Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Daniel Lifschitz

Daniel Lifschitz was a Jew who converted to Catholicism in 1966.  He entered the Neocatechumenal Way in 1974.  One wonders if Chuck White speaks of the same Daniel Lifschitz who was interviewed by Diane Weber Bederman.  In her magazine article (the bold is mine): 
Yet,wit all the grandeur the square offered,it was a little church that caught our eyes, tucked away by the Porta del Popolo. It is the Basilica di Santa Maria del Popolo, built in 1472-77 at the site of an 11th century chapel. 
The church doors were closed. But there was a door open to the right; and it was there that we came upon an exhibit by Daniel Lifschitz, an artist, a painter of pastels. I thought he was Jewish—his name—and that's what attracted me: that here in a beautiful church well known for its Caravaggios was an exhibit by a Jewish artist. It just felt so right.
I walked in and was greeted by an elderly, slightly di-shevelled man at a very big desk. He had silver hair, thinning on top, a white beard and mustache, and he was wearing a simple long-sleeved, button-down shirt that was not buttoned down. The desk was filled with books. None in English, to my sorrow. There was also a large sign-in book for comments. The gentleman pointed the way into the exhibit: nocharge—rare in Rome.................
Daniel Lifschitz has been creating for more than 60 years with words and pastels. His life journey, physically, emotionally and spiritually is reflected in his labours of love.
This elderly man she encountered at the door was none other than the artist himself - Daniel Lifshitz, whom she later learned.  According to Chuck White's blog, Kiko Arguello supposedly told Lifschitz that he will not do the exhibition in Rome. Whoever gave him that information was in contradiction to this magazine article saying that it was Lifschitz who did the exhibition in Rome.

Also, White's blog was incorrect about the date when Lifschitz entered the Way. Chuck White stated that Lifschitz entered the Way in 1973. In his interview with Diane Bederman, however, Daniel Lifschitz said he entered the Way in 1974. Also, the article showed that Lifschitz did not know a Giuseppe Gennarini before he joined the NCW.  It stated that he joined the monastic community of Guiseppi Dossetti, who was a priest and founder of the "Piccola Famigilia dell' Annunziata", a community based on silence, prayer, work, and poverty.  During his interview with Bederman, Lifschitz indicated that he finally found comfort in the Neocatechumenal Way.  You can read the entire article here.  

As for the letter written by "a" Daniel Lifshitz found in Chuck White's blog, that letter can also be found in this Anti-Neo website.   According to the English translation of this Anti-Neo website (the bold is mine):
In the 80s, Giorgio Filipucci, a cantor Neocatechumenal, composed "Shema 'Israel" - "Hear O Israel", a beautiful song, which became a "hit" of the way. Twenty-five years ago George died. Today that his beautiful composition has not more 'composed Filipucci, but Kiko Argüello; It makes her pass as his. 
 Last year I wrote a personal letter to Kiko. Having received no reply, I do now one. "Open Letter" 
Apparently, Lifshitz accused Kiko of being narcissistic because he believed that Kiko took a song composed by Giorgio Filipucci and passed it on as his own. This is incorrect. According to a news report: 

In 1997, the Thursday after Ash Wednesday, while praying Lauds with his wife and the priest who accompanied them on the mission, Giorgio suffered unexpectedly and irretrievably a stroke that left him lifeless; He was so ascended to heaven leaving his wife and eleven children (the last of which are still in gestation). 

It was the same Giorgio Kiko Arguello, who accompanied with guitar in meetings and eucaristías- who composed the song Shema Israel putting music to the ancient Jewish prayer. 

This song has become one of the most important and emotional Neocatechumenal: it is sung in the Easter Vigils del Camino worldwide and every day is sung, in a very special way, at the International Center Domus Galilaeae on Mt. of Beatitudes (Galilee, Israel) stage of an ongoing and fruitful dialogue between Christianity and Judaism. 

Giorgio Filippucci was both the star of a TV show called RAI Salt of the Earth; a program of the eighties in which, accompanied by musicians and singers, Giorgio played songs and psalms of the Neocatechumenal, presenting to the public the Christian reality fruit of Vatican II that in those years, he moved his first steps with enviable fervor .  

This news report stated that it was Giorgio Filipucci who composed the song Shema Israel.  Kiko never claimed it as his own.  However, over time, people began to think that all the songs were composed by Kiko Arguello.  So, where did this rumor come from?  All rumors came from Anti-Neo websites.  Should we believe Chuck White who gets all information from Anti-Neo websites? Perhaps, the junglefolks should start doing their own research on secular unbaised news report rather than swallowing everything one man tells them.    


