Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More Misconceptions From The Jungle

Tim Rohr misleads his readers into believing that Rome works very very very slow.  According to Tim Rohr: 
Such idiots. Rome doesn't work that way. Rome worked for years with Henry VIII and Martin Luther privately and never took public action against them until they themselves took public action against Rome.
Comment from jungle

Of course, this is false.  Rome does not work that way TODAY.  The internet and television did not exist during Henry VII's and Martin Luther's time; therefore, the news and communication was very slow.  My entire response to the above comment can be found here. 

Below is Tim's reply (the bold is mine): 
TimDecember 30, 2015 at 6:05 PM

Yah a great example of why I call Diana a "whorehouse of a blog." She sleeps with every rumor that pretends to justify her public prostitution to Kiko's cause. LOL.

The Australian priest was excommunicated in 2013. He had already had his faculties removed by his bishop in 2011. Unless you're Apuron, priestly faculties are not removed with out a thorough investigation as well as many pastoral invitations to reform.

The priest had a long history of violating church law including supporting gay marriage, advocating for the ordination of women, and being present when communion was given to a dog.

Technically it was not Francis who excommunicated the priest. The priest was excommunicated at the request of the priest's bishop - which is how these things work when you have a bishop who actually does his job - WHICH WE DON'T. 

The pope acted on the years of evidence as presented by the priest's bishop. For Dingbat to say that the pope acted promptly as if he had done the investigation personally shows her diseased whorehouse mind.

Regardless of the facts, to say so serves her purpose, so she prostitutes the truth to serve her Lord and Master Kiko Arguello and his arch-demon, the spiritual-syphilitic, yellow-mouth, Pius the Putrid.

LOL, Dingbat. Courage.
  What I placed in bold is a deception.  Tim Rohr deceived you into believing that the Pope excommunicated the Australian priest at the request of the priest's bishop. He wants you to believe that this is how the Vatican works.  This is false.  According to the news report: 
Reynolds said he expected to be dismissed from the clerical state but did not expect to be excommunicated. He said he was told that Archbishop Hart did not apply for the dismissal from the clerical state, but that someone else contacted the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

As anyone can see, Tim continues to mislead people.  So, CCOG, hold your leader Tim Rohr accountable.  It was not the Archbishop who informed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  For all we know, it could be a lay person who made the contact. 

Furthermore, Tim Rohr had nothing to say about the "shortened" time it took to disciplined the Australian priest. In other words, the Vatican can work in a faster pace today due to technology.  The jungle and thoughtful Catholic have accused Kiko of teaching doctrines contrary to the Catholic Church such as not believing in the Holy Trinity.  Therefore, I would not be surprised if Tim Rohr and Chuck White has written letters of complaint to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith regarding Kiko's teaching.  According to Tim Rohr:  

Unlike Apuron, the Church is paternal, and attempts to reconcile with the wayward quietly.

Diana does not know if the investigation was "called off" because nothing was found. An investigation may very well be called off because the investigators found what they are looking for. Once found, it would be very typical of the Church to work quietly to bring whatever is out of line, into line. 
It has already been over 7 years since the Statutes have been approved and how is the Vatican disciplining Kiko into compliance????   

1.  On February, 2014, Pope Francis confirmed Kiko Arguello for five more years as Consultor for the Pontifical Council for the Laity. 

2.  Pope Francis received a private audience with Kiko on December, 2014, praising him for a job well done (See weblink below).

3.  Kiko received an honorary Doctorate from the Catholic University of America in May, 2015.

Unlike the Australian priest, Kiko Arguello has not received any disciplinary action. Instead, he was rewarded to continue his work as Consultor for the Pontifical Council for the Laity under the new Pope, praised for a job well done, and received an honorary doctorate. The investigations into the Way was dismissed by Pope Francis because all the allegations were unfounded. 


  1. The filthy language Tim uses to describe Diama's blog and some people are gross and unacceptable. It reflects a man who has no class.

  2. Tim Rohr should meditate on Ephesians 5:4
    Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving....


  3. Junglewatch is useless gossip site. Small group are being paid to open site daily to increase numbers of those perceived to read. Five people click Junglewatch . They get $1 per opening.

    1. @anonymous 9:56am... What makes you believe ppl are getting paid to open the junglewatch site? Do you have an insiders view?

  4. Pope Francis just sent his New Year's message to every Catholic:

    "Communicators also have a responsibility for education and formation, especially nowadays, when the means of information and communication are so widespread. Their duty is first and foremost to serve the truth, and not particular interests. For the media “not only inform but also form the minds of their audiences, and so they can make a significant contribution to the education of young people. It is important never to forget that the connection between education and communication is extremely close: education takes place through communication, which influences, for better or worse, the formation of the person.”[27]

    Communicators should also be mindful that the way in which information is obtained and made public should always be legally and morally admissible."

    This is a strong message that, among others, applies to the situation of the church affairs on Guam, as well! Why? The Pope is very clear that communicators at every level must act in an ethically and morally responsible manner.

    If you just take a look at the trash tabloid website called Junglewatch and its cabal of hardcore users, you'll get astonished. They steal, leak, illegally obtain whatever new information they publish, which is morally inadmissible. They foolishly and openly brag about it day and night. Then they use the stolen information for blackmailing and deceiving people for monetary gain, which is legally inadmissible. That is exactly what the Pope is talking about!

    The beginning of the New Year is an excellent opportunity to discard what is old and useless so that you may start something fresh and new. It is time to discard Junglewatch and shut out that trash tabloid for good. Junglewatch and its chief editor Tim Rohr are becoming irreversibly old and stale news. That is why he is throwing in more and more filth and dirt in utter despair. But it won't help. People are just getting tired of the old and stale. Goodbye, Timmy, it is you who is shutting the wagon door closed on yourself.

    Let us enjoy a new and fresh start without Junglewatch. Let us follow Pope Francis who tells us the true name of those those who handle information in a morally and legally inadmissible manner. We should not have any common business with these bastards.

    Have a blessed New Year, folks, filled with good health, laughter, joy and happiness!