Thursday, September 3, 2015

Archbishop Apuron On Same Sex Marriage, Past And Present

It was on April of this year when two Chamorro women tried to apply for a marriage license on Guam.  They were refused; therefore, they sued the health department and the Governor.  Before that, Archbishop Apuron spoke out against same sex marriage.  According to news report: 

"In two statements, a February AP interview published April 13 by the Archdiocese of Agana,  and a diocesan statement published April 20, the archbishop spoke out on Church teaching on homosexual “marriage” while differing opinions from Guam leaders has left the island in conflict on the issue."

You can also find the Archbishop's statement published in the Marianas Variety dated April 22nd here.

As anyone can see, the Archbishop has spoken out against same sex marriage even before the two Chamorro women decided to take their lawsuit to court.  Archbishop Apuron has been known to stand against same sex unions, and he has made his stand known through the public media.  About 3 or 4 years ago, Bill 185 was proposed.  If passed, it would legalize same sex union on Guam.  During that time, the Archdiocese of Agana gathered nearly 8000 signatures in a petition against Bill 185.  According to news report: 

"The Archdiocese of Agana has urged parishioners to sign a petition to senators, urging them to oppose Bill 185 and other similar legislation.  Apuron is hoping to gather more than 10,000 signatures.
The Guam Alternative Lifestyles Association meanwhile has been gathering signatures of their own.  Guam Youth Congress Speaker Derrick Hills, who initiated the same-sex civil union legislation, was appalled by the Archbishop's comments, telling KUAM News, "I think it's so ridiculous to say that homosexuality can be a conversion, it can be done through the church.  I think that's absolutely false.  It's not even proven through any association that you can convert homosexuals to living a straight lifestyle."

Hills added, "I don't see where the religious church is coming from when they say we can go to their masses and seek religious advice when we're talking about political issues."

For the time being, the Archbishop is scheduled to meet with members of the Guam Legislature tomorrow morning to discuss his concerns."

Again, as anyone can see from news report, the Archbishop has been vocal against same sex marriage. As a matter of fact, Senator B.J. Cruz even went so far as to meet with the Archbishop in order that Bill 185 would be revised more to the Church's liking, but the Archbishop did not budge from his stand with Catholic teaching.  According to news report (the bold is mine):

"After several controversial town hall meetings were held on legislation that would allow for same-sex civil unions on Guam, Acting Speaker of the 30th Guam Legislature B.J. Cruz has introduced an amended version of Bill 138.  But the question remains where the changes in the bill will be enough to garner support from the Catholic Church, which staunchly opposes any union involving same-sex couples.
After a series of town meetings were held to allow the public to provide comments on legislation that would allow for same-sex civil unions on Guam, Cruz has introduced a substitute version of his proposed legislation, which was prompted by, as he says, "Considerable debate in the community about the bill."
The acting speaker introduced the original version of Bill 138 on behalf of the Guam Youth Congress, but as a result of several concerns raised in the community and discussions with the Catholic Church he decided to keep the bill the same number, but with revisions.  "I met with the archbishop and he asked that we not use the word 'marriage', and we not use the word 'union'," Cruz recalled.  "There was some concern about solemnization the ceremonies that were conducted we've taken out the ceremony and its just going to be a registration where you go in and before a notary public you would attest to the fact that you' re in this committed relationship with this other person"
The revised measure essentially allows for domestic partnerships between heterosexual and same-sex couples without going through any sort of official ceremony. All the couples will have to do is fill out a license application on a form prescribed by Public Health and pay a fee of $30.  "You get a document back that you can present back to your health insurance company that you can present to the Retirement Fund that you can show in the event you want to show because the person got killed in a car accident or something.  Take it to the hospital and say, 'Let me in the room, I may have a different last name, but this is my life partner.'  And this allows me into the room and into ICU."