  1. The truth will unravel.

    1. Psalm 69 (continued)
      Prayer for Deliverance from Persecution

      13 But as for me, my prayer is to you, O Lord.
      At an acceptable time, O God,
      in the abundance of your steadfast love, answer me.
      With your faithful help
      14 rescue me from sinking in the mire;
      let me be delivered from my enemies
      and from the deep waters.
      15 Do not let the flood sweep over me,
      or the deep swallow me up,
      or the Pit close its mouth over me.

      16 Answer me, O Lord, for your steadfast love is good;
      according to your abundant mercy, turn to me.
      17 Do not hide your face from your servant,
      for I am in distress—make haste to answer me.
      18 Draw near to me, redeem me,
      set me free because of my enemies.

    2. Wow, Daniel Lifschitz is visiting the Jungle in person. Wow! Could you also tell us, dear Daniel, what went actually wrong between NCW and you throughout the years?

      Daniel LifschitzJuly 17, 2016 at 4:43 PM

  2. Chuck's blog are always shiesty.

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    1. Chuck is a destroyer which associate himself against the Catholic Church.

    2. Dear Glaucon Jr.

      As I have shown you, Lifschitz accused Kiko of taking the song "Shema Isarel" which was written by someone else for himself. That was not what the news report said. One then has to wonder where did Lifschitz heard that Kiko stole the song for himself.

    3. There is nothing more abhorrent to the NCW,; nothing more sinful, no greater Judas than a catechist leaving the "Way" and being critical.

      You must hate this Daniel with all your heart.

    4. Dear Anonymous at 1:03 pm,

      I do not hate him at all. I do not even know him. I am simply pointing out that one should not rely on Anti-Neo websites.

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    6. Dear Glaucon Jr.,

      The songs may not be an issue to you, but it is an issue to the jungle and those who vehemently oppose the Way. Not all the songs in the Way were composed by Kiko Arguello. The only ones spreading those false rumors are the jungle and Chuck White. And even when we tell them that not all the songs came from Kiko, they refuse to believe the truth.

    7. Dear Glaucon, your double talk won't hide the fact how scared you are about your jungle captain abandoning ship. But what the heck, he is just saving his skin... You cannot blame him, he has a family. The ship is sinking and he is not required to tell you that unless you run like crazy with him you'll be sinking deep and down, as well!

  4. Without Tim Rohr's posts I don't think much Jungle Cleaning will be needed anymore.
    Chuck White is more scholarly and his posts don't cause emotional responses. You can still use the Jungle Cleaning label for your posts but without input from Tim Rohr there's not a lot of "cleaning" to do anymore.

    I think your husband and children will be happy that you'l spend less time with your blog and more time with your family. It works out well for everyone.

    God is good.

  5. Anyone could write a book and put wretched things. I can write a book about Chuck White how kool from douche he is.

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    2. Dear Glaucon, as for a "good" soldier of Rohr it might be frightening for you to see him deserting the jungle's manamko army, leaving them puzzled and desperately second guessing the reason of his mysterious disappearance.

      Well, if you want to console yourself by coming here and spreading your jungle dirt, then I ask you please stop it. It is not shedding good light on you and your education.

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    4. Anon @ 8:54 there's no need to worry about the jungle's manamko army because it looks like Tim Rohr has handed off his baton to others as he moves on to better and brighter days. They were worried yesterday but if you read the comments they recognize that he was a one-man army for so long and did a great job.
      There are well wishes for his future and even though there will be fewer posts the jungle's manamko army will continue to get intel so they can they regroup and continue to fight. ;-)

    5. Dear Glaucon Jr.,

      Some people say "double talk" because they have read your comments in the jungle. And there was nothing charitable in your comments. They know that you have called the Way a "cult" and have mocked Father Edivaldo's name. We know that you have urged LFM and CCOG to keep up the pressure against Archbishop Hon.

    6. Here you go, dear Glaucon, here is your double talk, as Diana pointed out. Why do you try to fool around, my friend? You cannot deceive anyone. Lol!

