Friday, July 3, 2015

Just A Reminder Of Past Events

This is a reminder of past events.  And I am certain that Rome is aware of this as well.  Remember that the Archdiocese published the truth about the RM Seminary?  See the weblink below:

  1. Pacific American Title confirmed that the lots on which the RM seminary sits identified the owner as the Archbishop of Agana,
  2. The law firm of Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP in Denver, Colorado showed that the Archbishop of Agana retains substantial authority over the RM seminary, and most significantly.....
  3. The Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts, which has the highest authority in the Catholic Church for interpreting the laws of the Church concluded that there was no alienation of the property even if the Archbishop transferred the title of the property to the RMS Corporation.
Also, remember that the Archbishop came forward and stated that it was the former finance counsel who wanted to sell the RM seminary to pay off the debts of the Archdiocese.  In fact, the jungle even stated that there was nothing wrong with selling the seminary. 

According to Tim Rohr: 

The AFC is an advisory body and if they did recommend the sale of the property then they were doing exactly what the were canonically constituted to do: advise the bishop of the highest and best use of an asset. 
The archdiocese may have gotten a two million dollar donation to pay off the original loan from the Bank of Guam to purchase the property, but many hundreds of thousands of dollars over several years have been required from Guam Catholics to turn the former hotel into a seminary. 
If the AFC did advise the archbishop to sell the property, valued at $75 million dollars by the archbishop's legal counsel, then that would have been a very smart advice.

Here's why:
$75 million dollars, or even half that, could have wiped out the entire debt of the archdiocese, which is estimated to be nearly $20 million *, with plenty of money left over not only to build a brand new seminary, but create an endowment that could have paid for the education of seminarians for years to come, eliminating the need for the annual archdiocesan appeal. 
* $20 million is the figure estimated by the former AFC. Note that the remainder of the debt incurred by the renovation of the Cathedral and the Cemeteries, a project overseen by Msgr. James, is only 1.7 million. That means the archbishop himself owes another 18 million. Yet we only hear about the debt supposedly incurred by Msgr. James - which as we have already explained, is another debt which Archbishop Apuron himself incurred, not Msgr. James. 
The problem with this estimation is that at the time, we did not know how much debt Monsignor James incurred until he was removed.  After his removal, it was discovered that the credit card in the name of The Catholic Cemeteries was specifically used by Monsignor James for restaurants, airfare, the Shangri-La Hotel in Manila and other five star hotels. 
Of course, the jungle comes in to say that the hotel expense charged by Monsignor James was also for the Archbishop.  Nevermind the fact that the jungle also stated that the Archbishop travels and dines only with "Neo priests".  Such a contradiction in statement.  One then has to wonder how did Monsignor James pay for the Archbishop's hotel accommodation if he only travels with "Neo priests?"   In addition, it was also discovered that $13,000 of cemetery funds were used to pay for Benavente's anniversary reception and family crypts valued at $380,000 were freely given to his close friends and family. 


  1. what happened to "Persecution" to be continued?

    1. Dear Anonymous at 2:07 pm,

      I was not the one who wrote the comment "to be continued." I was waiting for the commenter to write the other half of his "to be continued" response.

  2. i am sure that tony paid for his family crypts as well

  3. It was God's will for the RMS to exist.

    1. I am always curious about this comment....just how does one know that it is indeed God's will?
      It can be argued both ways and in this case, perhaps it is the devil's doing to keep the trouble going between the "regular" Catholics and the NCW walkers. After all, there is a division amongst the Catholics and it is growing!

    2. Dear Anonymous at 6:13 pm,

      Whenever there is an institution that produces more priestly vocations, you can be sure that the devil will appear to try and destroy that institution. The devil does not like any organization or seminary hat produces more priests and nuns, and I am not referring to only the RMS and the NCW. The Devil hates all seminaries that produces priests and any Catholic organization that brings people closer to Christ.

    3. Unless they're bad priests. The devil can work with those

    4. Dear Anonymous at 8:02 pm,

      The devil tempts people all the time......especially the priests. It has nothing to do with bad priests. The devil tempts them more because he wants them to fall. This is why we pray for the Pope, the Archbishop, and ALL the clergy.

  4. By the way, the Internal Review, which was published on January 25, 2015 is found in the following weblink for those who want to review it again.

  5. Dear Diana, please publish the Canon Law Report, as it pertains to your comments about the conclusions of the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts.


    1. Dear Anonymous at 4:56 pm,

      You may go to the chancery to see it there or speak to CCOG's lawyer who saw the document when he went to examine it at the chancery. Private letters and confidential documents are not published here unless I have the permission of the owner.

  6. so timmy's potential commission fees for 75 million dollar sale of the RMS at 5 % would be how much?

    Sweeettttt deal. No wonder why he hates the Arch Bishop.

    1. rohr appears to be a writer now Anonymous July 3, 2015 at 8:08 PM.

      He is selling the gofigan story on the net and I believe his second book is why he is a Catholic.

      Peel away the layers of the onion and you'll find what is truly is in the center of his personal motivations.

      I guess hate and discontent sells more than Gods message.


  7. It is good to remind us of the real story, dear Diana. Otherwise we get lost in stupid details, Thanks