Monday, November 7, 2016

Bishop Michael Byrnes on the New Evangelization

When asked in the radio talk show about his priority, Archbishop Byrnes responded "Evangelization." In Detroit, he was very much involved in the new evangelization.  Although he is only vaguely familiar with the Neocatechumenal Way, he will surely be impressed to find that we have mission families and itinerants and that we are very much involved in the "New Evangelization."  In the Way, it is the laity that leads in the New Evangelization.  


  1. "It's the laity that leads in the new evangalation" but it was the laity who were DENIED from visiting RMS. What a hypocrit your "way" is.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:09 am,

      Actually, those laity wanted to kill the new evangelization.

    2. For Diana and the other "leaders", New Evangelization = NCW.

    3. The NCW has killed new evangelization. I am sure that Bishop Byrnes will not condone the harassment and intimidation that the ncw engages with people who try to separate themselves from the neo.

      You will spin this (you spin everything) as it was their fault for not understanding the neo, but a true charism will admit to their own failings and try to correct them. The ncw is firm in harassing former members and intimidating current members into compliance. Look at how you treat criticism on this blog.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 12:04 pm,

      On the contrary, the NCW promotes the new evangelization. The evidence is found in our mission families and itinerants, and mission priests. We have the Great Mission and we evangelize in two by twos from door to door. In the jungle, you see nothing there about evangelization.

      I and everyone has a right to disagree with others. We have a right to voice those disagreements. What you see as a correction on my part, you see as criticism and an attack. How I treat criticisms here is nothing compared to what is seen in the jungle. In fact, it is far worse in the jungle.

    5. yes we are a divided third believe in the evangelization of gambling; casino's; another third believes in the evangelization of the Word of God; the last third has no idea; no clue.

      sad but there is a situation that is sadder yet; and this is the division of the priest on Guam. Apuron tried; Hon failed to bring the fishers of men together in unity of the one universal church.

      So if there is division between the clergy; how in heavens name can we as lay people practice and live faith in ONE Catholic Church?

    6. 12:04pm:

      I know some people who left the Way. They have never spoken of harrassment. In fact, though they no longer walk, they have had contact with members in the way and are still very willing to help the NCW. Maybe your experience is different, but it's not fair to say that the NCW as a whole harasses former members. Based on the relationship I have with some former members, your claim is not true.

    7. DonaMila was one of those who left the Way and joined the jungle. I read her comment in the jungle. The only complaint she had about the Way were the flowers. Fr. Pius says that the flowers in the Eucharist should always be beautiful. DonaMila took that to mean expensive cuz you are encouraged to buy that at the floral shop. DonaMila disagreed with Fr. Pius. She feels that picking flowers from your own garden is okay. After all, it's cheap. So, your claim that members leave the Way cuz of intimidation isn't true at all. It'S made up fairy tale to discredit the Way.

  2. Please, so not vote for any incumbent Senator candidate who voted against the Catholic Church! The Guam Legislature must be cleaned up. It is best done by a clean new slate of candidates!

  3. Let's thank God for Trumps victory. This is God's will for our nation. Trump inspired to lead America.

  4. CCOG is against New Evangelization! They are against the Pope! If you read their rhetoric, you see it is designed to discredit everything Pope Francis tries to do. Our Pope, God bless him, has a wealth of new ideas about the moral and social life of the Catholic Church. These new ideas are widely hated and rejected by arch-conservative traditionalist groups who call everything new evil, diabolic and heretical. They openly oppose Pope Francis and his socially sensitive church policies. They say very rude, even stupid things, about Pope Francis:

    Antipope Francis explicitly endorses Artificial Contraception and encourages Fornication

    Anti Pope Francis Antipope, Antichrist, Heretic and Apostate (Jorge Bergoglio) Exposed

    CCOG and JW is one of these madly crazy places where the renewal of the Catholic Church is framed as a work of Satan. Where are these people living? We in the NCW are the renewal. We believe in new things espoused forward by Vatican II. Tim Rohr and his gang of "Latin-massers" arch-enemies of change! Not because of their Latin mass, but because of their faulty interpretation of tradition.

    These people do not look at tradition as a deposit of faith and treasure of Holy Mother Church. They look at tradition as a corpse, a dead body that must be worshiped in its state of death. We, on the contrary, look at tradition and a living reality in our church. We don't worship tradition but take its meaning into our hearts.

    Tradition is meaningless if you are not in communion with your church, not in communion with you Pope. This is what CCOG and JW is doing. They even lie that that are loyal to Pope Francis but this is only like throwing sand into our eyes. They want to blind us so that we do not see what they are doing. What they are doing, is actually, despising our Pope and deviating from the compassionate teaching of the Catholic Church.

    CCOG and its adherents are the deviants and not the NCW! We need to pray for them with a genuine desire to bring them back to the One Holy Catholic Church.