    7. Dear Anonymous @8:54PM--
      Puzzled, yes... but desperate? Not really. More like concerned, if you ask me. Now, tho, it has been clarified without a hitch.
      Fear? On the contrary. In fact, AB Hon has reassured the non-Neo priests that they can speak out w/o fear of retribution and empowered them to be the pastors they should be--and I have noticed the change in them: more upbeat, confident, and hopeful. Slow in coming, to be sure, but no doubt this confidence will spread amongst the "jungle manamko army" and peace will be restored.

    8. Anon @ 8:38 am, your right that theres been a change with non-Neo priests. Pale' Mike was even on K57 yesterday and he said some things that surprised a lot of people. I think the jungle manamko army will be happy to know that non-Neo priests like Pale' Mike understand why they're doing there protests. He even said so on the radio. That could never happen with AB Apuron. Priests were too afraid to speak out because they didn't want to be treated the same way like Fr Gofigan and Msgr Benavente.
      And from what I heard the jungle manamko army were concerned at first. But when Tim Rohr said that he is leaving the fight in the hands of David Lujan and then new posts started coming from junglewatch they knew that they need to keep fighting.
      I saw that there signs used to be about the 3 Rs: Return RMS, Restore Fr Gofigan & Msgr Benavente and Resign Apuron.
      Then the only R sign that stayed was the Resign Apuron one.
      Then I started seeing Defrock Apuron signs.
      Now I'm seeing Defrock Apuron and Hon?? signs.

      I'm wondering what else the jungle manamko army will be doing. I don't think peace will be restored until AB Apuron resigns or he is defrocked. If AB Apuron comes back Pale' Mike's head will be on the chopping block like it almost was last year. I think AB Apuron didn't do anything to Pale' Mike last year because an army of people went to the chancery with Pale' Mike. Someone said that there were others guarding the rectory. They didn't want AB Apuron to do the same thing to Pale' Mike in 2015 that he did to Fr Gofigan in 2013 (change the locks on his door while the priest was at the chancery).
      The jungle manamko army want AB Hon to work faster because there tired of life under AB Apuron. If AB Hon moves faster and the jungle manamko army sees that he's doing something good the Hon?? signs will probably go away and they will keep the Defrock Apuron signs.

    9. Dear Anonymous at 11:51 am,

      Father Mike had always been more outspoken that the others. He and Deacon Steve are usually the ones who speak out. The difference between the two is that Deacon Steve always oppose the Archbishop while Father Mike tries to stay in the middle ground.

      Things will change especially with Tim Rohr out of the picture. The division between the clergy is not the same as the division between the laity. The division between the clergy already existed BEFORE the removal of Father Paul. The division between the laity was as a result of the jungle. With Tim Rohr removed, there is a chance to rescue the manamkos. For example, once they learned that the RMS property still belonged to the Archdiocese of Agana, there is a good chance they will finally accept that because Tum Rohr will not be there to say that Archbishop Hon is a liar.

      The problem with the clergy, on the other hand, has nothing to do with the ownership of the RMS property because their division started before Father Paul was removed.

    10. Diana @ 12:18--
      The manamkos don't need to be rescued....they know exactly what they are doing. For you to imply otherwise is rather cheeky of you.
      Some people think you and the other Neos need to be rescued....doesn't feel right, does it?

    11. Dear Anonymous at 2:56 pm,

      Their behavior at the airport shows otherwise. They displayed verbal violence against someone who did not retaliate against them. All he did was try to get his luggage into the car while some of those manamkos screamed into his face, trying to cause a provocation.

  6. Please post a pic of index from he rose from death song book where credit to Giorgio filippucci is given for creating the shema song.

  7. Hi Diana, didn't you read White's post? The exhibit in Rome that Lipschitz was talking about was to occur at the RMS in Rome, and with Kiko, not at the Basilica di Santa Maria del Popolo. That was the big deal - Kiko didn't want anybody else's art shown.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 5:50 pm,

      You are correct. It was at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. That is not the reason Kiko gave, but I can see that it was interpreted differently.

  8. Is like getting his info from KKK website. Of course the information is bias.

  9. And why is this important? I get a headache just looking at this gibberish. Let discuss the main topics on Guam. The NCW and the rest of the Catholics.

  10. Very good post Diana.... maybe you should write something about the first woman deputy in the Holy See Press Office, Paloma Garcia Ovejero. She belongs to the Way. The "jungles" for shure will dont like it. Greetings from Norway!

    1. How surprising to see another Neo seeking the power of the media positions. We already see their influence in Zenit and elsewhere in Catholic publications. Control the message, I suppose - its a propaganda golden rule. And the NCW needs propaganda.

