Friday, June 13, 2014

We Are All Sinners


The Pope is the Successor of the Apostle Peter and Vicar of Christ.  Some of our Protestant brothers never understood why we follow a Pope when he is merely a man.  "We should be following Christ," they often say.  Little do they know that Christ's ministry is carried on by men. 

History will show that all the Popes were sinners starting with the Apostle Peter who denied Christ three times.  So, why would anyone find it shocking to find that even bishops and priests were also sinners?  Who among us is perfect that they can actually cast a stone to the Archbishop of Guam? 

History will show that corruption and immorality were sins committed by some bishops of Rome.  But what does that prove, except that they, like the Apostles were not always faithful to the graces God gave them?  This is true of all of us, to one extent or another.  Yet, we have seen that Christ entrusts important work to men who are sinners. 

In the Holy Bible, Jesus points to the Jewish leaders and reminds his audience that they possessed a God-given authority to teach.  This authority was valid even though many of them were corrupt.  This explains why even today the teachings of the Catholic Church remains intact despite the sins of the Pope, bishops, and priests.  Jesus made it clear that even though men were personally corrupt and unworthy of their position of authority, they nonetheless had that authority, which Christ told them to respect.

Matthew 23:1-3  Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to His disciples, saying, "The Scribes and Pharisees have taken their seat on the chair of Moses.  Therefore, do and observe all the things whasoever they tell you, but do not follow their example.  For they preach but they do not practice." 

Today, this chair of Moses is the chair of Peter.  We are to respect the Pope and all Church leaders.  This is taught in the Catholic Church. 

CCC 1269  Having become a member of the Church, the person baptized belongs no longer to himself, but to him who died and rose for us. From now on, he is called to be subject to others, to serve them in the communion of the Church, and to "obey and submit" to the Church's leaders, holding them in respect and affection. Just as Baptism is the source of responsibilities and duties, the baptized person also enjoys rights within the Church: to receive the sacraments, to be nourished with the Word of God and to be sustained by the other spiritual helps of the Church.

Hebrews 13:17  Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account. Do this so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no benefit to you.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church does not contradict the Holy Bible. Obedience to our Church leaders is not easy because for almost all of us, we prefer to do our own will rather than the will of God.  Almost all of us trust ourselves rather than trust God. Yet, as St. Padre Pio said, "The will of the authorities is the will of God."  We are all sinners.  The Church teaches us that when someone hurts us, we are to forgive the person rather than carry a grudge against the person.  Christ taught us that if someone slaps us on one cheek, give the other cheek.  This is the hardest, but it is not impossible to do with Christ. 

For more than 2000 years, the teachings of the Church have remained intact, not because of sinful men who ministers the liturgies and the sacraments, but because Christ is the Head of the Church who leads her into all truths.  We trust that Christ continues to lead His Church through the leaders He appointed.  



  1. From Rome it is well seen in how anti-Neocatechumenal groups are looking out to organize themselves from the fringe into an international network. As someone duly noted, they employ the mentality and tactics of traditional secret societies like the Masons.

    In 1917, the Code of Canon Law, the law of the Church, Section 2335, said, “Those who join a Masonic sect or other societies of the same sort, which plot against the Church or against legitimate civil authority, incur ipso facto an excommunication simply reserved to the Holy See.”

    These little groups, gathering along Internet-based trash blogs, like JungeWatch, indoctrinating their ways into certain Vatican circles, wanted the new Pope to renounce Kiko Arguello and the NCW. They became extremely desperate when Pope Francis just did the opposite and declared his support for the Way. Sensing that nothing “good” could come out of Rome for them, they changed their tactics and turned against their local bishops. Their ideology is that the NCW can be stopped at the diocese level only therefore local bishops must be targeted and cruelly coerced to deny permission to the communities. In case a bishop does not comply with their demands, everything is permissible, they say, to attack and overpower him until he is removed from his office. This is how these fringe anti-Way groups, led by their gullibility and sheer hatred become toys in the hands of their Masonic handlers. Make no mistake, there is no concern here for the good of the Church, their only concern, as witnessed by centuries of history, is to undermine all existing Church authorities!

