accomplished," [1] most of all in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist, is the outstanding means whereby the faithful may express in their lives, and manifest to others, the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church. It is of the essence of the Church that she be both human and divine, visible and yet invisibly equipped, eager to act and yet intent on contemplation, present in this world and yet not at home in it; and she is all these things in such wise that in her the human is directed and subordinated to the divine, the visible likewise to the invisible, action to contemplation, and this present world to that city yet to come, which we seek [2]. While the liturgy daily builds up those who are within into a holy temple of the Lord, into a dwelling place for God in the Spirit [3], to the mature measure of the fullness of Christ [4], at the same time it marvelously strengthens their power to preach Christ, and thus shows forth the Church to those who are outside as a sign lifted up among the nations [5] under which the scattered children of God may be gathered together [6], until there is one sheepfold and one shepherd [7]. "

    5. Dear Anonymous at 1:56 pm,

      My response is in the following weblink:

    6. Anonymous October 27, 2015 at 9:17 AM

      Accusations and theories are not lies.

      The following definitions are from The American Heritage Dictionary.

      "Gossip" - "Rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.

      "Rumor" - "Unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth; hearsay."

      "Slander" - "The utterance of defamatory statements injurious to the reputation or well-being of a person. ... A malicious statement or report."

      "Backbite" - "To speak spitefully or slanderously about (a person)."

      "Talebearer" - "A person who spreads malicious stories or gossip."

      "Rail" - "To condemn or attack in bitter, harsh, or abusive language..."

      "Revile" - "To denounce with abusive language."

      they may not be the truth either anonymous

  7. I just have one question.....

    who is tim rohr?

    if you want to follow tim rohr......may he bless you with all the grace needed to go to heaven.

    If you want to follow Jesus Christ....then....follow Jesus Christ.

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  9. Diana, did you hear? Concern Catholics is protesting the Gala dinner.