Friday, July 1, 2016

World Youth Day Krakow 2016 - Teaser

I apologize for not spending much time on my blog.  We have been very busy preparing for our trip to World Youth Day. My husband is able to take off work due to the fact that he is self-employed. He is his own boss. Fortunately, I was also able to get leave from work.  I put in my leave form a month ahead.  World Youth Day is coming up very soon. Our children are looking forward to the adventure of seeing Pope Francis and the country of Poland.  :-)


  1. Hooray Diana! I am so excited for our youth!They as well as their parents ,friends,relatives and benefactors have been looking forward to this pilgrimage! Please pray for all of us left behind!

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:20 pm,

      Pray for us too. It is going to be a very long flight. We will most likely be jet lag by the time we get to our destination. My kids are also excited and looking forward to World Youth Day.

  2. What sad is I overheard a woman at a copy place who was talking to the workers about AB, and how she hates the NCW, and that she and other people are trying to find ways to remove their priest because he's in the NCW. It's really sad to see that we have people, who call themselves Catholic, plot to remove their parish priest. I love the Catholic Church, but I also can't blame those who left for the reason of un-Christian-like members. I can't wait for World Youth Day. Many youth have broken hearts with what's going on in our church, and it seems as if the elderly don't care. World Youth Day is the perfect way to rekindle that fire, and of course, constant prayer.

  3. We are told to announce; to proclaim his gospel to the world. This woman announces otherwise. Don't worry about people who proclaim hate. Have a blessed pilgrimage.