    This is exactly what we see in Tim Rohr’s JungleWatch blog site. The arrogance against the Archbishop is going beyond measure. Their hatred is blinding them so bad they don’t even notice when they commit grave offenses and sins against the Catholic Church. Their moral sense became corrupted to a point when they claim they are sinless. Well, you know who is claiming to be sinless: it is the devil, the enemy of the Church who was a liar from the beginning!

  2. Zoltan that explain the similarity.

  3. "Their moral sense became corrupted to a point when they claim they are sinless."

    That's a very specific claim. Show me where.

    1. Anon 9:36 your statement is so vague.

  4. Zoltan you hit many points; I agree Jungle Watch is trashy and the owner of the blog admit that his main objective is to provoke the folks who are in the way. He admit it. What will drive him nuts and the rest of the tree huggers is to continue to write the truth and remain silent. He boast about people from other country visit his site and while Diane here don't even count visitors.

    1. I'll ask again like I have before but it remains un posted: why visit there if Tim is wrong? If you believe you have the truth without a doubt and call his blog "trash", what does that make you for continuing to visit day after day?

    2. I go there for the entertainment.

  5. It's not vague but straight up. Where specifically is the claim made of being "sinless?" Or do you need that broken down further?

    1. The letter, accusing the Archbishop? Do you find anything wrong with that? The funds on AAA accusing the clergy and staff spending it somewhere else. If you have no faith with your Catholic Church. Why be a Christian. If you want dictatorship of type of faith, be a muslim.

    2. 9:58AM. It is common to have an annual third party reporting of any non-profit organization. Other catholic dioceses do it regularly. There is an audit but hasn't been published. It's the churchgoer's money, it's their right to know whether or not funds are being spent properly. tell me i'm wrong now.

    3. Those things you mention do not state "we are sinless" on there. You may find the views of JW distorted but you still did not prove your point that anyone stated that they are "sinless".

      Also, I don't think you are right calling out that Muslims have a "dictatorship of type of faith". Someone blasted Tim for "supposedly" bashing other faiths, yet it is kosher for you to do so? It's a good thing you are anonymous and that this blog has a limited scope because ultra-conservative Muslims would be calling for your head and Diana's with a statement like that.

      Ok Diana, don't post again

    4. Dear Anonymous at 4:43 pm,

      Posters here have provided you the reasons, but in your eyes, you call them distort ions. As I said the moral compass of Junglewatch and it's followers are so deficient and lacking that you are calling "stealing" a distortion rather than a sin.

  6. "If you want dictatorship of type of faith, be a muslim." No that would be the NCW.

    So, where is this claim of JW that "Their moral sense became corrupted to a point when they claim they are sinless". Still no answer on that one? Surely, if you say they "claim they are sinless", you would have something to back that up? No?

    1. No, YOU are being dictated BY your group and sinister leaders Tim Rohr and Chuck White. Sinless part; claiming Archbishop wrong and nothing tainted on your hands but continue to blame him. Slander claims and tyranny which equate to jealousy! Who are u to question this? Claiming I'm not invited to Archbishop's gathering because you failed to reached out because you have no gad to approach him.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 3:22 p.m.,

      Their moral sense became corrupted to a point where they are sinless because they can no longer recognize what is moral and what's not. They no longer can see that stealing is wrong such as in the case of stealing a copy of a letter that was meant only for three people to see. Tim excused his behavior and believes he did nothing wrong despite that he refuses to name his contact in Manila.

      His moral compass is defected to the point that he cannot even differentiate between an error of miscommunication and a sin such as stealing. In other words, everything the NCW does is wrong and a sin, and only Tim Rohr is right. Tim Rohr has become the truth instead of Christ.

      It has been said on this blog that those in Junglewatch would follow Tim or listen to Tim. Tim has become their Truth rather than Christ. No one in the Way ever treats Kiko or their catecheists as those who treat Tim Rohr because we never view Kiko or the catechists as the Truth. We know that they are prone to human error and sin. But to those in Junglewatch, Tim Rohr does not make any errors.

    3. Ahmen Diane.

    4. Tim has stated that he asked the Cardinal for the letter. that's called stealing? Can you prove he lied about it asking for it?

