Friday, July 24, 2015

World Family Day In Philadelphia

In his four page letter, Giuseppe Gennarini encouraged the brothers and sisters of the Way to participate in the World Family Day, which is scheduled to occur in September.  Pope Francis and Kiko Arguello will also be there in Philadelphia.   

With the passage of same-sex marriage by the U.S. Supreme Court, gender ideology is slowly coming into the schools.  Young children at the elementary level are being taught that the concept of sexual differences between men and women have no objective or biological basis, but are the product of educational options and cultural patterns imposed by society.  Very young children are being taught that they can choose their own gender and books such as King and King, portraying homosexual romance, are being introduced to them. Rome's Family Day Demonstration turned out to be successful in that thousands of the silent majority took to the streets and participated against same sex marriage and gender ideology.  The demonstration in Rome was also a non-denominational event.  Orthodox, Christians, Sikhs, and Muslims came out to support World Family Day.  In his four page letter, Giuseppe wrote to the brothers: 

The visit of Pope Francis to the United States will be an historical watershed in the life of the Church and of the United States.  The effort to de-construct the Christian family is rapidly progressing as gender theory is being taught in schools, trying to instill into our children since pre-K that they can choose their gender according to their whim.  

Pope Francis, during an Angelus in June, referring to gender ideology, said "This effort [to oppose gender theory] is very important because we are speaking about our youth's and our children's education for which you, parents, are firstly responsible.  Our youth start hearing these strange ideas, this ideological colonization, which poison the soul and the family: we must act against this..."

Kiko Arguello will be in Philadelphia to support Pope Francis, and he will meet with all the brothers and sisters who participated in this event at the Wells Fargo Center on September 28th at a gathering presided by Archbishop Chaput. 


  1. Dear Diana, can you please post the link to the words of the Pope "during an Angelus in June" where he allegedly said these things quoted in the letter?


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