Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Distortion.

On May 17, 2014, Junglewatch posted a post entitled For Those Who Think I Am The Cause Of Division, Tim Rohr published his comment in response to an anonymous poster who asked why the study was ordered.  According to Tim Rohr: 

This study was ordered because the situation had become unbeatable and hostilities were breaking out amongst the clergy.  The study accomplished nothing because the Archbishop is secure in his belief that the NCW is the new order of the church and that the old must pass away. 

This comment from Tim Rohr is incorrect, but he stated it because his main agenda is to make the Neocatechumenal Way look evil in every way.  According to the report in the Survey, which was conducted in 2010: 

Cultivating Unity is a program for diocesan presbyterates that was developed by the National Organization for Continuing Education of Roman Catholic Clergy (NOCERCC) with the assistance of the Center for Applied Research in the Apstolate (CARA) at Georgetown University.  Following up on the U.S. Bishops' Basic Plan for the Ongoing Formation of Priests approved in 2000.  Cultivating Unity is intended to be a transformational process engaging the entire diocesan presbyterate with its bishop in frank and faith-centered dialogue leading to a common rededication to priestly ministry. 

The theological foundation for Cultivating Unity is Part III of the U.S. Bishops' Basic Plan, which recognizes that clergy are "formed" into the common life of a particular presbyterate or community.  This initiative represents a radical departure from traditional models of ongoing formation of priests, which are focused exclusively on individual priests or on small groups of priests.  It is designed to reach out to all the priests of a diocese and is based on a growing body of research that suggests that isolation, loneliness, and confusion about a priest's identity and mission in the Catholic Church today are serious threats to the health and vitality of priestly life and ministry. 

So, contrary to Tim Rohr's so-called "facts", this study was not ordered because of the unbearable hostilities taking place among the clergy.  This was an ongoing program that was started in 2000 confronting the growing research that suggests that isolation, loneliness, and confusion about a priest's identity and mission are a threat to the health and vitality of priestly life and ministry.  

The research survey DOES show that tension and division exist between the Neocatechumenal Way and those not walking in the Way. According to the survey (the bold is my emphasis):  

Participants in the various listening sessions referred to three main challenges to the unity between them and Archbishop Apuron.  The first had to do with what they perceive as his favoritism towards the Neocatechumenal Way.  Second, they feel that he should make more of an effort to overcome his natural shyness, and third, they are concerned that he has set up two deacon gatekeepers that impede them from having direct access to him.  
On the other hand, the survey also revealed that priests not walking in the Way expressed a desire to work with the Archbishop in resolving these tensions between them.  According to the Overview in the report: 

While there were various complaints about Archbishop Apuron showing favoritism to the members of the Neocatechumenal Way, most clergy voiced respect and appreciation for his good qualities, and are eager to work through these issues that have arisen between them and him. 

And this is where both the Archbishop and those priests who are not walking in the Way can start reconciliation and unity.  It starts with this desire for reconciliation and unity, a true dialogue, and a sense of trust and faith in God.  Persecution and the distortion of facts have no place in it, but only causes further division and distrust.      

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  1. Thanks Diana for clearing it. Tim rant about Zoltan for threatening him but he does not realize some people outside the way dislike him. Archbishop has family also. Did Tim expect people to submit with an open arm with his past harsh comments. Who is he to make this harsh comments.