Monday, April 28, 2014

Changing Song And Dance

According to the Roman Missal, (which I posted in my last post) it stated: 

The Vigil, by its very nature, "ought to take place at night" (EV, no. 3).  It is not begun before nightfall and should end before daybreak on Easter Sunday.

This time, I placed in bold the words "on Easter Sunday."  Why?  Because apparently, anonymous wrote another comment, and this time the word "MUST" wasn't even an issue.  In other words, he/she started changing his/her song and dance. 

First, anonymous poster asked me to show him/her where in the Roman missal it says that we MUST celebrate the Easter Vigil before the daybreak on Easter Sunday.   As anyone can see from Anonymous' comment here he/she emphasized the word "MUST." Nevertheless, I even provided a dictionary for Anonymous to look up the words "ought" and "should".  If anonymous poster had done that, he/she would have found that the word "should" is synonymous to "must."  

Now, suddenly, he/she started to change the song and dance.  This time, it is not a matter of whether we MUST celebrate the Easter Vigil before daybreak.  Anonymous poster interpreted the Roman Missal as saying that one can end the Easter Vigil at 11:00 p.m.  In other words, he/she appears to see more the words "before daybreak" and ignore "ON Easter Sunday." Somehow, Anonymous interpreted "ON" as to mean the same as "BEFORE" Easter Sunday (which in this case would be Saturday night). How convenient.  And this is the same Anonymous poster I told not to translate in English what is already written in English. 

Dishonesty have no place in true dialogue.   This is the reason why I do not post in Junglewatch.  The mentality there is the same as shown in Anonymous' comment where he/she changes their song and dance theme all the time.  Instead of true, honest, dialogue many of them use name calling and accusations rather than stick to the topic of discussion.        

Christ rose on a Sunday, and the Roman missal specifically said "before daybreak ON Easter Sunday."  The Catholic Church has already determined that Christ rose on a Sunday....NOT on a Saturday.  11:00 p.m. Saturday night is NOT EASTER SUNDAY.  It is not even ON Easter Sunday. The Catholic Church is capable of distinguishing between Saturday and Easter Sunday.  Easter Sunday occurs after midnight.  In the same way, Christmas, December 25th does not start until after midnight. The same goes with New Year. 

As for the Statutes, the Statutes were written FOR the Neocatechumenal Way and its members (although non-members are welcome to read it).  Non-members, however, are not expected to follow it.  Because the Liturgy of the word, the Eucharist, the Easter Vigil, the Reconciliation, and the Kergyma are all mentioned in the Statutes, then we celebrate or follow all that is IN the Statutes. It was the Vatican who approved the Statutes, so if Anonymous has a problem about the Easter Vigil being mentioned in the Statutes of the Way, he/she can take it up with the Vatican. Then again, I wonder if Anonymous knows what "IN" the Statutes means since he/she apparently defined "ON" Easter Sunday as being Saturday night.  

Furthermore, Anonymous admits that calling me deluded and a liar was done out of charity.  Really?  The moment one resorts to name calling rather than sticking to the topic of discussion is the moment one has lost the debate. 


  1. Hi Diana,

    The Missal refers to the Easter Vigil concluding "before daybreak on Easter Sunday". How can you then infer from this that the instruction is that it must conclude on the Sunday? Quite obviously to anyone who understands English, this instruction can also be put this way - "The Easter Vigil ought not go beyond daybreak on Easter Sunday". That is pretty simple. You make an error in suggesting that the Missal instructs that the Vigil *cannot* conclude until daybreak. Just another example of the distortion that occurs when looking through the NCW lens.

    Seriously, the Missal does merely not say "on easter sunday" but "before daybreak on easter sunday". This statement locates the end point of the time in which the vigil can be conducted, but the only "must" is that it "takes place at night"

    In any case, doesn't the NCW celebrate its "Sunday Mass" after the Vespers on Saturday? Precisely because liturgically speaking Saturday night is in fact Sunday?

    Incidentally, I am not the same "anonymous poster" to which you directed the first of these series of posts. So, your issue about me changing my "song and dance" (not something the NCW will do I grant you, because it is Kiko's song and dance only, isn't it?) is quite ill-directed.

    Once again, you misunderstand your own statutes. Just because the Statutes make reference to: the "celebration" (not liturgy) of the word;
    the Eucharist (that's the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to Catholics);
    Reconciliation and
    the Kerygma (honestly, can you not even spell this one correctly?),

    does not mean that the NCW has been given approval for all these to be conducted separately from the parish. If, in fact, the NCW did celebrate these with the parish, can you show me how the Statutes would have been disobeyed?
    Of course not, because once again the NCW distorts the meaning of ordinary language. (In fact, the "celebration of the word" is precisely one of the ways in which the NCW deliberately re-writes the meaning of scriptural and ecclesiastical language.)

    Yes, in charity I call you out on your delusion. It is charitable to expose the error, and I do so only in the hope that you, and those you are influencing may realise the seriousness of the mistakes you make.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    It is not charitable to accuse someone as a liar or even deluded especially when you don't even know the person. Therefore, you are not exposing error at all nor correcting me.

    The moment a person resorts to this kind of tactic is the moment the person lost the debate. You already lost the debate. This will be the last time I will publish your comment. No more comments from you will be published in my blogsite due to name calling. Peace be with you and God bless.


    1. Diana,

      She said that you're delusional, not a liar. There is a difference. I'm new to your blog, and don't take any sides of this ongoing debate, but your inconsistencies really make me doubt your ability to represent your cause.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 8:24 p.m.

      The person had called me a liar AND deluded in a comment I did not publish.

    3. Dear Anonymous at 10:06 p.m.,

      You can find the comment where he accused me of telling lies on this weblink below:

    4. I checked out the link and nowhere there is the work liar found. Do a word search. Your losing credibility everytime you breath.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 10:25 p.m.,

      If you had actually looked at the weblink, this is what the poster said in his comment to me:

      "Also, what you don't know is that the Easter Vigil we celebrate in the Way is one with the parish Easter Vigil." Because you say it is? No, you are deluded I'm sorry to say. There is to be one Easter Vigil in the parish, one Paschal candle per church, and you are simply telling lies.

      The poster stated, "YOU ARE SIMPLY TELLING LIES." When someone says that you are telling lies, common sense should already tell you that he/she is accusing you of being a liar, and I don't need to do a word search on what common sense tells me.

  3. What you POST cannot be understood from the outside even the statutes are written well and approved accordingly from the Vatican. AGAIN IS LIKE showing COLORS TO THE blind.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I agree. One cannot show colors to the blind. They cannot see that Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday are not the same. .