Monday, April 28, 2014

The Proper Way To Dialogue

When I was a teenager in high school, I took Speech and Government Classes, which was required at the time.  My speech instructor taught us how to dialogue with people while my government instructor taught us how to debate. Dialogue with people involve both speech and body language.  However, over the Internet one cannot see the other person's body language so clarifications are sometimes needed.  It is recommended to ask questions if one is uncertain as to what the other person is saying. Listening is also very important.  Through active listening, one can reduce the amount of misinterpretation.  These are rules that should be adhered to when discussing topics or having a dialogue with persons on the Internet. 

1.  Never resort to name calling or bashing the other person on the Internet.  It is not only bullying, but disrespectful.  The moment the person resorts to name calling or bashing the person is the moment that person has lost the debate or discussion.  As a matter of fact, from what I learned in WYD event recently, a person can sue and even charge the other person for cyberbullying (which is against the law).     

2.  The topic of discussion should always be discussed. The moment one focuses on the poster rather than what the poster says, then the topic of discussion is no longer the topic.  Rather, the original topic becomes lost and forgotten.

3.  In debates or discussions, a person should not simply dismiss the discussion, but refute what the other person says through evidence. 

4.  The person should take responsibility for what they post on the Internet and not make some excuse for their actions.      

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