Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Pope Francis Meets Kiko Arguello

Good news!  Pope Francis met with Kiko Arguello, the Founder of the Neocatechumenal Way on Monday, September 4, 2017  See the weblink here.


  1. Kiko Arguello highly respected by Pope Francis/Holy See.
    The spiritual way the NCW will continue to grow in our community. Holy Father will confirm the way here in Guam.


  3. Obedience to the Holy See.
    ccog company dissenters from catholic truth.

  4. At the seminary checkpoint I saw GERALD TAITANO! What's he doing with CCOG????He's no longer a catholic. He got himself ordained as a "minister" of a so-called 'World Messianic Christian Church'. By this act he has publicly, legally and forever separated himself from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church! He ain't a Katoliko anymore! He can no longer receive communion. He's got no business counting cars and checking license plates for the CCOG. He's a farce of religion! Shame on him! He's the epitome of the CCOG, which is the real SHAM! Pitiful!

    1. Anonymous @ 3:39 AM: Where did you see that Gerald Taitano is an ordained "minister" of the so-called "World Messianic Christian Church?"

      He's the CCOG Treasurer. I saw him at the meeting last year. But nobody ever said anything about him being a minister. If it's a public act where can I find the proof of what you say?

      Thank you.

  5. I hope the excommunication of CCOG. Sad to see my middle school teacher is deceived from all this vile of lies.

    1. It's more sad that you wish them to be excommunicated.

  6. We Pray for safety of all those in the path of Typhoon Irma. We pray for her.

  7. ccog one big SHAM

  8. ccog unhinged anti catholic extremists.

  9. Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores (November 12, 1627 – April 2, 1672) was a Spanish Jesuit missionary who founded the first Catholic church on the island of Guam.

    not even Pale San Vitores is safe from rohr,ccog,lujan; he's probably next to be sued.

  10. Today is the birthday of the Mother of God.It is a day of great Joy for us because through the Mother of God humanity was renewed.

    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:37 am,

      It was through Jesus Christ that humanity was renewed. Our Blessed Mother gave birth to Christ who brought redemption to humanity.

  11. If CCOG wants to STALK the seminarians by counting cars etc., then it's high time that we demand that CCOG MAKE PUBLIC ITS ACCOUNTS. They are a so called non profit. Let's see the books!!! Let's see the money trail! Who are the donors and how much was given? how was it spent?

    We need to see EVERYTHING!!!

    Don't worry CCOG, we're not gonna count vehicles and license plates. AND we're not gonna count the many SOULS you have scandalized because of your evil tactics. For that the CCOG and its leaders will give an accounting to God. Good luck CCOG.

    1. Really now? How much do you collect in your black trash bags per community? Accountability? Surprise, surprise, surprise! Hold on to your undergarments! Boom, bang, bust!

    2. Calm down your not being a Christian were not like them like how we learn in a step you shall love the others even though I get pissed off also but remember love the brother take the persecution

    3. Dear Anonymous at 4:58 pm,

      Unlike CCOG, the NCW is not a non-profit organization.

    4. 4:58 PM why you so worried what the NCW threw in the black trash bag? because money is trash. Money come and go. The money does not belong to you. I hate money, take your money CCOG and drown with it. Cause that's where your heart belong!

    5. Now, now Anon 4:58 PM, calm down.

      Sorry to get your hopes bashed.
      NCW is neither 'non' or 'for' profit.
      We don't have bank accounts.
      Sorry to get you all excited.

      I know, it's hard to fight God.

      But, If you want some of our 'trash' in the black garbage bags, all you gotta do is ASK.

    6. 4:58pm:

      If you want to know how much everyone needs to contribute to help the church, why not just take a look at the monthly parish assessment, ask the office how many people are currently registered with the parish, and then divide your parish's monthly assessment by that number? If there isn't an accurate count of registered parishoners, hold a registration drive at the end of each mass and compare the results with the records in the office. Obviously not everyone may be able to afford the per family/couple/individual fee, but at least you'll have an idea of how much "everyone" should be contributing instead of complaining about others and what they are or are not contributing. How do you know whether or not they are paying their share if you don't even know what that share is?

