Monday, November 7, 2016

Christ Is Truth

I have always said that there are two sides to every story, and that it is always wise to listen to both sides. In order to resolve conflicts, both sides are heard and the truth will reveal itself.  Archbishop Byrnes comes to Guam with this kind of mentality.  And we applaud him for it.  We want him to listen to all sides of the story.  In order for truth to be discovered, one can find it after hearing all sides.  When one side tries to suppress the other so their side does not be heard, that is dictatorship.  All totalitarian governments suppress freedom of expression and controls the media so that only their side gets to be heard.   

There is only one reason why suppressors act in this fashion: to gain control, influence, and power.  Such is the case of all dictatorships simply because they fear the truth.  The suppression of one side keeps an entire nation into bondage.   It is the truth that sets people free from the bondage of suppression because Christ is the truth.

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  1. So Diana, how many years have the NCW Guam tried to suppress, hide the truth about AAA and the RMS? Where are the supposed documents you say you have about he Pope's so called permission with regards to the liturgy? Or about the real ownership that even Archbishop Hon told you to rescind? You have taken and hijacked the island because of your lack of respect for the island culture.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:48 am,

      What I find ironic about your argument is that you are claiming that Archbishop Apuron hid the truth about giving away the RMS property. Yet, the former finance council were fully aware that Archbishop Apuron wanted to give the property to RMS. After all, they claimed that the reason they were fired was because they refuse to agree with Archbishop Apuron. So, where did this idea of hiding the truth came from?

      We kept telling you that the Pope gave us permission. Why did you think Pope Francis ceased all investigations into the Way.

    2. always happens....the truth does not merit any consideration or thought. What is more important is their explanation; their justification of truth. Lost cause

    3. "So, where did this idea of hiding the truth came from? "

      Secretly placing a deed restriction maybe?

    4. Dear Anonymous at 10:07 pm,

      Why is that a surprise for you? It was no secret that the former finance council already knew the Archbishop's intention.

    5. "Why is that a surprise for you?"

      Because it was done secretly, and evidently on purpose. Did you know of the Deed Restriction in 2011, Diana?

      And what do you mean that "it was no secret that the former finance council already knew the Archbishop's intention"?

      Are you suggesting that the former finance council knew the Archbishop had secretly placed a deed restriction on the property?