    2. Dear Anonymous at 7:44 pm,

      She was appointed by the Pope.

  11. Well, it's a shame you all consider politeness on someone else's blog "double talk." Of course I hold opinions different than yours. Virtually all of you are anonymous. My virtual anonymity is held not for fear of myself, but because I have several NCW family members that I would never want to expose to hurt or pain from either side. Besides, Diana, I offered not to post again if it's your wish. After this, I'll do my best to refrain, and if i do post , I will certainly be as kindly a possible.

    Honestly, the fact that so many of you don't know the difference between being double-tongued and good-mannered is proof that so many of you weren't raised right--esp hearing how you talk about our manamko. You must be from America then. Where else?

    To the point at hand: the protesters mean what they say, but for the record, the Holy Church does NOT defrock. Do we claim to be Protestants now? Or Orthodox, where Holy Orders is a contingent position? No, it has an indelible mark on the soul of the man that can never be taken away. That's part of what makes it so important, and so beautiful, to be a priest. It is the highest vocation.

    Rather, we laicize, i.e. we release a man from public ministry and restrict his priestly duties. Since I'll be accused of double talk again, hear this plainly: I've never called for this, nor do I think it should happen. Apuron is a priest, and that to my mind would be just cruel. Even if the worst were true, then he can minister in a quiet, retired life of prayer and penance. Short of that, to take away the core of the man's vocational life is a terrible thing. After all that's happened with threatening everyone with lawsuits, it's for Rome to decide. Not me.

    One last thing, pls Diana and readers: thank you for the encouragement. I've been courteous, respectful, and had hoped to see how serious you were in mass media about keeping to what the NCW claims is true discipleship. It's a mixed bag, of course, and things are with all of us. But in truth: you have all given me that little nudge I needed. From now on, you may rely on me to give you partial credit to my change of heart.

    God love you,

    1. Dear Glaucon Jr.,

      The word "double-talk" is not an offensive word. Anyone is allowed to make comments here so long as they keep their comments decent. The behavior that our manamkos displayed at the airport is very offensive, and the comments coming from people around the world condemned their behavior. We are also not savages. We live in a civilized nation that follows the rule of law. And the rule of law says that a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

      Furthermore, the following is your comment in the jungle. Mocking the name of a priest is not respectful at all. You even used a vulgar word.when referring to the Neocatechumenal Way. You will find this kind of mockery and profanity all over the jungle blog. I have been called Dingbat and Dungbat, by Tim Rohr. That was the name he gave me, and his followers imitated his example. Nowhere in my blog have I ever called Tim any names. I had always called him by his name.

      Glaucon JrJuly 11, 2016 at 1:05 PM
      I've been thinking about this all weekend, so here's a thought. The punchline of all of this is that the Neo cult has switched gears now to this whole "forgive forgive" thing. It's not just hypocritical a la Waldo's threats and all that crap, but it's such a twisting of the Lord's words.

      If justice is a virtue, then at its base it's giving to others what is their due. When we're talking about an abuser, that's a no brainer. When that abuser is the chief pastor of souls, it's the spirit of Judas at work.

      But if justice is a virtue, and in its divine capacity it is the the making beautiful that which has been deformed, then it means justice requires not so much punishment, but a clear acknowledgment that the way things are is a deformity. The rape of Walter and the molestation of the others deformed them in a very real way that they are still dealing with. To even intend to make things beautiful again means owning up to causing the deformity. And it's then that even Apuron can participate, at least at a distance, in the the re-emergence of beauty that he would have tried to bring back.

      That's all these victims ever wanted.

      And now their whole "But Christians forgive automatically, no matter what, regardless of the damage, so you should forgive, or else you're not a good Christian like we are"--without any acknowledgment of the harm done--is nothing more than Neo shit. For them, we are just terrible creatures, so let us be content with our deformity. Let us revel in deformity!

      So now with Hon and Fr Joel--just be peaceful with deformity and cancer. We're all sick, so let's be ok with sickness. That's where the Church is today. We've transcended cynicism and made its conclusions into something that passes for hope. It's a conflation of presumption and despair into the same avoidance of holiness.

      And Waldo is the crown prince of this brave new Kiko-world. Luther must be laughing himself silly in hell.

      Keep up the pressure, folks. But keep to Eucharist (daily if you can), and always the Rosary.