      11:14 if Archbishop is untainted why is he in a lawsuit with a fellow priest?

    5. Dear Anonymous at 10:37 a.m.,

      Tim did not ask the Cardinal for the letter. He asked his contact in Manila (whom he refused to name) to obtain the letter for him. And his "Kabbayan from Cubao" also do not want his name revealed.

      I never said that the Archbishop is untainted. Please go back and read my post.

    6. Diana at June 15, 2014 at 8:31 AM,
      The statement was "Their moral sense became corrupted to a point when they claim they are sinless". Now, we might disagree whether some certain action or behavior is sinful, but at no stage has the Junglewatch ever claimed they were "sinless". Every true Catholic would acknowledge their own sin, of course.
      So, the same might be said of you and your friends who deny the "sinfulness" of certain attitudes and behaviors you are alleged to commit in the name of the NCW. Would that justify us saying that you "claim to be sinless"?

    7. Anon 2:33 PM you post many words but yet not much substance. If you read Tim's post he intended to provoke which equate to? I'll let you fill in the blanks. REJOICE!

    8. Dear Anonymous at 2:33 p.m.,

      The title of my post says it all. "We Are All Sinners." In addition, when I am wrong about something, I admit that I am wrong. I do deny it or detract away from it the way Tim does.

      For example, some anonymous poster coped my post on "Pride and Humility" and gave it to Junglewatch. This was Tim's response to it:

      TimJune 13, 2014 at 4:52 PM

      Yes. Very funny. All I've heard from "her" is about how WRONG I am, and when "she" is proven wrong, she lectures us about humility. By the way Diana, how "humble" is it to hide your identity while you preach? Not humble at all because it doesn't cost you anything. REALLY? Is this what Jesus would do?

      An anonymous poster then responded to Tim:

      AnonymousJune 14, 2014 at 12:37 AM

      Didn't you read #1 a humble person doesn't need to be named but you just want to be a proud person who always wants to be named and wasn't it said in the Bible not to be a pharisee who always say I do this and I do that so you are a pharisee instead of the person who keeps saying I'm a sinner

      And this was Tim's response to the Anonymous poster:

      TimJune 14, 2014 at 5:24 AM

      Ah 12:37AM. What are you doing up after midnight reading my blog? Can't sleep? Scratching again where it doesn't itch? What a wonderful witness to the Neocatechumenal Way. Thanks for page hits.

      As you can see, the Anonymous Poster was correct. But Tim Rohr never said that he was wrong and that the anonymous poster was correct. He detracted away from what the poster said by degrading the poster and noting the time that the poster made his comment.

  7. Some people ask why would Jungle blog's one man show be morally corrupt? Why has Jungle blog lost its moral sense? The answer is simple: because it is obvious after you read just any single post or any single comment there to find very disturbing evidence of moral decay! It is especially true in the 16 posts and 548 comments made about the invitation of Cardinal Tagle to the evangelization event in the Philippines. Jungle blog tries to change the topic away from this event because of the obvious misdeed, scheming and betrayal committed by these posts and comments. I chose one of the very typical comments from the “Isn't It Funny" blog post to show:

    "Tim June 5, 2014 at 2:39 PM
    We either have to believe that someone of the stature of Cardinal Tagle gave no thought to proper protocol and sent a personal invitation to the members of another bishop's diocese, or that the entire thing was made up."

    This was posted on June 5th, four days after Jungle blog obtained an illegal copy of Cardinal Tagle's confidential letter to the editors of the Umatuna. Now, the letter had the information who invited whom and it asked for a correction from the Umatuna, right? Everyone knows it now. However, nobody among the readers knew it on June 5th, except Jungle blog who secretly obtained the illegal copy of the letter on June 1st! Still, the comment makes the assumption that Cardinal Tagle did something inappropriate. But he did not. Jungle blog played in a dirty way as if they did not have the letter from the Cardinal while they had already had it in their hands!

    This was deception. They deceived the readers of their own blog. Now, what is morally corrupt if not this? How could you get any lower, any dirtier than that? It already hit incredible moral bottom. Of course, you would need the basics of good Catholic moral concepts to recognize this ugly deception. Which Jungle blog obviously do not possess... Too bad!