  1. Here we have a sign of a great leader: Apuron: a MAN who is not afraid to speak TRUTH! And what does Rohr complain about? What does ROHR and the CCOG insist? That HE resign! This speaks VOLUMES! It shows that Rohr, Greg Perez, Gofigan, Benavente, Crisostomo, Forbes and that crew don't really care about the truth! they don't care about protecting the flock. No, they want only to line the pockets of their ego's with fame, money and recognition. How Sad! It proves that these folks are willing to sink the ship of the church just to take down one man and satisfy their lust for vengeance. The people need to see this! The CCOG and ROHR don't care about the church, they don't give a damn about the truth, for them there is only one truth: THEMSELVES. They have made themselves 'god'. This is really a work of evil.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:03 pm,

      Tim Rohr has so much pride that he actually believed that he was the ONLY one who spoke against same sex marriage. Furthermore, this is what he wrote to Church Militant:

      "My blog averages 5-7000 views per day and has garnered going on 4 million views in the last two years. The country gadget will show visits from just about every corner of the earth, including Vatican City.

      There is a reason why I have this traffic. And you will want to know why as well if Church Militant is to matter at all in the near future."

      Now, he actually believes that the future success of Church Militant is dependent on his blog. :-)

    2. Dear Anonymous at Sept 4, 8:03pm--
      "The sign of a great leader"-- with the Catholic church on Guam in a great division?? That's really the sign of a great leader?! There are many of us who are not siding with either the Neos or the CCOG/Jungle people and wish that this "great leader" would lead our church out of all this mess! A "great leader" would not take sides--or favor one side over another. (Yes, Diana, we see it.) We're sick of the bad-mouthing of our Archbishop, the criticizing everything he does. (Yes, Diana, we see that too, and it sickens us.) A "great leader" would have mediated between the two sides loooooonnngg before it got to this point. Apuron is our Archbishop, but he is far from the "great leader" he should be. I pray for Rome to send someone to come and help us here!

    3. Dear Anonymous at 12:06 pm,

      The fact that Rome says and does nothing should tell you whose side Rome is on.

    4. my dear Diana September 5, 2015 at 5:06 PM, in reference to Dear Anonymous at 12:06 pm,

      "The fact that Rome says and does nothing should tell you whose side Rome is on".

      I love the fact that you are honest and true about your religion, yes rome is on your side, the father always cares for the fallen child first, which is why I have often stated that kiko has the best people praying with him, with pius, tony and you defending the way here on guam, how can the way be wrong

    5. Dear Anonymous at 7:06 am,

      The father cares about everyone. Which among you is not a sinner or not fallen????

    6. "The fact that Rome says and does nothing should tell you whose side Rome is on"

      So Rome does take can you then say that the father cares about everyone?

    7. Dear Anonymous at 8:03 am,

      The father has nothing to do with those who excommunicated themselves when they go against the Church.

    8. Dear Diana @ 12:06pm--
      The fact that Rome hasn't done anything does NOT tell me which side they are on!
      They have not come forth to defend either side, nor have they told either side to cease and desist their troublesome ways. All we hear is each side defending their position.
      Are you saying Rome is okay with the division and the problems that exist?

    9. Dear Anonymous at 9:30 pm,

      The Archbishop has spoken to the Pope, and he said that the Pope supports him, while your letters goes unanswered.

    10. Diana @ 10:29--
      My unanswered letter was for someone to help make peace in our Diocese. And yet, still the problems continue and the division, again, I wonder if this is an indication that Rome is okay with the division. I would think that if it is not okay, then they would step in and stop the side that is in the wrong.
      The Archbishop said the Pope supports him, so why doesn't Rome step in and silence the detractors?? This is what I fail to understand.....

    11. Dear Anonymous at 10:47 am,

      You asked: "The Archbishop said the Pope supports him, so why doesn't Rome step in and silence the detractors??

      Because they do not listen to the Pope any more than they listen to the Archbishop. For example, the Archbishop already said that the RM seminary belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana. They call him a liar and are calling for the return of the RM seminary back to the Archdiocese of Agana. When it comes to that, one no longer need to answer to them.

      The Archbishop already told the people that the Pope supports him. He got that information from the Pope himself. Did they listen? No.

    12. Diana,
      I disagree...since the Archbishop has openly stated he is Walking with NCW, the other side won't believe anything he says. If the Pope sent someone to intervene, that will settle it. Both sides will listen to what Rome tells them to do. Otherwise, they will be excommunicated.

    13. Dear Anonymous at 3:06 pm,

      You said that the other side won't believe anything the Archbishop says. That is not the Archbishop's problem. That is their problem.

