Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Muslims Turning To Christianity

Many years ago, I read a book entitled The Prophet and the Messiah.  It was written by Chawkat Moucarry, an Arab Muslim who converted to Christianity.  He and many converts are reaching out to other Muslims about the truth of Christianity.  These converts are fully aware of both the Muslim and the Christian world.  Catholicism has increased in Asia and Africa.  One would even be surprise to find that thousands of Muslims are converting to Christianity, especially Catholicism. The Neocatechumenal Way and other Catholic movements are in Asia and Africa., and it appears that their missionary work is producing fruits.  The NCW is also in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon where there are more communities. According to news report: 

Over the past few years, some 200,000 Muslims have converted to Christianity.  In the year 2005, 2.5 million Muslims in Russia became Orthodox Christians.  In the past two years, 50,000 Iranian Muslims have become Christian.

While it is common for Muslim to convert to more evangelical Christianity, there are still many who are finding their way into the Catholic Church.  15,000 Muslims a year convert in France, 10,000 of which become Catholic.

According to the website Islam Watch, in Russia, some two million ethnic Muslims converted to Christianity last year. Ten thousand French Muslims converted, as did 35,000 Turkish Muslims. In India, approximately 10,000 people abandoned Islam for Christianity.
In his book Epicenter, author Joel Rosenberg details amazing stories of Muslims converting to Christianity. In Algeria, the birthplace of St. Augustine, more than 80,000 Muslims have turned to Christ in recent years. This, despite the stiff opposition from Islamic clerics who have passed laws banning evangelism.

In Morocco, newspaper articles openly worry that 25,000 to 40,000 Muslims have become followers of Christ in recent years.

The stories are even more amazing in the heart of the Middle East. In 1996, the Egyptian Bible Society sold just 3,000 video copies of the JESUS film. In the year 2000, they sold an incredible 600,000 copies.

In Sudan, as many as five million Muslims have accepted Christ since the early 1990s, despite horrific persecution of Christians by the Sudanese government. What is behind the mass conversions? According to a Sudanese evangelical leader, "People have seen real Islam, and they want Jesus instead."

In Iraq, "More than 5,000 Muslim converts to Christianity have been identified since the end of major combat operations," says Islam Watch. And just a few days ago, the first-ever Roman Catholic church was consecrated in Qatar, a Sunni Muslim state where the Wahhabi brand of Islam is practiced. This was the first time Christians in Qatar have been allowed to practice their faith openly. Ten thousand people attended the opening mass.

These conversions have not escaped the notice of Islamic leaders. In 2001, Sheikh Ahmad Al Qatanni, a leading Saudi cleric, delivered the disturbing news on Al-Jazeera: Every day, he said, "16,000 Muslims convert to Christianity . . . every year, that is six million Muslims becoming Christians . . . A tragedy has happened." It is possible the sheikh was inflating his numbers to incite a reaction against Christianity. But clearly, something is happening.

How thrilling to learn that so many Muslims have been set free from the chains of their sins-just as you and I have-by the power of Christ's blood! We must pray for these new brothers and sisters; many are being violently persecuted for their new-found faith.

These millions of conversions give us one more reason to rejoice this Easter season. Yes, we may be in a great clash of civilizations; battling Islamo-fascists who threaten to kill us. And the future may at times look bleak. But never despair: God is on His throne, bringing people into His kingdom from the very heart of Islam.


  1. Diana, a drunk dancing bishop is not going to convert anyone on Guam.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:15 am,

      The Archbishop is not drunk. I think his dancing shows that he is not bothered by Tim Rohr at all. Tim Rohr can say all kinds of bad things about him, and as you can see, the Archbishop is not bothered by it. He has moved forward. Only Tim suffers because of his obsession to follow the Archbishop where ever he goes and to get all kinds of information on him. There is nothing incriminating in the Archbishop being joyous. To show joy and love can convert anyone because love conquers all. :-)

  2. Wow, now you're quoting from TLDM? Do you know anything about this site, and Veronika Lueken? Do you have any idea what the Church's attitude to her is? What do you think she would have felt about the NCW?

    Here's an example:

    "You violate your sacred trust. You have taken the Body of your Creator, the Son of your God in the Trinity, and violated Him. You must do your eating at home! When you come to the great Sacrifice, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, you come in reverence. You must go down upon your knees and do penance now for the offenses to your God! ...
    "As in the past, cannot you recognize the mystery of Heaven and earth? Did not the staff of Moses turn into a serpent in the will of God? Did not the river in Egypt turn into blood in the will of God? And cannot God, in His will, come to you changing the bread and wine into the actual Presence, the real Presence, the factual Presence of His Body and Blood?" - St. Michael, February 1, 1977"

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:59 am,

      What has that have to do with the entry post?????? The title of this post is Muslims turning to Christianity.

    2. Time to reflect on what exactly you are trying to say Anonymous May 28, 2015 at 10:59 AM

      Your example does not reflect anything except the wondering mind of a person that needs to convert.

      God doesn't really care about someone else's example....just yours.

    3. "Your example does not reflect anything except the wondering mind of a person that needs to convert.

      God doesn't really care about someone else's example....just yours."

      I'm so glad you're there to judge me Anon.

      So God only cares about my example? Not yours? Unless of course you meant - God only cares about the example each one of us gives personally - and that we shouldn't be concerned about others example or judging others.

      In which case I agree.

      So why do you feel the need then to judge me - or care about whether I need to convert. Shouldn't you just care about whether you need to convert?

      Here, perhaps this will help:

    4. Dear Anonymous at 3:19 pm,

      In the first place, you were the FIRST one to judge. The entry post is about Muslims converting to Christianity, and instead you came in here to judge the NCW rather than discussing about the entry post. So, before you call anyone a hypocrite, look in the mirror first.

    5. You're wrong Diana. Tim doesn't care what Rome does. He says so in his blog. His goal is to let the entire world know how corrupted AAA is.

      Diana seems to think that we care about what Rome does. Some of the commenters on this blog may care, but I don't. My aim from the beginning, and it continues to be my aim today, is not for Rome to see the mess that is the Archdiocese of Agana, but for the WORLD to see and be warned.

    6. Dear Anonymous at 8:40 am,

      Tim is being dishonest in what he says here. His goal is not to let the entire world know, but to remove the Archbishop. If he REALLY does not care about what Rome says, then why did he send three manila envelops to Rome???? One was to the Pope, the other to Cardinal Filoni, and the third to Archbishop Krebs. The fact that he took the time to write and send these manila envelops out showed that he does care about what Rome thinks. I am sure that Rome's silence is killing Tim Rohr. Here he is thinking that he is defending the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church remains silent to him.

    7. TIM ..... }:''''''(

    8. thanks Diana....but I can speak for myself.

      thank you anonymous for the dictionary link......but as Diana and I tried to explain earlier, the entry post was about Muslims....conversion. link may start your way to comprehension.

  3. Diana, how do we know for certain they didn't get response? I worry about that.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 12:33 pm,

      If you are referring to Father Paul's case, the best person to ask would be Father Paul.