Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Way Follows Catholic Teachings

Those who oppose the Way accuse the Neocatechumenal Way of not teaching Catholic doctrines.  The Way definitely teaches Catholic doctrine.  The Way teaches that in the Eucharist, the bread and wine transforms into the Body and Blood of Christ.  One can even see how reverently those walking in the Way treat the Body of Christ during the Eucharistic celebration. 

The Way also follow Church doctrine on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, contraception, pre-marital sex, abortion, etc.  And yes, it is true that the washing of the feet also symbolizes the forgiveness of sin as well as humility.  Those who oppose the Way accuse the Way of not following Church teaching because we view the washing of the feet as symbolizing the forgiveness of sins.  It is true that those who have hurt a brother can wash the feet of the brother whom they hurt, asking for forgiveness of sins. Those who oppose the Way forget that the metaphor of sin is dirt or filth. 

According to Catholic teaching, the washing of the feet has two significant meanings.  The first meaning is humility and charity.  The second is the forgiveness of sins.  According to Pope Benedict XVI, "The action of the washing of the feet becomes for John the representation of what Jesus' whole life is, His rising from the table, setting aside His garment of glory, bending down to us in the mystery of forgiveness, the service of human life and death....."

Thus, the Way does not go against the teachings of the Church.  It is only that our opponents do not fully comprehend Catholic teaching. 

Meaning of the Washing of the Feet


  1. Dian,

    Sorry I don't how to give this information to you here's another delusional answer from Rohr.

    David G.April 29, 2014 at 11:44 PM

    So you are saying you dont care about what the Pope has to say and stick to what you believe? Dont take Zoltans words as a generalization of how the NCW members think.
    TimApril 30, 2014 at 9:58 AM

    David. I'm going to ignore the taunting tone of your comment and attempt to answer your question clearly and directly.

    On more than one occasion recently, the Vatican has had to clarify the difference between remarks made by the pope in private conversations and interviews versus official papal directives and stated church doctrine.

    The pope can say whatever he wants to Kiko and your clan, but the only thing that gives the Neocatechumenal Way official legitimacy is the approved Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way.

    The pope has the authority to amend the Statute, or even to grant an exception to it, but so far, he has not.

    We have simply and always pointed out that in the manner of distributing holy communion, the Neocatechumenal Way is not in conformity with its own Statute.

    Your only defense has been that you're getting away with it and no one has slapped your hand yet.

    David, popes don't normally don't go around slapping hands. Example: It is no secret that the majority of Catholics contracept in contradiction to Catholic moral teaching. However, the pope doesn't go around hunting down Catholics who contracept. The pope upholds Catholic teaching and urges us to embrace it.

    This is what Pope Francis, as well as his predecessors, have done. They have spoken to you like adults, expecting you to maturely accept the norms accorded to you by the Church in your Statute. But while the popes treat you like adults, the Kikos act like children and say, as Zoltan said, "So what!"

    Zoltan is not speaking for himself. He just put into words what you and every other Kiko (the Neos who know better) does when you engage in practices that are not permitted in your Statute.

    Ordinarily this would have remained a small thing which few would have paid attention to. But it became a big thing when the archbishop publicly defied the directive because it symbolized the split between the NCW and the rest of the church and showed us where his loyalties lied. And they aren't with Rome.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      This is how Tim Rohr misleads people. Zoltan does not represent the entire NCW and therefore speaks only for himself. It is the same with me. I speak from my experience of being in the Way. Although I am a member of the Way, I do not represent the entire NCW. In the same way, priests who have been found guilty of sexually abusing young boys do not represent the entire Catholic Church. Thus, one cannot say that the Catholic Church has sexually abused young boys.

      The Statutes of the Way are in the Internet for everyone to read, but the statutes are written in a general language rather than in a specific language. For example, they do not spell out where exactly the crucifix or flowers should be placed. The reason is because it's not necessary because traditionally, it has always been known where they go. In the same way, the Catholic Church believes in both Scripture and Tradition. Things that are not written down, but passed on are still practiced within the Church. Tim Rohr seems to have forgotten that because he wants to see every detail written down in black and white.