      For your reference, the monthly parish assessments were posted in the Umatuna si Yu'us in July and can be found here:

    7. "Unlike CCOG, the NCW is not a non-profit organization."

      Yeah, with millions in the bank. Such liars you are.

    8. Dear Anonymous at 11:50 am,

      Rather than calling us liars, why not show the proof that the NCW has millions in the bank. Go ahead. Show us the name of the bank and the numbers. I will be waiting.

    9. 11:50 your blowing hot air. Again, why does it matter to you that we give from our heart not obligation.

      Branch: 10 - 970
      Account Nº: 30722 / 81
      Name of Account: Neocatechumenal Way - Domus Galilaeae
      Swift Code: LUMIILITTLV
      Address: Ha Abanim St.1 , 14201 - Tiberias

    11. Dear Anonymous at 3:26 pm, 

      Why did you leave out the rest of the information? This is what the entire information says:

      "The Domus Galilaeae is a project funded by Family of Nazareth, Amuta, anon-profit corporation which accepts donations from any individual, group, organization or company. You may show your support for the Domus Galilaeae in any form either anonymously, using our account information below or by contacting us.

      Branch: 10 - 970
      Account Nº: 30722 / 81
      Name of Account: Neocatechumenal Way - Domus Galilaeae
      Swift Code: LUMIILITTLV
      Address: Ha Abanim St.1 , 14201 - Tiberias"

      In other words, this account belongs to the Family of Nazareth, which is a non-profit organization. This organization helped the Way in building the Domus Galilaeae by collecting donations. Anyone who wishes to donate, donated to the Family of Nazareth, not the Neocatechumenal Way. The Family of Nazareth, which is a non-profit corporation is the one accepting the donations from individuals, groups, or company. The money is placed in an account called "Neocayechumenal Way-Domus Galilaeae" because the money donated is going ONLY to that specific project.

    12. The formation of the FNM members consists of following elements:

      Spiritual Direction – Spiritual direction by the Movement's priest is a very special blessing for those in the Movement who are seriously seeking holiness.
      It is an amazing grace.
      This direction provides life-long spiritual formation and is especially valuable when emotional dryness and distractions in prayer begin.
      Taking care of spiritual life requires frequent cooperation with a priest, whose help in the Movement becomes spiritual direction.

      Spiritual Reading – The practice of spiritual reading helps to form a new way of thinking and evaluating reality.
      It helps a person to acquire a faith-filled outlook on life.

      Weekly group meetings – Spiritual formation of the members of the Movement takes place at weekly group meetings, typically held at local parishes.
      The purpose of the meeting is to share different experiences of faith and to discover God's presence in our lives.
      The meetings, led by the animators, consist of prayer, readings, and faith sharing.
      The readings are selected from the Bible or the Movement publications.
      They focus on a particular aspect of the Movement's spirituality and its application to everyday life.

      General meeting – Every month, all members are invited to gather at a general meeting, which includes celebration of the Holy Eucharist, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, conference with faith sharing, and fellowship.

      Annual retreat – At least once a year members are encouraged to gather at a special (up to 5 days) retreat.
      Usually, priests from the Movement are present to give conferences.

      Finally, the ministry of Families of Nazareth Movement is a continuation of the Papal program of the New Evangelization.
      Members of the Movement strive for sanctity in their communities and neighborhoods.
      One of the main goals of the Movement is the evangelization of the family. Its goal is to create the atmosphere and ideals of Christian family that would be visible in the society.

  12. 4:48 pm
    The Catholic Church passes a basket/collection every mass. The NCW only once a month to HELP THE CHURCH every other collection is to pay for its own expenses. The expenses of the people in the NCW. In other words people are spending the money on themselves. We should see what happens to all the money you guys are taking. I can see why you'd talk trash about the NCW. A person always judges by the color of his own stripes. Could it be that you're stealing money so you assume others are doing the same. That seems much more probable.

  13. Archbishop Apuron remains Archbishop of Agana Guam.

  14. The Holy See Pope Francis curia will guide Guam NCW.
    ccog no future in Guam.

  15. Diana look at this saying by pope Francis Truth is an inseparable companion of justice and mercy.