Tuesday, May 19, 2015

All Baptised Catholics Are Prophets

Some Christians say that Jesus was the last prophet.  The Catholic Church does not teach this at all.  Nowhere in the Holy Bible or the Catechism does it say that Christ was the last prophet. 

As a matter of fact, Acts 11:28 explicitly called Agabus a prophet in that sense.  So clearly, Jesus was not the last prophet.  Pope Francis goes even further to say that all baptized Catholics are "prophets."  We can be sure to trust Pope Francis because he is the Vicar of Christ.  According to Pope Francis: "All those who are baptized are prophets: let us not forget God's promise of moving forward."  Pope Francis says that "a church without prophets falls into the trap of clericalism."  So yes, all baptized Catholics are prophets.  That includes me, you, and even Kiko Arguello, Carmen Hernandez, and all the baptized.   


(Vatican Radio) A church without prophets falls into the trap of clericalism. These were the words of Pope Francis during his homily at Mass on Monday morning in the Vatican’s Casa Santa Marta.

Commenting on the day’s readings, Pope Francis said a prophet is someone who listens to the words of God, who reads the spirit of the times, and who knows how to move forward towards the future. True prophets, the Pope said, hold within themselves three different moments: past, present, and future. They keep the promise of God alive, they see the suffering of their people, and they bring us the strength to look ahead.

God looks after his people, the Pope continued, by giving them prophets in the hardest times, in the midst of their worst suffering. But when there is no spirit of prophecy amongst the people of God, we fall into the trap of clericalism.

In the Gospel, for example, the priests ask Jesus: “With what authority do you do these things? We are the masters of the Temple!” They didn’t understand the prophecy, Pope Francis said, they had forgotten the promise. They didn’t know how to read the spirit of the times, they didn’t listen to the words of God, they had only their authority.

When there is no prophecy amongst the people of God, the emptiness that is created gets filled by clericalism. All memory of the past and hope for the future are reduced only to the present: no past promise, no future hope. But when clericalism reigns supreme, Pope Francis said, the words of God are sorely missed, and true believers weep because they cannot find the Lord.

As we prepare for the birth of the Lord, Pope Francis concluded, let us pray: “Lord, let us not lack prophets amongst your people!” All those who are baptised are prophets: let us not forget God’s promise, let us not tire of moving forward.




  1. "All those who are baptized are prophets: let us not forget God's promise of moving forward." Pope Francis says that "a church without prophets falls into the trap of clericalism." So yes, all baptized Catholics are prophets. That includes me, you, and even Kiko Arguello, Carmen Hernandez, and all the baptized."

    Please do not take this as sarcasm - "Consider me then a prophet who is telling you that the NCW is falling into the trap of its own clericalism - NCW clericalism that doesn't consider "understanding" the growth in the Liturgy protected by the Pope to prevent liturgical abuse."

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:28 am,

      You can speak about liturgical abuse all you want. We already told you that we have the approval of the Pope to celebrate the Eucharist the way we do. Whether you believe this or not was never my problem. Also, I do not know why you keep harping about liturgy. Do you not know that Pope Francis said that no liturgy can save you. So you can celebrate the liturgy the way you think is the right way, but that still will not get you into heaven.

    2. Anon. 12:28, this article must have hit a nerve with you.

      This is from Tommy Tanaka in JW

      I am concerned that his followers view Kiko as a Prophet??? The era of Prophets ceased to exist when Jesus Christ came into the world for our salvation.

      Looks like he's one of those who thinks that Jesus is the last prophet. Anyone there in TLC wanna correct him. Just point to Acts 11:28 and Pope Francis speech calling all baptized Catholics prophets.

    3. Liturgical abuses?
      I invite u to visit all parishes of Guam on Sunday and then you'll realize what liturgical abuses are all about. Most of the parishes here commit a lot of liturgical abuses during Sunday mass!!!
      Check out also the instructions in the roman misal and I assure u will be shocked, unless u are one of those who speak without knowing what your talking about!!!

    4. Dear Anon at 2.56. Yes, there are "liturgical abuses" all over the place. The distinction is that for most Catholics, when a liturgical abuse is noticed or pointed out, they are at pains to reform the behavior so that it then conforms the Church's instructions.

      IN the case of the NCW, however, there is no intention to reform or adjust. It is a monoculture, performed the same all over the world, because Kiko tells you its alright, even when it obviously violates the instructions of the Church, and even where there is no explicit permissions despite the Church continually referring to "explicit concessions" (see your Statute).

      Your reference to the GIRM is ironic to say the least, given this context.

    5. Dear Anonymous at 3:57 pm,

      The NCW is following the GIRM. Whether you believe that or not is not our problem.

  2. "Redemptionis Sacramentum 2[28] All liturgical norms that a Conference of Bishops will have established for its territory in accordance with the law are to be submitted to the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments for the RECOGNITIO, WITHOUT WHICH THEY LACK ANY BINDING FORCE."

    Simply, no RECOGNITIO, no permission. The Neocatechumenal Way need to get this recognitio from Pope Francis, in order to celebrate the Mass with all Carman and Kiko's alterations licitly.
    Was this what they were hoping to get from Pope Benedict in January 2012, but came away empty-handed?

    "Redemptionis Sacramentum [7] Not infrequently, abuses are rooted in a false understanding of liberty. Yet God has not granted us in Christ an illusory liberty by which we may do what we wish, but a liberty by which we may do that which is fitting and right. [18] This is true not only of precepts coming directly from God, but also of laws promulgated by the Church, with appropriate regard for the nature of each norm. For this reason, all should conform to the ordinances set forth by legitimate ecclesiastical authority.

    [8] It is therefore to be noted with great sadness that "ecumenical initiatives which are well-intentioned, nevertheless indulge at times in Eucharistic practices contrary to the discipline by which the
    Church expresses her faith." Yet the Eucharist "is too great a gift to tolerate ambiguity or depreciation." It is therefore necessary that some things be corrected or more clearly delineated so that in this respect as well "the Eucharist will continue to shine forth in all its radiant mystery."

    [9] Finally, abuses are often based on ignorance, in that they involve a rejection of those elements whose deeper meaning is not understood and whose antiquity is not recognized. ........."

    1. Dear Anonymous at 4:59 pm,

      The NCW already got permission from Pope Benedict, and Pope Francis is aware of it.

  3. All liturgical abuses (whether in the NCW Mass or any Non-Neo Mass) need to be corrected for the glory of God. The Mass is Christ's.

  4. Why don't we prepare our ourselves before going to mass first? Do we go to confession? Do we ask forgiveness from our wife; from our family; from those who we have made mad or sinned against?

    All for correcting the "liturgical" but fix the heart first before taking the bread and blood of Jesus Christ.