    I haven't even mention the blatant sexism in the same comment against a journalist of the Umatuna or the desperate plot to shift the responsibility to the Archbishop by sheer lies and innuendo. Just read it if you want to be nauseated. True hatchet job, an insult against your intellect, an ugly crime against good conscience committed by a person who is so self-righteous that he thinks everything is allowed to him. Ouch, the conceitedness of vituperation!

    "Do not envy the wicked,
    nor desire to be with them;
    2 for their minds devise violence,
    and their lips talk of mischief.

    8 Whoever plans to do evil
    will be called a mischief-maker.
    9 The devising of folly is sin,
    and the scoffer is an abomination to all.

    17 Do not rejoice when your enemies fall,
    and do not let your heart be glad when they stumble,
    18 or else the Lord will see it and be displeased,
    and turn away his anger from them.

    19 Do not fret because of evildoers.
    Do not envy the wicked;
    20 for the evil have no future;
    the lamp of the wicked will go out."
    (Proverbs 24)


    1. Oh Bernie, you are an insult to integity and intelligence. What about JW obtaining a copy of the letter is illegal? Stop just using the word "illegal", explain and show why it is illegal. If you can't then stop spreading propaganda. The reality is that your just trying to shift blame and attention from those who fabricated the lie and did not publish the letter. They also did not publish the correction in the U Matuna until the people heading to the Phillipines were already there. The only ones believing your propaganda are the ones that are naive/ignorant, but the truth is out there and all they need is to have the truth revealed to them.

      Also, the comment does not suggest that the Cardinal did something inappropriate, it gives two logical possibilities, with the inapproprate act of the Cardinal extremely unlikely.

    2. Dear Anonymus at 2:17 p.m.,

      The way in which Tim Rohr obtained the copy of that letter was illegal. That was a private letter addressed to Jennifer Dulla and ccd to two other people in the Umatuna. Tim Rohr's name was not on that letter, and why should it be? Tim Rohr has nothing to do with the Umatuna; therefore, the Cardinal would not give him a letter.

      The reason Tim Rohr refuses to name his contact in Manila is because the letter was obtained illegally. Even his contact in Manila made it clear in Junglwatch that all they needed to know was that he was a Kabbabayan from Cubao. Revealing himself would get him arrested.

      After all, that is what happened to Pope Benedict XVI's butler. He stole the Pope's private letters and confidential documents and leaked it to the media. The Pope's butler was arrested, found guilty, and jailed.

    3. Oh my. Have mercy on the messenger. I remember reading about Pope Benedict's butler. Wow. I wonder how much they paid the Kababayan from Cubao. Someone has to let Cardinal Tagle know that his letter was misrouted to Tim Rohr with monetary exchange. Ouch

    4. I wanted to see Tim Rohr's sexism what Bernie talked about. I looked up the comment and I read this:

      "Jennifer is a big girl. She has the option of telling us where she got the information. (...) Jennifer won't speak. But then there are consequences for that."

      I usually refrain from talking much but now I have to say this: yes, Tim, this comment was very much ugly and sexists! I am appalled of you beyond measure. You talk to a young lady condescending as if you would have authority over her. As if you were smarter or better than she is. This is harassment. But no, you do not have authority over our sweetheart Jennifer Dulla and you are neither smarter, not better than she is. You'll recognize that for your own demise, Tim.

      I learned that little boys experience strange bodily reactions when they misbehave because this gives them a bout of adrenaline rush. They enjoy it much, that is why they become prone to misbehaving. This is behind every successful temptation by the devil. Now I read Tim Rohr in his blog announcing how much fun he has. He is enjoying himself big time by reading about his own misdeeds. I am not surprised at all. He is like a little boy unable to resist the temptation of the devil and misbehaving for his own pleasure...

      But his adrenalin rush will dry up and turn sour when he has to face the music of his own sinful act. He himself said "there are consequences for that." Bingo Tim, you hit the nail (and yourself?) right on the head. Bernie is on target and he will not let you go: there will be consequences for your ugly sexists behavior!