    14. Diana!! I'm trying to get to a RESOLUTION to the problem!! Why are you being so obtuse? Don't you want to see peace in our Church?

    15. Dear Anonymous at 7:53 am,

      It takes two people to come to a resolution, not one. The Archbishop already gave an answer to all their questions, and all the other side does is call him a liar. No matter what the Archbishop does, he is being criticized. For example, the Archbishop has yet to take John Toves to court, and he is being criticized for not taking him to court. If he does take him to court, he will be critiquing for taking him to court. That is the PROBLEM I see. So, how do you come to a resolution with a very small group of people who damns if he does and damns of he does not? If you are in the middle and are not in the side of the jungle, then let me ask you this......why did you choose to come to this blog instead of the other one asking for resolution?

    16. Dear Diana @ 8:59am--
      I did. I was one of the ones calling for Rome to intercede on Junglewatch. The response was that we on Guam need to take care of it since Rome hasn't stepped in. On your blog you keep going to the Archbishop for resolution--which I still can't understand since he is part of the problem. I believe we need to go outside for assistance.

    17. Dear Anonymous at 1:13 pm,

      Rome has taken out Bishops accused of corruption, and here you are telling me that armor says that we need to take care of it???? REALLY?? If Rome can take out Bishops for corruption and excommunicate Bishops for disobedience, something does not sound right? Could it be that whatever evidence the jungle is giving are all false evidence, which is the real reason Rome will not act?

    18. Yes, it could very well be, Diana. Still doesn't solve the problem, though, does it?

    19. Dear Anonymous at 3:03 pm,

      The Catechism of the Catholic Church says to be obedient and respectful to our Church leader. Archbishop Apuron is the Church leader. Follow the Catechism. That is all YOU need to do and YOUR problem is resolved.

    20. Diana...Yes, MY problem is solved.
      However, I am--and have been--talking about the problem of the division within our Church! I care about what is happening in my family, in my Church community and I am searching for a means to an end of the problem.
      Never mind. Guess I will just continue to write my letters to Rome and PRAY for someone to intervene.

    21. Dear Anonymous at 10:14 am,

      You did not answer my question. My question is: why did you choose to come to this blog instead of the other one asking for resolution?

      The reason you came here is because this side is the reasonable one. We seek reconciliation and co-existence while the other side seeks the removal of the Archbishop and the destruction of the NCW. How is the other side being reasonable when it seeks removal and destruction rather than co-existence and reconciliation?

    22. Wow...this is getting messed up. I did answer. See sept 9 @ 1:13. I asked both blogs why Rome hasn't come to our assistance in resolving the problem. Apparently both don't know.
      All your responses have been defensive and full of suspicion--as I said previously, very obtuse. Definitely not a tone of one seeking reconciliation and co-existence!

      Peace, Diana. I'll seek the same...elsewhere.

    23. Dear Anonymous at 4:14 pm,

      Rome is on our side and has come to our assistance. Pope Francis gave the NCW his greatest support on March 6th.

      As for the jungle, this is what they said as to why Rome hasn't come to THEIR assistance. According to Tim Rohr:

      "However, as we have seen, Kiko has an enormous amount of power in Rome and he uses it. In fact, Kiko is using it now. And here's how."

      As you can see, Tim Rohr thinks that Kiko Arguello has more power than the Pope, who is the Vicar of Christ. The NCW, on the other hand, believes the words of Jesus Christ when He stated that He will be with His Church until the end of time. To put in plain simple language, we trust that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church......NOT Kiko Arguello. We trust that the Pope (the Vicar of Christ) leads the Church with Christ as her head......not Kiko Arguello.


  2. Protestors gather Agana Cathedral.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 10:04 am,

      They have done that before. So, what else is new?


  3. Worrying when protestors assemble on a Sunday morning in Guam's cathedral basilica. A sign that island Catholicss join force for the resignation of Apuron.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 8:19 pm,

      Do not worry. The protestors were very very few. As I said before, those who hate the Archbishop and want his removal are very few.

    2. Yep, they are so few that KUAM didn't bother covering the story.

    3. Guess there were enough protestors that Pacific News Center covered the story.

    4. was covered by Pacific News Center.....

    5. Dear Anonymous at 9:45 am & 1:04 pm,

      Can you provide us with the weblink?