  8. Now I suspect Tim to post here or copy and paste this comment from Bernie : p .let's watch.

  9. Yup Diana Tim post Bernie's comment less than an hour and quickly back pedaling.

    1. Go ask the Cardinal and clear up all your doubts once and for all. Have our Archbishop personally make the call and put up a full page in the Umatuna of Cardinal Tagle's response. You or any other NCW wouldn't though because you are afraid of the truth and looking like fools a second time around.

      Illegal? You guys are funny and igorant of the law. If Tim is wrong, call him out! Arrest him for theft! Stop the press too! Better yet, petition to have him Excommunicated! Go ahead people if you are truly in the right and the know of things. Don't think any of you cowardly lions would though and I won't hold my breath.

      Also, why does it matter who his Manilla contact is? So you people can stone and attack the person? Everyone here is anonymous and yet you are demanding to know who this contact is? Gimme a break!

      Basta mandage gachong! Pas! Magof! Memorias!

    2. That's because Bernie's post is rubbish - nothing but prejudice and imagination. This is the difference between this page and Junglewatch. Everything at Junglewatch is backed up by some independent evidence.

    3. Like I said, prove that it is against the law to have a copy of the letter, especially since it was given by the author; quote the law. I would want to remain anonymous if I was the contact to avoid harassment from crazies like you all. Again, where is the law that makes it illegal, and provide the evidence, not speculation, that the law applies to this specific case.

    4. I copied the comment from Bernie to his blog so that he can respond to your propaganda. We cannot allow your lies and false accusations to continue without a rebuttal.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 4:59 p.m.,

      It is not Tim Rohr who will be arrested. It would be his contact in Manila. Tim Rohr is always proclaiming transparency and that we not hide our real names. Have you ever asked yourself why he refuse to name his contact? Even his contact came out and said that he is a kababayan from Cubao, and that is all we needed to know? Now, why is that? If it is not illegal to obtain a letter that was never addressed to you, why not reveal the name of the contact?

    6. Dear Anonymous at 5:10 p.m.,

      Bernie did show evidence that you simply want to ignore. She did list the 16 posts in Junglewatch that had to do with the invitation. Imagine that 16 posts on one subject. And the 17 post now has over 200 comments in it. The evidence is there. Also, common sense also says that It is illegal to obtain personal letters that is not addressed to you. After all, the Pope's butler was arrested for leaking personal letters of the Pope.

    7. Dear Anonymous at 8:36 p.m.,

      All personal letters are copyrights and are owned by the writer. Below is a weblink from a legal advisor. As you can see, even Jennifer Dulla cannot publish the cardinal's letter without his permission. Permission was never given by the Cardinal to publish his letter. But an erratum was printed in the Umatuna, explaining that the information that was written in the Umatuna was an error.

      In the weblink, which I provided below, the question was asked:

      Question: Can I publish personal letters to me from someone else without the sender's permission?

      The Answer from a Lawyer: Re: Copyright on Personal Correspondence

      No. The writer of the letter owns the copyright and all derivative rights(including copying and publication). Even though you received the letter, and consider it your property, the writing is not yours, and you must obtain permission from the copyright holder for re-publication. If you publish without an OK, you could be subject to penalties under copyright law, and possibly other state laws,(invasion of privacy, defamation,(?) depending on the content matter, and depending on whether your disclosures results in damages or harm to the reputation of the writer.

    8. Dear Anonymous at 8:39 p.m.,

      I already knew that someone has been copying stuff from my blogsite and giving it to Junglewatch copying Bernie's comment here and giving it to Junglewatch is no surprise. It's already being done. After all, someone already copied my post on Pride and Humility and gave it to Junglewatch.

  10. If Cardinal Tagle wanted his letter to be seen by the public, he simply would have posted it on the Archdiocese of Manila WEB-site. I checked it, it is NOT THERE! So what are you saying, Tim? Here is the evidence that you stole a letter that was not written to you! You have posted it on your own blog for praise and glory. What other reason can you give? You are building a praise corner for yourself at Jungewatch, where uneducated older ladies come to worship you by paying homage to their own ignorance.

  11. Why would he post in Manilla? They weren't the idiots who used his good name for their selfish ends. The lie originated on Guam.